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Happy Thanksgiving Day! November 22,2012

It is almost here and I can almost taste the greatness.  I don’t know why I wait a whole year for this meal but my guess is that is why it is so special.   I hope you can all enjoy the day, savor the smells of the roasting bird and your gathering of family and friends.  Today I also like to begin to think how I will deck my halls and start the magic at home.   I always watch the Macy’s Parade and the dog show just because it is tradition.  I hardly ever want to break tradition and change things up so as long as I can do this I will. 

  I have been taking pictures again to highlight a few more good things that would be fun to have during this magical time of the year, Christmas!  I love our five foot twig trees because they look good tucked into small spaces.   For instance by the fireplace, in a bedroom, or you can easily put them on a counter space or table and I think you might agree they really look good with our Folkart Angels of the House.  We have our large angel holding Vickie’s new quilt and she has a pieced heart that she wears around her neck so well and our new small angel is just taking everything in.  I wanted to also point out the Thomas Nast gift boxes tucked into the tree.   The boxes come in black and white and colored for $10.00.   Good things come in these boxes.  Let me think, gift certificates to a favorite shop and jewelry that sparkles, just tell Santa to be creative and we think we might be able to help out with the rest.  You might also notice the Newest “Vintage Santa” on the mantel in his old glittered red coat.  He just got in after open house so we did not get to show any of you.  He is $38.75. 

I could not resit taking a shot of the “Pine Tree Quilt”, “Orchard House” and “Marmee’s Wish”I  have to say the way the quilts work together makes me very happy and I know my customers enjoy this too.

The next photo is the cover of Mercantile Gatherings, it just came in.  UMMMMM, UMMMM, UMMMMMMMMMMM, I could have never dreamed this is a million years.  You never know who is watching you and what will come of it.  I am truly humbled and speechless.  I hope you will have a chance to read about us and get better acquainted.  The pub is $8.00 and we were awarded a 10 page spread.  We started shipping it out today.  If you are interested please give us a call on Friday.

The circulation for the pub is 5000 and growing.

I love our Vintage Santas and thought you might like to see a few more views of them in different settings through out the shop.  It is hard to pick a favorite and it is so fun to group them up .  It is a good thing for sure.

I also have a two ornaments we have really been excited about for this Christmas season.  There is an old red glass Belsnickel, that is $9.90 and a Silver Glass Ball that is $7.50, but they aren’t just ordinary ornaments that hang on a tree.  These photo ornaments have a wire holder that balances and doubles as a hanger.   You could put a wedding photo for a first Christmas, A baby photo for a first Christmas or your grand children even your parents first Christmas the ideas just keep on flowing.

  Knowing how busy things were in the shop at Open House  you could have  missed them completely.  I think it is worth a second look.

 Our Paperwhite bulbs are blooming!  Each of the bulbs have three blooms, the stalks are so sturdy they aren’t falling over and the scent is not overwhelming.  I would say Maggie helped me find just the right bulbs for us this season.  You will need to get them going about 2 1/2 weeks prior to Christmas to have thm blooming for you in time for you and your holiday guests to enjoy.    These make the perfect hostess gift, you can even put them in a vintage jar and get them started then hang an old tag greeting around the neck of the jar.    Remember we have wonderful old Vintage stamping kits or just great Vintage tags already to use.

I walked out the door tonight and turned around and I had to come back get my camera and share myFarmshouse Christmas window with you.   I love our Flea Market platters, so useful this time of year and they look so beautiful and only $105.00 for the complete set.  Next the vintage collanders are so easy to use and decorate with and then we have the old hanging cupboard which really brings things home.    I have to call next week to see if we can get more but if I can I think you will find there is a perfect place for one in your ow decor.

Wishes from me and the shop girls for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!