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November 19, 2012

Please check Quilts our Way and notice we have a correction on our Pine Tree Pillow pattern.  I’m so sorry for thi


Merry Christmas!!!!  This is how we are greeting our guests this Open House. 

Beautiful Mixed Green Wreaths, Roping, and Boxwood.  It’s magic and suddenly Christmas at the shop.  I love this time of the year

I have also been excited over our fresh Paper White bulbs this season.  They add so much to your holiday decor as found out when we were introduced to the beauty and possibilities when Maggie taught for us last Boxwood & Berries.  They are beautiful in old clear canning jars, then you tie on a greeting and add a bow and fresh greens and this makes a perfect holiday hostess gift that will bring days of enjoyment for all. 

We have five bulbs packaged in cello and tied with a bow for $12.95.   

 Another long day for everyone and it is not over BUT after a trip to Madison and then a trip back home with no baby, we finally have HER!!!!  Yes It’s A Girl, she is a little peanut weighing in at 5lbs 13ozs.  Are you ready?  Her name is “Jenna Reed Scott”.  D-Dad Reed is so excited I do believe he might just get a big head over this one.  It has been a good day went well, her Anna is out of recovery with a healthier glow.  It was a day of miracles for us all.   Here she is!  Meet Jenna Reed!  Mama Sara is doing good and the whole family will be out in force to hold and cuddle Miss Jenna tomorrow night.  It is time to tie up the loose ends in the shop and get home, find something to wear and see many of you tomorrow.

I’m a happy Nana! 

Suddenly it’s Christmas again in the shop.  I have been working at the transformation all week.  I can finally stand back and say I’m pleased.  The shop elves have also been working  hard  to get all our quilt packages tied up in ribbon and string  so you can feel special when you purchase some of our favorite things.

am just going to give you a few views and will write the blog after I get back from greeting our Sara’s new baby.  It amazes me how the whole family packs every little thing into some of my busiest times, I guess i work better under pressure.  It’s debatable!

This quilt is “Colfax County” it’s amazing and will be a year round quilt favorite.   I love how it looks for holiday and know you will too.  It is 84″ x 84″.  The pattern is $10.00. and the kit is $145.00.  Backing can always be added when you are placing an order. 

 You can also see “Grandma’s Scarf” hanging on the door.  This is one of our new favorite things in our holiday/winter quilt collection .  We used the great Woolies flannels and if you are familiar they are the one of the finest.  Selma made this throw sized quilt.  It mirrors itself but the stunning color is what really make this a great choice.  It measures 57″ x 71″ and the kit sells for $102.00.  The pattern is sold separately for $8.50.  Cuddle up with this and enjoy a snow day. 

Selma and I found one of the greatest little serving ideas at market last January.  It is a Treat Tree, that could be candy treats or it could be cookie treats.  It is so festive I know it will be a hit this Open House. 

You know how I love Santa’s just placed strategically around with with some of my favorite things and I wanted to share a few pictures to show you what I’m talking about.  I really love how they look with samplers so enjoy the eye candy.  You can see a Stacy Nash sampler  in the background and the our tinsel trees really help steel the show. 

 I would say this view is more towards the primitive side.  The Santa you are seeing is a very collectible Debbie Thibault and the sampler is from Pineberry Lane.  You can also see and totally appreciate our prim candle holder sitting on a little round riser.  I have to say it makes me want to see more of everything.

Here is yet another sampler you might enjoy it is called “Sara’s House” by Blackbird Designs.   This was one of the new antique samplers featured in the new Loose Feather Club this year. We have the  richest looking old Prim trees tucked around, my favorite baby cupboard sitter and some really neat old Santa greeting cards that  you will find  hard to resist.   We also have wreaths to match these great trees. 

“Baby it’s Cold Outside” is a brand new stitchery from Heart Strings and since I love that holiday song It just had to get stitched whenIsaw it.  We did change a few colors, antiqued it and I think for this just might be your new favorite holiday project.  It’s all kitted for $31.70.  I have it close to Selma’s new “Holly Berries” table topper.  This festive topper is the perfect touch of color for winter.  Add the greens and you will be sure to get compliments.  It is 41″ x 41″ and the kit inclueds the binding and pattern and sells for $56.00.  I don’t think we could make this kit any more reasonable than that, just a reminder you will need 1 1/4 yards of backing which can be easily added if you would like us too..

You will also notice yet another favorite little quilt of mine hanging on the same cupboard.  We call it Professor Bhaer.  You probably have already guessed we used my Orchard House fabrics.  The background in this quilt works in any quilt we have put it with its the color but the texture created from the quilting is what really brings it to life.  This is a great guy quilt so if you are looking, I would consider this new offering.  It measures 48″ x 56″, the pattern is $8.50 and the kit is $71.50.

Last year I found an antique Pinetree block made into a pillow and since I like to do an antique pillow for bowls, baskets or just to tuck around in cupboards for th holidays, well really for anytime ot the year I talked the girls into creating this for the shop and I am sure you will enjoy the idea for your holiday decorating too..  I used a faded out old red Moda French General linen and a couple new fabrics made to look like they were old.  We have packaged 3 10″ pillow blocks into this adorable little package for only $19.00 you will need our pattern for $6.50 but for $25.50 I think it would be a favorite present for your quilting friends. 

The next quilt I will show you is a reproduction of an antique quilt I bought years ago over in Mineral Point, WI.  I always liked mine but knew the right fabrics would make it better.   I knew  my new “Orchard House”fabric would be the perfect fabric choice and it was.  Suzanne sewed this little gem and it is one of my favorite quilts.  It is a neutral quilt and easy to live with but the fabrics we used really make the pattern dance.  You could add an outside border if you wanted to make it bigger but being true to the old quilts I’m drawn to we decided not to and we all love the outcome.  The “Antique Pine Tree Quilt” measures 68″ x 81″ and the kit retails for $118.00.  Our pattern is $8.50.

The next photo really shows off our new “Remembering Christmas” quilt out of the new Orchard House fabric, it is pictured on the bed..  You’ve got to love this classic four patch.  Vickie sewed this for the shop and I love it.   It is 74″ x 78″  a great size and a quick quilt that could be sewn and enjoyed in time for this Christmas.  The price of this kit is $95.00 and the pattern is $8.50. 

You can also see a new Bear Paw.  This is unique in many ways but when we used a special postcard fabric as our background  that became the deciding factor that made us love this pattern even more.  It cuts up great and I know this will be a fun new quilt to make.  Selma designed this quilt.  This quilt is 50″ x 61″ and the kit retails out at $95.00.  You will need Selma’s pattern for $8.50 to put it together.  Selma calls her new quilt “Letters from Bear Paw Mountain” how fitting.

This is all I have time to give you tonight its that 2 am  hour again and I need to get more than 4 hours sleep tonight.  What a week!

Vickie has this great new pattern I know you will love it is called Angel of the House Pinkeep & Quilt  It is a bit more than an ordinary pinkeep pattern.  The pattern has a great special stuffed heart we love to put around our angel of the shop’s neck.  You also have patterns for three more pieced pinkeeps that look great in an old wooden bowl and an adorable little small quilt to top a table or put in an old doll bed.  The small quilt measures 17″ x 23″.  The pattern for all of the above patterns is sold separetly for $8.50.   The kit is only $18.50 and you can piece four projects. The only thing you will needbesides the backing fabric is to remember to purchase a pattern so you can put your projects together.  Backing fabric of your choice can also be added. 

This is going to be a fun event I hope you will join us if not in person by internet.  I have so many more things to share and if  I have a spare moment tomorrow I will continue to show you our magical “American Country Christmas” November 9-11. 

The next quilt I would like to show you is called “Mr. March”.  This is one of Vickie’s new Orchard House patterns.  Mr March shows how lovely the dark colors look together, it is a good guy quilt but I just love it as it stands out so great on a neutral background. Mr. March is 60" x 66" so the size is perfect to cover up with.  The kit is done with Orchard House fabrics and sells for $100.00.  The pattern is sold seperately for $8.50.

You probably can almost guess who is next.  Good old “Aunt March”.  Suzanne designed this new pattern with my Orchard House fabric,  it measures 36″ x 41″ and I think you would love to either use it as a topper for a holiday tea party or just use it hanging over one of your cupboard doors.  The stars are festive and certainly are fitting for the magic of the season.  This kit sells for $55.00 and the pattern is sold seperately for $8.50.

It is time to introduce one of the most important characters of the March House.  Marmee!  Vickie has designed the perfect quilt for this independent minded ladie.  Marmee was bold in many ways but remained soft spoken yet she was always planting seeds for greatness in others.  Vickie’s new pattern is called "Marmee’s Wish"  it is 54″ square and she has included a wonderful pillow that says “Bless all the Dear Children in Thy Tender Care”.   The quilt kit is $75.50 and the kit out of the velvet and wool pillow is $19.95.  In the story "Little Women" Marmee, who is the mother of the four March girls says "Oh, my girls, however long you may live, I never can wish you a greater happiness than this".  Quilting and handwork, family and friends are such comfort in troubling times.

 Since we had Jo Morton this fall at our Boxwood Gathering we fell in love with a small project from her Little Women Club and felt the pattern lent itself to the Orchard House fabric and the rest is history.  Jo just has released several individual patterns and “Broken Dishes” was a perfect choice for us.   It’s a small quilt (16 1/2" x 20") but as a holiday topper I’m thinking how beautiful our fresh boxwood wreaths sitting on it with pomegrantes would look or just tied in the arms of one of our Folkart Angels or even in an old antique doll bed with an antique doll.  The pattern is $6.50 and little kit sells for $26.00. 

I am showing you some ideas with both of these pictures. 

In the SchoolRoom we have used our neat reproduction cheese boards to display our trees and wreaths.  They truely make great display pieces for your table or buffet.  We have two shapes the round you are seeing in the antique white color and a light green color is painted on the rectangle.  The white cheese boards are $59.00 and the green rectangles are $85.00.

Our fresh Boxwood Wreaths are $22.50 and we have mixed green wreaths for your door for $24.00.

We have been really excited over  our next quilt called “Over the River and Through the Woods”.  We had bought a Windham fabric when we saw it early this yearjust because we loved the print of the old village and sleighs.We have been thinking about how to use it.  It was just a little too white for me so I used a 1/2 box of Rit tan and pearl gray dye to soften it up and then Vickie hatched an idea because now we knew our fabrics would make this Christmas/Winter throw come to life.  The quilt measures 64" x 80" and the kit price includes an easy to assemble instruction sheet.  The cost is $96.00

You will want to pick up the backing too.  It takes 4 3/4 yards and we used the best new flannel with old pine trees on it you can see it on the picture on the left.  The cost of the backing is $64.00.  I do think it wouldbe a great cover for that over due sleighride we didn’t get to have last winter.  We will  begin dreaming of a white Christmas and this will be the perfect coverup with the soft and warm flannel back we put on it and I love how it looks thrown on a chair by the fireplace.

I have yet another quilt I think displays well for the holidays.  It is called Abigails Four Patch StarWe have it in our window on my antique iron baby bed.  It measure  72″ x 72″ and prices out at $142.00.  Our pattern is $8.50.  You will see Vickie’s  bless the children pillow from Marmee’s Wish in the crib too.  You can also see our Amaryllis in the corner.  It could be real but it isn’t and these potted beauties will bloom this beautiful forever.  They are $37.50.

Now do you remember “Farmhouse Christmas” from lastyear?  We still have a few and it still looks just as great as it did last year.  I have it hanging on one of our iron ladder display racks that everyone has loved and when they bought one they came back and bought another.  The Farmhouse Christmas quilt is 87″ x 96″.  The kitI will give you a few more looks at the shop so you can get into the Christmas spirit .  You are seeing Christmas Garden from Blackbird Designs I have this pictured over our mantle.  The one thing I’ve found to be a great decorating tool this season is the new led light stings you can put on your greens, in your cupboards it just is the best way to light up and accent you dark spots and small trees to small for large light.  The lights sell for $25.00 and take 3 AA batteries.

is $163.00 and the pattern is $8.50.  This quilt is made from all French General fabric.  There are twills, homespuns and special wovens that make this an amazing quilt project.


I still love our candlelabras, we have them in the antique white and aged black, they sell for $70.00.  I love to dress them for the season in the small green candle rings, it takes seven and they are $8.00 a piece.   The wonderful Santa you are eyeing is a Debbie Thibault.

  The last quilt I’m about to tell you about today is for our cat lovers.  This is more of a fun quilt but the colors were right for us and me having two kitties that love to sit in our windows I thought thiswould be a quilt several of you would enjoy making.  We call this “How Much is that Kitty in the Window”?  The kitty in the Window kit is packaged with the instructions and sells for $74.00.  Let it snow, grab some handwork and cover up by the fire with your furry friends.  The quilt measures 55″ x 66″.

This is a picture of Emma and Me with Jenna, she was about one day old.   I am missing our Carley and I then I would then have all my girls.   Emmas was so excited to hold her new cousin.

We should have paperwhite blooms by Thanksgiving.  We have them started in the shop and I just couldn’t resist showing you.   I have them packaged in cello bags, you get 5 for $12.95.  They look beautiful in ironstone bowls and the beauty of these are that they don’t grow too tall and fall over on you.  Just planting a seed with the ironstone and they also are great in old canning jars.  Deck the Halls!

   I ended up taking a few more pictures of the same quilts and vignettes but as I did this last photo I thought to myself I have been influenced by the Jeanne d’ Arc living Magazines and there Christmas issues.  With the quilts we are showing the decor is very calming but with just the right pops of color everything looks quite magical.    You can see the old Thomas Nast Santa that I happen to love to put out every year and then there is our Folk Art Angel with her elegant tin wings and dress we keep out all year.  Greenery, tiny lights and our Vintage Santas help complete the look we love to live with.  It is Christmas and we hope you enjoy.

I am back from taking care of Mama and Baby Jenna and have a new picture to share with you.  What a good baby so alert, I know things change but I am hopeful.