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2012 Classes & Worshops


Beginning Linen X-Stitch Class

Monday March 26th

10am – 3pm in our SchoolRoom

Linda Lautenschlager 

from Chessie & Me will be your teacher

You will be learning on 22 count Ariosa fine linen that Linda will over dye.  You will be using overdyed threads and the pattern you will be doing is her new “Glory House”.

 On the right you can see a picture of Linda’s new Glory House Market kit this was stitched on 36 count you will be stitching on 22 count which will be much larger and very easy to learn on.

The cost for instuction and the kit is $35.00

Please call to register





Vintage Quilt Club

You are invited to join us

 February 8th 2012

10 am – 3 pm

We will be making Vickie’s new quilt pattern

 “Remember Me’

Vickie started our Vintage Class idea 3 years ago and has had a great response to her quilt designs.  The class attendees have really become good friends and enjoy the camaraderie of girl friends that love sewing as much as they do.  We lunch share treats and just have a wonderful day away quilting.    Vickie Gerike is your instructor.  We Meet on the 2ndWednesday of every month so you can  always plan on that.

Kits are available for $71.85 and the pattern is sold separately for $8.50.  You will also pay $10.00 per time  for your class instruction.  Vickie has designed this quilt which makes her the perfect instructor as she knows all of the tricks that make the quilt go together.  Please call if you are interested in being a part of the class 608-588-2510. 




In Our New SchoolRoom

3rd Monday of the month 10am – 2pm

You must let us know you will  be attending and the cost for the day is only $10.00

Everyone loves to come to Open Sew, our class members have made so many new friends that enjoy the art of  handwork like themselves.  It is a great way to get UFO’S finished and our teachers are on hand to help you through any problems you need solved andthat of course includes picking out quilts if you are having a hard time with color and placement of design.  I think this might just be better than a shrink. 

We also invite Cross Stitchers to take advantage of the fact we have a great designer Linda Lautenschlager close.  She is the designer of Chessie and Me designs and has a great Girl Club you can also be a part of, just check our Girl Club tab for more details.  Linda is here and we would love to get a cross stitch group started in 2012 so please call us if you have an interest in this idea.  Something else to keep in mind.  Linda is one of the best instuctors in the country andgoes all across the country teaching.   So this means if you want to learn to stitch on linen, you want to learn specialty stitches we can put together a class.  We think this might have to be on a weekend but are open to  anything that works for the majority.  Linda is also a great Punch Needle instructor and if you have done this and need just a refresher course we can do that too.   


Beginning  & Intermediate Quilting Classes

Taught by Suzanne Unbehaun

Vintage Spring Table Topper and Placemats

Date to be determined!

A New Beginning Class is ready if we can get enough students that want to learn the basics of quilting! 

 We have on going classes through out the year.  You instructor Suzanne is  another talented shop girl you will enjoy learning from.  Suzanne just finished a great  “Vintage Table Topper and Placemats” that will welcome Spring.  The kits are priced at $64.75 for both projects.  Patterns sold seperately.

 Suzanne is a very accomplished sewing instuctoras she has made a side business out of her sewing skills for years.  Suzanne even makes wedding dresses.  You will find she knows shortcuts to piecing and will make your experience lots of fun. Classes are all held in in our new SchoolRoom facility.   

“Any Day Spent Sewing is a Good Day”

author unknown 


Part Two of the Prairie Womens CLub will start in April check the club page for this information.