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2016:  This is going to be another exciting year at the shop as we find ourselves steeped in  Classic American 021Traditions that are a part of our recognizable style.  You can be assured we still remain committed and inspired by the “Primitive” and  “Natural Farmhouse Style” that is sweeping into the home goods the shop is showing through out the year.

 2016 will be no exception, I will continue to keep an emphasis on the 18th century style we love and continue to try to preserve the character in my fabric and home goods choices.  You will see  how we merge the reproduction fabrics and furnishings into the decor  creating a style that is easy and comfortable to live with.  It is a cleaner and more organized look I think you will find appealing.  

****Please, Please make a mental note, our dates are correct for 2016 but the info you see is from 2015 and will be updated as soon as I can.  The designers are however the same!  My hope was to give you dates so you could plan your calendar for the new year it was not to cause confusion.


FYI:  Mark your 2016 calendars for a new and exciting venue for your South central Quilt shops annual Quilters Road Trip

February 1st – 29th, 2016


” Help Us Celebrate the Go Red for Women Campaign

 “Celebrate the Heart of Quilting”

It’s a Go Red Campaign for quilters at
099all of the thirteen participating South Central Wisconsin Quilt Shops  the entire month.  There will be special event days everywhere. Pick up your passport 096at any of the participating stores and you will be given a heart pin to show your support for this great cause. 

This Year: During our event we have two scheduled days you can come in and get your scissors and pinking shears sharpened while you are shopping.   We are lucky to have Mike Eppley from our area coming into our SchoolRoom area and sharpening your scissors from 10AM to 1PM.  These are the dates he will be here so I hope you will find this a appealing opportunity to visit us, get your scissors sharpened up at a very affordable price. Here are the dates: 

Friday February 5th and Saturday February 20th. 

Prices range from $5.00 to $8.00 per pair depending on the size.

There will be some wonderful sweet treats, free recipes and lots of inspiration from all the shops participating. 

There is also a Silent Auction being held on line,  each shop will be participating and  all the proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association a very worthy win, win situation.

Save the Month for US!


2nd Annual:

“Natural Farmhouse” Spring Open House

 March 18 – 20

This is where we are able to introduce our “New Spring Quilt Collection” for my new “Manor House Fabric Line” and we will inspire you to fill your home with great decor ideas for a fresh spring look.   Beautiful greens, whites and naturals .   Amazing aged Eggs to top your Easter table.  Everyone is ready after the cold winter weather and we have an early Easter to inspire us to get organized.  We will also be serving some special beverages and sweets.

Get your friends together and make us a destination this weekend!

***Please make a Note: We have changed the date for this event!   Jimmie the groundhog predicted that we would have six more weeks of winter and boy old boy we are getting it.  Our suppliers are all waiting for goods things we expected just are not here and there is a big problem getting our fabric and goods off docks so we have been forced into making this educated decision.

2016 Wisconsin Statewide Shop Hop

June 5th – 27th


JUNE  13th – 17th 2016

What A Grand Olde Event this will be:

Our Design Star Struck Team for 2016:



*****Please Note:   This is what our projects were last year.  I want you to get an idea of the kind of things we do at this gathering.   It will take some time to get the projects for this year but at least you can see the dates and decide if this is something you will enjoy doing.  Our guest designers remain the same.

Again this year our event is all about the Civil War Era and that’s because our designers love it as much as we do. 

Carol designs Civil War Legacies patterns  that are from the 1800s period and Linda is one of those designers that can take a period of time and nail the perfect design.  The first Quilt Project is called “Changing Colors” and the second project is called “Battlefield Angel”.  The picture to the right is004 Changing Colors, it is pretty swell ladies. It measures 44″ x 54″.

The next quilt is coming to us to get quilted and then you will see it to.  I hope this will begin to show you how wonderful this event is.  Remember by the time anyone can purchase the pattern the fabric line will be gone.  We think having this an exclusive should be quite inviting and an incentive to join us for this amazing event.  

002Important information for 2015:

The  Stitchery Project you are seeing here is from 2014 so as soon as we have Linda’s new projects they will be posted but I think this giv007es you an idea of what to expect.  We have room for 20 students.  Registration is officially OPEN!  You will be required to put down 1/2 of the total fee.  We will not refund fees after April 1st because our designers and us are committed to the number that register.  If there is God forbid a tragedy I will take that into consideration. I just got  “Battlefield Angel” back from the quilter I have it laundered and it’s ready for you to admire.  Before quilting it measured 43″ x 33″.  We are all so excited over all of Carol’s projects this year. Lets fill this workshop!! We have  only five more spots to fill, please consider us for a great quilting and handwork experience.

The fee for our two great designers is set @ $395.00. 

I have scaled this workshop back in hopes you will feel that the projects we will be doing are not too overwhelming and the cost is more affordable. I hope this will be an incentive for you to consider joining us. 

Linda has two 002projects planned  again this year.  You wi001ll all getting an awesome gift and Linda has designed the best necessaries to go in it.  I got to see everything today!!  I was speechless the people in the shop were out of control jealous that they were not in the classes and several begging for the chart which will not surface until next year at market.  Your sampler is General Grant, ts is his home in Galena.  It is titled “Let Us Have Peace”, and it is the greatest companion going perfectly with the past two years.  You are all so lucky.  I have said this all along we will take you in the stitchery classes only and no one has decided to trust us so we 011still can,  If you love these projects please call us right away.  The only thing is the classes are not running back to back they are being conducted through out the week, we still have some space in the second story so we can make arrangements..

If  you wonder where you can stay, here are some suggestions:

The Spring Green Motel 608-588-2141, House on the Rock Resort 608-588-7000


2016 Primitives Summer Camp for Stitchers and Quilters!!!

“Stitch Camp”@ 133 Jefferson featuring Designer Stacy Nash

(Begins  July 6th – 8th)  Cost $250.00

“Quilt Camp” @133 Jefferson featuring

Blackbird Designs (Alma & Barb)

(Begins  July 9th -11th)  Cost $350.00

 Please note: Stacy’s projects shown are from last year!Cabin-In-the-Woods-Sewing-Bo

The pictures you are seeing are our summer stitch camp projects ( “Cabin in the Woods Sewing Box” ).  Our campers are all excited to be able to be a part of this exciting 2015 event at 133 Jefferson.  We are lining antique cash boxes with velvet and filling them with the most wonderful stitching necessaries.

 StacyThread-Board continues to have one of our most successful Girl Clubs and some of the greatest cross stitch designs.  This class is filling fast so don’t sit back if you have an interest.  It is going to be so special you will not want to miss one single minute

This Year (2016) I can tell you Stacy will be doing a specially made “Sewing Tote”  designed for her projects and you will be filling with sewing needfuls.  Pictures from Stacy will go up as soon as I have anything to show you.


 We’ve heard quilters speak of the “A” word with dread and dismay.  They shudder, they quake and get cold feet and, you can often hear them quoting from the poem, The Raven.  “Nevermore,” they say “nevermore!”

“Nevermore”  will quickly change to “evermore” once you learn to applique’ using the quick The-Ravenand easy techniques taught by Barb Adams and Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs.  This beautiful quilt  “The Raven” is made using Barb and Alma’s newest fabric line, Wild Orchid, a perfect blend of blacks, browns, cheddar and plum, all reminiscent of botanical prints.  Kits are included in your registration fee. 

We all know that daylong classes can get a bit tiring but, no worries here!  Barb and Alma have a few fun breaks in store for you.  Hurry, sign up now, the class is limited to 20 students and you’re not going to want to miss out on this one!  If you have never treated yourself to a class with these designers you will never be disappointed, they are not only great teachers but they are entertainers to boot.

SO Ladies you have some pretty swell options to think about this year!  You can do either camp offering or do both, we have been wanting to do this for some time and when we are in the entertaining mode it is easier for us and you when you are making your travel plans to make all of this happen!!!   We are so excited in the shop and hope you will be too!!!! Can’t wait to hear from you.

If you are deciding you want to do a weeks worth of camp participating in both events the cost will be $595.00.

Thank you for your interest and support of our events!

Places you can stay:  Spring Green Motel  608-588-2141,  Hill Street B&B 608-588-7751, House on the Rock Resort  608-588-7000, and the Round Barn Lodge 608-588-2568

2016 Quilt Expo Open House @ 133 Jefferson

Tuesday September 6th – Saturday September 10th 

This  idea is something I’ve been contemplating doing for awhile and 2015 is the year AND IT WAS SUPER SUCCESSFUL thanks to our wonderful customers.  We will not be attending Quilt Expo this year either.  The travel, the packing and unpacking is very hard on all of us so I hope this will be an incentive to visit us in Spring Green.  I know many of you do already on your way to this event so you will get a great opportunity to see all of “New Fall  Quilt Collection” before the show even opens and all during.  We will be turning the “SchoolRoom” into a huge showroom which beats the crammed  20ft. space you are used to seeing us in.   We will have our travel cases full of all of the new quilts you are used to seeing at the show.  We will have treats for you and a festive atmosphere for shopping.  We are dreaming Big!   I am still thinking bigger and we may offer a model sale which I will confirm at a later date.  We shop girls are all excited to start a new tradition and hopefully one you will not want to miss. 

See you in September!


Boxwood & Berries 2016

Annual Gathering

Our dates are: 

September 19th – 23rd

                                    Welcome back Maggie Bonanomi and Stacy Nash!

Please Note:  The projects you are seeing are from 2015 but I will have some ideas for you in the future.

We have a few guests stopping by for just that perfect little change of pace!  OMG!  We are going to so much fun!

***We have you arriving on Sunday the 11th of October to get settled in.   This allows us time to get all the meal plans resolved, 2nd Story lodging paid and give up the time to get familiar with us.    Here is your first look at the “Bed Cover” Maggie will be teaching, it is so new she has not named it yet. Bedcover Fall 2015 Wow!  I can hardly stand the wait, this is one amazing project ladies for you to love.  This is just her first layout and she says there may be more add ons as she gets everything perfectly placed.  Your homework will ship by the 14th.

FYI: Here is the plan for Monday.  We will open with a Meet & Greet Brunch  Monday at 11Am this will allow folks that have gotten in late on Sunday to be bright eyed and bushy tailed when we gather and ready to get started. 


Maggie continues to be one of our Favorite designers, she has a girl club of faithful groupies that enjoy her recognizable style.  We will be doing several projects and I thought you might enjoy seeing one.  I have been so excited all day I could hardly stand it.  This holiday runner is amazing for sure.   Today we can show you our projects from Stacy.  We are all almost crazy and know you will be too.  You will all be getting the great re-pro cash boxes which are lined with old sweet potato over-dyed velvet.  You will accessorize your sewing boxes with many needful items for handwork.  Lucky US!!!!

It is time to switch things up.  We can not ever become too comfortable with the past so get ready for an amazing experience as we take you back to Simpler Thyme’s and begin the holiday preparation we all anticipate and love.    The cost is $495.00

***The only thing that is new this year is the way will handle you deposits.  We will take the the first half when you officially register.  This is non refundable after March 1st, 2015 unless there is a health emergency and that we will understand completely.  The projects are a commitment for our designers and us and backing out at the end really messes up the whole thing for all of us and I’m told by designers this is the way most stores handle registration so we are going to implement it too..  News that’s News worthy for 2016:  Giving you time to start planning.

Our “Boxwood and Berries” event is moving to

September  19th -23rd, 2016

2016 Supply List for B&B Gathering:

1. Bring you hand sewing supplies you like to work with

2. A quilters rule ruler or you favorite it just helps to have for cutting purposes

3. I use Aileen’s craft glue but Maggie has mentioned she has been using a Glue stick just not purple

4. Pins, needles sewing thread 8360 Polyester it is softer to use for handwork.  We have this on hand in the shop

Scissors, pencils, light for magnification if needed and extension cord to insure getting plugged in.  We will be painting and antiquing things so you might want to pack an old shirt.


Where can we stay?

 The Spring Green Motel 608-588-2141 is our first recommendation our guests love the new units and great owners

American Country Christmas

Annual Open House theme

“Vintage Farmhouse Christmas”

November 11 –  13 2016

This is the “Event” our customers wait for and we plan for all year.   

FYI :  THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: The shop will close for its transformation  this year on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 6 - THURSDAY NOVEMBER 10, 2016.

We love to create a magical holiday atmosphere where we bring our primitive style and tradition together.  We have bought extraordinary holiday needfuls for you and your holiday decor.

Our SchoolRoom will be decked  out for you as well.  We will be serving you some wonderful sweet treats, you can sit a bit and catch your breath, dream of all the wonderful things we have to offer in the shop while enjoying soothing holiday music and good conversation with friends.

Oh, I so love Christmas!

Save the Date!



We will be Closed:

Thanksgiving Day November 24, 2016


  SATURDAY DECEMBER 24TH,  CHRISTMAS DAY SUNDAY THE 25TH AND MONDAY DECEMBER 26TH.  (There is no one home to work and we have all worked very hard this year so the shop girls are deserving this holiday with there families and I know many folks are celebrating on Saturday.  We will see you Tuesday December 27th regular hours!

Merry Christmas Everyone!




And suddenly it’s a a whole new year again!  See you in 2017!!!!!