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Girl Clubs

2015 Girl Clubs you can join:

Our “Girl Clubs” are fun to belong to because they are a way of gifting yourself with a unique new and exciting handwork project that most people don’t have.   It will most likely pertain to the upcoming season or holiday.   We try to keep our projects exclusive and partner  with our favorite designers so you know you will have something that is one of a kind.

You may think that some projects seem high priced but when you think of a designer only designing for at the most 200 people she has to be paid for her time and coming up with an exclusive design that only her club members are offered.  Please Remember! Projects are not returnable and when you make a club commitment it is for a year.   You must call us if you decide not to continue for the next year. 

I hope you will find your new clubs very enjoyable and if you have not tried one I hope you will give us a call 608-588-2510.

For anyone joining clubs please read carefully:

It is your responsibility to call us if you change your credit card number or have had it compromised or have a new address.  Please , if we call you once, call us back to let us know if you have any changes or wish to be taken off the club. We do not want to make call after call and never hear from you. If we have to call you more than twice and not hear from you, you will be taken out of the club.  I’m sure you can understand that this can become a problem for us and we must figure out when enough is enough. Thank you for being mindful.

The Staff

Just when you think you have seen it all!  It’s time for us to dream up something new for you to love.  I have been thinking about this idea for the past three months and the shop girls already have been working on projects we were thinking might fit this idea.  We are all in now and I am ready to see if I can peak your interest and get you tied to the past with us.  

Introducing our Newest Girl Club for 2015!

011“Tied to the Past”

The name of this New Girl Club tells the story.  These are all quilts from the past and they are tied quilts.  The thing is, we are adding textures, quilting the quilts our wa008y but all of the quilts are also tied.  It is interesting to see how wonderful they all look.  Just when you thought you were over the look, we think you will embrace the way we have brought the quilts back to life with a new purposeful look for today’s decor.    There will only be four shipments per year. 

The first  quilt offering is a wonderful antique

“Bow Tie” quilt Suzanne owns.   It measures out to be 46″ x  60″.  We used our cotton velvet, Silk Matka, Homespun, Wool, Cotton Linen, and we know how you love our great Textured Fabric so we included that too.  We have also changed our cotton batting to help us accomplish the look we were going for.   We just picked the yarn needed today for our ties so you can not see the ties yet but you will soon.  The kits are ready and the pattern will be ready soon so we are opening registration today and hope you will chose to join us.   This is going to be a great adventure for us all.  I love the idea we will be staying with the Country Style we love which today fits Rustic, Classic, Vintage and Romantic decors.  This club is sold out for 2015, thank you for helping us launch this new club.



Our new Club will begin in January/February 2015  This club will ship 4 times a year so you will get 2 projects from each of the club designers.  This is  exactly how we keep a club fresh and exciting and members hTP Tag 1appy.

  We wilPSC Winter's K TM-1l be welcoming;   Nan Lewis

from “Threadwork Primitives”.  

Here is a look at Nan’s first project for 2015.  Shipment is expected by mid February as we are waiting on linen.


Nan is a great finisher something we all want and need guidance on so knowing this you know you are going to learn valuable lessons in that area.  She will bring fresh ideas and add a great Prim influence this club is all about.  Nan is from Philadelphia, PA.


Linda Thraen was a new face to our club members in 2013 and she has not disappointed any of us.  Her company is called:  “The Pinkeep”. We all had the great pleasure of actually meeting her as she attended our Bo005xwood & Berries Gathering in 2013 and this past fall and she was  a guest desig013ner at the 2014 Boxwood & Berries Gathering  sharing the teaching responsibilities with Maggie Bonanomi .

Our last design for this year comes from “The PinKeep” and it will be shipping in mid December. I know you will love putting this one together it is a “1872 Thread Keep and Pinkeep” stitched on 30 count Weeks Straw with overdyed threads, wool, fabric, rings and ribbon all includedHere is  a picture of Linda’s newest design it is called “Sarah Hands Simple House”.  We are hop008eful that we will be shipping it out this month, it looks promising.

Nan has been busy stitching her new summer design which is going to be loads of fun for you.  If you love to stitch and love to get into wool than you will be delighted to get her New Prim Sister Club project your own “Friendship Flower Stitcher’s Mat”.  It is stitched on Weeks Put009ty, has overdyed thread and wool, a mother of pearl button and great finishing fabric included in the kit.  I also discovered it fits on the top or inside of our large cash boxes.  What a bonus, what an idea!

Time for Christmas and that is just what Linda’s project is all about it this shipment, it is called “Home for the Holidays”.  You will enjoy this great primitive pinkeep drum, it is so sweet and I think you can get it finished just in time for your holidays.  We are shipping this out the week of November 11th in between orders so it will take us a couple of weeks to get through everything but expect a package soon.


2015 Nickel & Dime Girl Club
Selma Bennett is another Shop Girl that is into designing  she loves this club and the challenges of figuring out something special for her club members.  New this year is we will be adding dime cuts 010to the kits.  We always are into switching things up to keep them fresh.  
Selma has taught quilting and can just look at a pattern and see the infinite possibilities a design offers and she is always playing with the 5″ square idea but now we are adding a 10″ square.  The one thing she is always stressing to me is that you don’t waste a square you use it all and that is a big plus to this club. 
This is “Rosebud” on the right her first club project for 2015, it is a wonderful table topper.  It ships complete with the pattern for $54.00.
This is “Town Square” on the left and we are just shipping this wonderful project out to the club members this week.  It is made up from the new Settlement collection.  It measures 66″ x 66″.  The kit is $101.00 and the pattern is $9.00.  This is one beauty to piece and love.



 2015 Stacy Nash Primitives Handwork Club

2015 club begins in Mid January – this is a quarterly club and we have openings


 We will be shipping our third project our the week of August 3rd.  It is so so, so-ooo good!!!  “House on Pumpkin Hill” is a big winner for us all and it comes in plenty of time for you to get stitched and ready for your fall decor.  Enjoy stitching this great handwork project.

 The second project just arrived this morning.  It is called “Schoolgirl saMay Sn Projetmpler Spring sewing Bag”.  We are all loving it and I am confident you will love it too!  We will be wrapping and processing them today and shipping will happen on Wednesday so with some luck you will have it yet this week.  Yeah!!!! 

I bet you can’t wait to start stitching again, the holidays always seem to get in our way.  We just received Stacy’s first project for the year.  It is heart related but does not scream Valentine, the kits come complete with a small  old looking red check fabric for backing.  We have room in this club to take on new members so this would be a great way to get started in this amazing and fun Girl Club.    The cost of this kit is $40.00.  If you are interested in joining our 2015 Club please give us a call.


Stacy’s club debuted in 2009 and oh my goodness we can not believe the response we have had because to date this is our most popular girl club.  We have over 250 members. Now that is what I call girl power!  Thank you all for your confidence in us and Stacy’s wonderful primitive designs. This is Stacy’s newest offering for 2013.  We have almost got all of our club members kits shipped but we are still taking new members in her club.  We hope you love this club and decide to be a part of it. 

Your club project will ship every 3 months. Each design is an exclusive and will never be offered again to anyone but a club member.  The kit cost is $40.00 and includes everything you need to complete the design.
You will be charged shipping in the USA the priority mail cost is $6.75 and out of the country charges range from $12.95 – $23.95 depending on where you are located. You can request first class if you are comfortable with that option for a lesser charge and for our out of the country orders it makes a big difference.  We are happy to have a great many out of the country members.

If you are not familiar with Stacy’s primitive patterns we have a great on line selection you might want to get acquainted with.

Be sure to check out the details under the events tab for our  first Annual “Stacy Nash Stitch Camp” coming in July 2014.

2015 Maggie Girl Club Information
The good news is we have been able to grow Maggie’s club numbers to 100 this past year.  Right now we are full but don’t hesitate to get added to the wait list everyone’s circumstances are subject to change.


You will get 4 designs a year but Maggie’s book commitments with the Kansas Cit Star keeps her pretty crazy these days  Remember the designs you will get are exclusive for at least 6 months, sometimes a year and sometimes you will never see them again so this makes the club concept is inviting to all of us little Maggie monsters.  Maggie’s designs incorporate special hand-dyed wools, vintage ticking and homespun, ribbons, unusual velvets and other unique embellishments.  Maggie loves vintage papers and how unique they can be when used in her designs. You can expect an array of projects ranging in price from $70.00 to $100.00.  this is our first club project for 2015 it is called “Live Each Season”.  I hope you love it and Maggie has made suggestions for different placement as well.  The cost of this project if $86.00.


2015 -2016 “Garden Club”
by Blackbird Designs
Welcome to our newest sewing circle of girl club friends!


This year our club will be a little different again, I love to see our favorite girls mix things up and keep basketofcherriescovert1lowres-1 (2)things new and fresh for our club members. 
The new club will be a series of 12 Garden Club themed projects there will be baskets of flowers, bees, and a harvest of cherries.  The first pattern will have a picture of the next two projects that will be coming out so you can begin to see how fun this club is going to be.   The finished size for each project will be 4″ x 4″  and they will be stitched on  all different 32 count Weeks linens.  The cost for just a pattern which will come out monthly is only $9.00 and we will have the first offering in hand this week( October 5th. 2015).  The first project is called “Basket of Cherries” and it is stitched on cocoa.  If you prefer a kit that will also be an option you might want to consider but I have to get the linen and threads which we will do.  We will always ship the kitted choice complete.  The end result will be shown set up as a quilt, meaning Alma will stitch 4 projects together times 3 and I assume frame.  You can decide to do many different things with each of the projects as the girls will offer you many possibilities.  We are excited to get on board and hope you will be to.  Registration opens this week.  You can think about your options before you sign up then let us know when you give us a call to register.