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It’s 2014!

Where does the time go?  It is already weeks into 2014 and I am still trying to get going.  Should I worry about this?  Probably.  Life does have a way of getting away from us. 

I have several goals I need to achieve this year.  I want to get some major painting done inside the shop, our new front door installed and organize, organize , organize.  I think I will start an online “Vintage Prop Sale”!   It sounds like a plan.  I will be selling well over a hundred cross stitch models and the quilt models have been multiplying too.   I will also include things in general that have been useful in the shop as props but not getting used and loved any more. That means alot of work on our end to get this together but hopefully it will be a great way for us to start a new year.  

I will be implementing  some new Workshops and revamping our established to be as inovative as possible.   Like life we must keep up and keep fresh.   I am into an idea of “Seasons @ 133 Jefferson” I just need the time to get it implemented but defining us will be my goal. I hope to attract more customers and create great inspiration and excitement amongst our devoted friends that have been with us over the years.

So as we begin 2014, we begin a new era with great hope and a fresh positive outlook.

I hope you will plan to find the time to visit us in person but if on line is your only way of keeping up with us I will try my best to keep things intersting.

Happy 2014!