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Still a Proud Badger Fan Here!

I love our Badger team and was disappointed for them because they were some of  the most personable, honorable young men and all good team players I have seen in a long time.  I heard them called the “media darlings” and I have to agree.  I would have so loved the win for coach 007and the team and hope the opportunity comes around again.  Can’t help being a proud badger fan no matter what!

“Fancy Creek” AKA “Hometown USA” is one  great little quilt designed by Suzanne.  She came out with the pattern last year but when The Settlement fabric came in the writing was on the wall to do a remake since we sold out of all of the fist run of fabric kitsIt is that time of year and actually it is a classic and timeless quilt project.  Our kits are packaged complete with backing and binding for $45.00 and the pattern is $9.00.  It measures 27″ x 31″ and our Angel loves holding it close to her heart. 

We are still wa005iting for our pre-cuts from the Settlement Collection but the word is out they have shipped so we are close to being ready to ship fat quarters, nickel squares etc.  I will let you know right away when they arrive.  Take time to look at Carol Hopkins Grand Old Flag projects they are pictured on line under the event.  They are so great and I hope if you have been waiting to see projects you will find these are just what you have been hoping for.   I also posted the new Prim from Pinkeep.  We expect linen this week and shipping next week!  FYI:  There is a New Girl Club I hope you will consider, be sure to read all about it, size is limited and you will love what we are doing.

Happy Easter!

It’s almost Easter again!  It has kind of sneaked up on me this year.  Again!!  Don’t you think it007‘s because it’s early this year?   I think that may be the case as we all seem to be scrambling this week to get things ready.013  I have not done too much to my house as I have been super busy.  I was thinking about it all and I think I am lucky to have a few pops of wonderful spring.  The past few weeks have flown by with so many things going on I hardly know what day it is.  The good news is  I have a new fabric line completed, taxes done, open house behind me and working hard to get my kitchen at Riverbanks settled.  We are off to Riverbanks in the morning to tie up some loose ends and I will be back by Good Friday and get 009ready for the family’s annual celebration.   

I just got the new “Buttermilk and Blue Sampler Sewing  Bag” model back today.  It is really swell and I thought you might enjoy seein001g it completed.  It is fitting into the decor so perfectly and I think you can see it would be excellent framed too.

Maggie’s auto is getting processed today, I put a picture up on the Girl Clubs page.   “Live each season”, good advise for sure!  

We have  sweet little ribbons and the greatest little bunny stamp to make tags and stamp your cards with.  I also love our mini olive

bu005ckets.  This one is filled with our new basket quilt.  I think the bunny would004 love to deliver one of these.  Happy Easter!  We are open on Good Friday but closed on Easter Sunday to be with our familys.  Savor the greatness of family!

Come on In!

The w015reath is hung on the door, the urns are full of fresh blooms, the windo016ws are dressed and the little details are worked out.   Spring is in the air at 133 Jefferson!  The shop opens at 10:00AM on March 20th and we are ready to preview our “Natural Farmhouse” Decor and “Spring Quilt Collection”.  I hope you have plans to join us sometime over the weekend. 

The shop girls have made up some special “Lavender Sachet” kits with our linens and011 great Japanese woven fabric.  These will make great little Easter Basket fillers for your quilting friends.  Each kit makes004 three sachets, we have included the ribbon and the lavender too for $10.00.  They really are all pretty sweet and there are five combinations to choose from.  I imagine you might enjoy one of each in your Easter bowl or basket. 

Since we are talking about baskets the “Gift Basket” quilt is in the window.  It is a quilt that can go into any decor because the spice fabric collection we used is  so mellow and easy to live with.    Maybe the Bunny will decide to deliver you one in o008ur sweet new little  reproduction olive buckets.  I know I would love that idea.  The buckets are available in two sizes. The prices range from $20.00 to $23.75.  002  I am loving the fresh quince blooms mixed in with our silks. 

I was telling you about the “Sweet Temper” sampler I have not landed on the frame yet but this will give you an idea of how special it is.  I think it is one of my favorites but I happen to like several of this designers samplers.  Sweet Temper is from Shakespears Peddler.  I chose a 36 count Weeks Beige linen, changed up some of the colors and I can’t wait to  get it in a great frame.  The pattern is $18.00 and it can019 be kitted for you for $81.25.   I need to continue dotting all my I’s and get ready for the morning.

Spring Begins @ 133!

Spring will have officially arrived when we invite you to join us for our 2nd Annual  Spring Open House March 20 – 22 !  It is all about the “Natural Farmhouse” trend, a new season and how to feather your home decor .  It has been so invigorating getting the shop transformed and folks I have flipped our decor completely001 already two times in 2015.  I know I must be possessed.   I plan this out on paper for weeks knowing all of the new decor I have ordered and getting to execute it is like giving birth.  I can hardly wait to see if you are as excited over the changes as the shop girls and I are.  The girls have all worked hard to give you new quilts for our “2015 Spring Collection”.  The quilts are like the frosting on the cake, it is the inspiration I count on to make everything exciting for all of you.   This is the year we can say028 in fanatically one of the trending colors that has been been missing is back!  If you look at my new Settlement Collection you will see it is a big player it is BLUE!  Blue is comforting but what I am loving is “Textures”.  I am beginning to see texture is the secret ingredient, that is where you get depth, create interest and richness that complement your natural homes.  the quilt on the bed is called “Independence Day”, it was my inspiration for the Settlement Collection, it is a whole clot011h fabric and it has been put together and quilted exactly like my antique.  A big thank you goes to our quilter Sue for making this happen.  You will also get a small version alternative in the pattern to make a table topper.  The large quilt is 85″ x 92″ and kitted sells for $99.50.  You can see from these photos that grey and 011brown play well with the blue.  

Selma has designed “Mississippi Flyway” using the grey, brown, cream and blue combinations in the new fabric line.  It is hands down another winner, it has great movement and interest this could easily be a choice for your spring sewing project.  This quilt measures 62″ x  76″ and the kit sells for $116.00.

“Whippoorwill Lane” is a new natural designed by Suzanne.  It is visual014ly soothing to look at and has that Natural Farmhouse feel that’s trending today.  This quilt measures 75″ x 85″ and kitted sells at $124.50.   Patterns are needed for all of our kits and retail for $9.00.  We can always add backing if you want us to. 

The next quilt is known as “Aubrey Corners”.  Aubrey Corners was designed by Suzanne.  This pattern001 came out last fall and our kits sold out immediately and that is when we decided that the Settlement fabric would be a wonderful alternative so that is how this quilt evolved.  It is a great quilt for spring and when we were getting it ready for fall market it was great shown off with fresh Christmas Greens too.  The colors dance through the design and are like looking at Easter eggs or Christmas bulbs.  I chose to show this quilt off as a topper on our table.  Fresh blo015ssoms and white dishes are just the perfect accent this quilt can support.  Aubrey Corners measures 63′ x 70″ and the quilt kit is available for $105.00. 

Suzanne also made up this Laundry Basket Quilt pattern called “Scrappy Chevran” .  You have to admit this is a pretty impressive quilt.  It is also patterned after an antique quilt Edyta Sitar owns.  This quilt really fits into our spring theme too.  It measures 64 1/2″  x 76 1/2″ and requires a whole lot of fabric to create the visual th019at’s needed.  The kit is $183.00 and the pattern is $10.00. our Vintage Doll sells for $58.00. You will find the urn filled with pussy willows, fresh bags of lavender, nests with greens, metal organizers, and the reproduction bee canvas I used as the backdrop all drawing you into the new season.   We can order the  Apiary Printed Canvas, they are sold as a set for $150.00.   You might want to consider a smaller scaled framed set for $137.50 and we have them in stock.

We have another new quilt in our spring collection by Edyta Sitar.   We fell in love with this at fall quilt market  it is called “Gift Basket”.  I could hardly wait until it was made but finding the right fabric is always the first ingredient for us.  It just so happened Marcus Brot022hers New Spice Palette Collection was what got us inspired.  The quilt measures out to be 56 1/2″ x 64 1/2″. This size is great  for your wall or used as a spring cover up.  The kits are $107.00 and the pattern is $10.00.  I will have a picture for you sometime before Friday, Gwen is finishing the binding 024tonight.  Its pretty swell for sure.

I hope you can remember our “Long Winter’s Nap” and it has been a long winter for many of you but this quilt is the perfect way to welcome Spring.   I love this quilt and when you see it again you will agree it is a classic.  It is 72″ x 90″.  The  setting fabric, a woven homespun, is what makes this quilt come together.    The kit is $164.00. 

“Friendship House” was another great quilt we introduced to you last year.  It is a pattern designed by Suzanne.  It is a very usable size measuring out at 81″ x 94″.  The kit sells for $187.00.  I have it displayed on our mantel.  I am expecting a beautiful sampler to arrive that will be displayed with it.  Its a007ll definitely a good natural look that f028its into our Farmhouse themed open house.

The last quilt I will talk about tonight is called “Jamestown”.
This pattern is also designed by Suzanne.  It uses my Settlement Collection.  The kit is $112.00.  It is a s
maller quilt that would make a great cover up.   

Spring Blooms natural eggs, old grass , great wooden bowls, fresh scents, olive display buckets, antique bottles I am loving to use, olive branch stems, and citrus and boxwood wreaths and wire angel wings are just some more ideas for you to ponder on. 

Here is another real013 great thing you have already seen our new handwork  it was made for our Natural Farmhouse theme for sure.  Everything goes and that couldn’t make me any happier that is a023lways my ultimate goal when I am buying.   Just look at Chessie & Me’s new spring handwork.  ”

This is one of our n023ew  Mona B spring bags which is kind of perfect.  We also have many new  infinity scarves to dress up your Easter attire you will also enjoy.    I am going to stop here and will plan to add more pictures before Friday.

Happy Spring!

Oh My G! Market was so Good!

I can hardly stand it and I know how anxious you all are to see what I have bought for you from Nashville.  I aLDD-Eliza-Mitchellm not even sure where to start but I think I am up for the challenge.  I am going to start with La D Da.  I could hardly wait to see her designs and I was not disappointed .  Lori has re-done an antique sampler I feel everyone that loves samplers will be smitten with I know I was.  It is the “Eliza Mitchell”.  It is stitched on 35 count Confederate Gray linen and it uses NPS .  I have to say I feel the silk will be your choice but DMC threads are LDD-Garden-Birdsalso given if you you are not inclined.  I will be ordering the silk so be sure to let us know if that is your preference for this great sampler.  The chart is $12.00. 

Lori did two really fun kits I think you will find needful.  “Garden Birds” which is $50.00.  The kit comes withLDD-Basket-Weave-Needle-Kee linen, wool, finishing fabric, threads a needle and thread minder.  You are ready to stitch this and I know you will want to.  She also did a “Basket Weave Needle-Keep Kit”.  This is super sweet and has everything you need in the kit for $30.00.  Garden Maiden and the Birdie Stitch Roll are now available in chart form, the charts are $12.00.  The last chart is a birth sampler and I know everyone is always trying to find one of these.  It is called “Honeysuckle Birth Sampler”.  It is delicate, the colors are perfect and it is LDD-Honeysuckle-Birth-Samplsomething a grown up baby will want to always cherish.  Lori recommends we use the 32 count Weeks Beige linen for the sampler.  The chart sells for $10.00.

Stacy, Stacy, Stacy you’ve done it again!  She definitely had one of my favorite market pics!  “Buttermilk and Blue Sampler Sewing Bag” is nothing short of dreamy to look at.  It would also be amazing framed.  Stacy used Gentle Arts Wool threads on 32 count Parchment linen, old SN-Summer-House-Necklace-Kiivory wool, buttons and hSN-Buttermilk-&-Blue-Sampleomespun to finish the bag.  I will kit it complete and without the homespun.  I believe you will still want to use the wool if you decide to go ahead and frame it.  All of Stacy’s patterns retail out at $14.00

Every year we are also tempted with an Exclusive Limited kit just made up for market attendees.  This year she made up a super cute little Summer House Necklace Kit.  The cost of this kit includes the finishing supplies, thread and linen for $28.00.  SN-Spotted-Chcken-Sewing-Ba

  “Spotted Chickens Sewing Bag & Pinkeep”, “Tabby Cat Sewing pouch with Mouse & Strawberry”, Squirrel Pinkeep & “Flower Basket Thread Board”, “Primrose Farm Sewing Basket & Heart Pinkeep”,  “Midnight in the Strawberry Garden- Thread BoardSN-Primrose-Farm-Sewing-Bas & Strawberry Pinkeep”, and finally you will enjoy thePrized Pig Sewing Book & Flower Urn PinkeepMidnightIn-the-Strawberry-G“.  So happy to know that amazing girl.    Besides the new charts you will also love her New “Cherry Hollow Farm Sampler” this is another limited kit made especSN-Cherry-Hollow-Farmially for this market.  The cost of this kit is $44.00. 

WhenSN-Prized-Pig-Sewing-Book it comes to Blackbird Designs and the quality books they publish we know you will never be disappointed and the new forty page

“In Friendships Way” is another big winner you will not want to ignore!   I am in love and can’t wait to get the books inspiration  the “1861 Antique SamplerBBD-In-Friendship's-Way stitched for the shop.   There are button boxes, strawberries, basket pinkeeps, and many other boxes to name drop a few of the other projects in the book.   The sampler is stitched on Picture This Plus 32 ct. Mello linen.   Everyone loves the rewards patterns and the two new spring designs “Down in the Valley” and “My Pinkeep Rose” will be something to add to your to do lists.  The  book retails for $24.00 and the BBD-1861-Antique-Samplerrewards are all $9.00.  Happy Spring! 

Speaking of Happy Spring With Thy Needle and Thread has really gone and done it.  I so love Brenda’s designs and as usual she really knocked her newest  market/Spring designs straight out of the park!  It is hard to pick a favorite but I will give BDD-Down-in-the-Valleyyou a few of mine and the rest you can see on line.  “Button Button”!  “Pin Feathers”, “Spring Greetings Bouquet”, and “A Tisket A TaBBD-My-Pink-Rosesket” are small but worthy projects for your consideratiWTNT-Button-Buttonon.  The patterWTNT-Spring-Greeting-BouquensWTNT-Pin-Feathers are all $9.00.  By now you must be giddy with excitement, the big dilema is which one to start first.  We have a limited amount of wooden bases for the pinkeeps and they retail out at $4.00.  As you can start to see for us to be getting ready for a Natural Vintage Spring Open House all of these paWTNT-Be-Happytterns are just what we needed.    Now we can talk about samplers.  “Be Happy Humble & Kind“, is soft and easy to look at and goes right to my WTNT-A-Tiskey-A-Taskethappy place with the motifs and house, “Stars & Stripes” is also right there too because I love subtle patriotic. 

” Summer At Cherry Hill”andIn Season” is so good and another favorite because of color and motifs and it has the greatest quote “Love is the Fruit in Season at all Times”.  There are still two more “The Potting SWTNT-Stars-&-StripeshWTNT-Summer-at-Cherry-Hilled”, “Shepherds Sampler”.  I don’t have them all piWTNT-In-Seasonctured here but check the market arrivals gallery you are going to find it hard to decide which is your very favorite, there will be no more idle hands.  This is such a small sampling but it is a start. 

Are you ready for me to switch this up a bit?   I was thinking you might like to know the New “Settlement” fabric has dropped and is on the floor!!!!   There are 38 SKU’S counting the Designer Inspiration Cloth.  It retails at $11.30 a yard.  Our pre-cuts are not in yet but will be.   We will be offering you many choices and be aware we have used the spec002ial cuts in the Shop Girl Quilt patterns that go with this line of fa007bric and they are also available. We can hardly stand it in here.   the color palette is one that will work with many other fabric lines and as always continues to work with my previous lines.   There is so much to do I

don’t  know where to start but I just felt you might like to see what is Trending Today @133!



My Goodness it i007s almost Valentine’s Day! 

Hope you have plans either to get out with friends or your number one making your weekend extra special!008

  This has been another busy week for the shop girls.  We are shipping all of the  New 2015 Stacy Nash Club kits.  I put a picture up on line for you view, you will find it under the  Girl Club tab, and also on the newest Face Book post.  It is a heart in the best way, not a screaming Valentine a classic heart for all seasons.  Hope you like your first kit. 

I have also switched up the “Red Quilts” vignette so you can get another view of our quilts.  We had suc009h an enjoyable weekend last week and  we will have valentine treats for you this weekend too.    We have been wanting to make up Maggie B’s “Heart Strings” and we got that done too. Kits are available for  $29.75003.  The kits have wool, silk, velvet, textured fabric, homespun and reproduction fabric creating a wonderful string of hearts that fit into your Prim decor.

We have a few new great kit items that are left over from 2014 Boxwood Gathering that you can find under New Arrivals on line.  These are Linda Thraen’s great projects and there are only a few left but if you enjoy The “Pinkeep”projects you might want to take a look at these. 

We girls got a little crazy013 today and decided to live on the edge and dream big!  XO XO!

So Many Good Reasons to Celebrate February!

There are so many good reasons to visit  or call us this month.  The girls and I are happy to be working with The Go Red for Women Campaign inspiring and creating beautiful Red Quilts for your enjoyment.  Six more weeks of winter is plenty of time for you to create any of our new Red Quilt Collection 005quilts and we have them all up on line and in the shopp008ing cart. 

This is “Hugs & Kisses”!  What a great little quilt for your angels to hold and for you to top a table with.  The kit is $44.00 and the pattern is $9.00. XO!  XO! is from Suzanne!

Next you can see our New “Journey” Quilt.   Jeanne made this quilt up.   The quilt pattern is a Laundry Basket pattern.  It’s really a sweet nine patch treat!  We also sell the big linen XO pillows and Love You More pillows.  Kind of perfect for our month and a kiss and hug always works for me!  

I have another picture of “Rosebud” I would like to sh009are with you. This is Selma’s first Nickel Club offering for this year.   It has been popular and the fresh looking silk Tulips really set it off.

Everyone is in love with Suzanne’s “Lovebirds” and it is easy to why.  We are all loving the soft colors because it makes it really an001 easy quilt to use anywhere in any decor.  It’s another classic.  The last quilt we will show you is Coronado and it is getting bound as I write this.  Lavonne made this quilt and this version looks so different than the one we have up for silent auction.  i am told you can see them on line on February 6th.

  We are all trying to keep busy waiting for calls and a customer.  Suzanne was grooming Selma for her trip to Hawaii, she leaves us on Thursday, Jeanne is busy binding our last quilt Coronado.   Lavonne is vacuuming, and Gwen an017d I are working on the computers.  Its snowing so 018I guess everyone is staying home today.   we have been getting the School Room ready for guests on Saturday. 

If you can’t come and join us for the Make It Take It  “Hearts of Friendship”and wish to have a kit sent please let us know.  Gwen has the kits on line so you can easily order one.

  We also just found our great French General  Bird Bags.  They were 016buried in the SchooRoom kitchen.  What a surprise! 

Do you remember this great bag?   It works as one of the best bags for grocery shopping and just for carrying things back and forth to work, its so good because it has a gusset and holds more than the usual bag.  The bags sell for $25.00 could be a super important bag you will love owning.  When I was in002 Atlanta one of my companies gave me the greatest bag.  I have to use it because it say this:  Super Important Shit.   I carry the super important stuff to work everyday, we are all bag ladies around here.  It really has instigated some great conversations and the smiles you get are all worth it.  We love bags like we love Journals, don’t miss the new journals Selma and Gwen created for this event.

I can finally show you “Coronado”.  It is a great quilt for  all seasons!  Hope you enjoy this view I have it shown coming out of the greatest canvas tote bag.  Maggie came with one last fall and we all thought it was perfect for toting quilts you might be working on at retreats or just finished goo003ds, even using it for an overnight bag works.  Maggie packed hers full for our trunk show. The totes are on line and sell for $80.00.

“Hearts” Campaign and the “Go Red Heart of Quilting” Event!

004  This is what our month of February in the shop is all about!   We have created an amazing  collection of  red quilts that will inspire you and he004lp you through these gray winter days we have been experiencing.  Every shop has something amazing and events are planned all month.  If you need more information or want to bid on any of the quilts that are on the silent auction please go to    Every shop has a quilt that can be bid on if you go to the shop hop website on line. 

Our quilt is called “Coronado”, it measures 58″ x 78″ and could be a great Wisconsin quilt.  All proceeds for the quilts go directly to the Go Red Campaign for Women sponsored by the American Heart Association.  Nothing could make our hearts sing more than being a part of this great cause.  I will give you a tour of the shop showing off the shop girls classic quilts we are previewing this month and also reminding you of the quilts introduced in our 2014 Holiday Collection. 

“Love Birds” is Suzanne’s new quilt for this event you see it pictured here and on the bed.  It is 54″ x 78″.   She also has an adorable new “Hug’s & Kisses” small quilt that can be o009ne of those you could actually finish in time for Valentine’s Day.  We have the pattern and the kits ready but it is not back from the quilter 015yet so all I have to show you is a peek before it went off to our quilter. 

On the cupboard door is “Journey” another great quilt our Jeanne made.  This is a Laundry Basket Quilts pattern. 

We still have kits for the most wonderful “Tokens of Affection” Heart Sachets and if you need the Lavender, we also have beautifully packaged bags you can purchase to fill these or any other projects you may want to make.  The kits consist of great linens, wool, ribbon and homespun for $25.00. The pattern is sold separately for $9002.00 and the Lavender bag003 is $21.50. It is evident we love traditional and classic quilts because they are lasting.

When we introduced our 2014 holiday collection we did it with this in mind.  We all love to create quilts that are fun to use at holiday time but we are mindful to  make them easy for our customer to use anytime. 

” Christmas Bordeaux”, “Snowbound” and “Sleigh Blanket” fit our criteria and are just perfect for this event because the fabri017c we chose is  classic and red.  The next picture you are seeing on the right is “Snowbound”.  this is such a great quilt and you can see more photos on the the Christmas blogs.  It was and antique the girls  reproduced for me.  I love its clean classic look and am sure you will too.  It is worth revisiting if you missed it o005ver the holidays. 

We just got in our new  “Cooks Kitchen Holiday Blend” scented Hand Balm @16.95, Room Spray@ $11.95 and Hand Soap@ $18.95.  It is the best you will ever use.  Now part of that is the cinnamon scent I love and for me i011t is perfect for this time of the year.

There is still  another Red quilt kitted for our event I need to at least show you the kits so you can visualize its beauty.  It is “Coronado”.  We did this kit up in a soft old red from the new Settlement Collection.  It will be easy to use now and later.  I love how it looks.  We will pictu011re it when it comes back from the quilter which will be soon. 

New books have come in and one to think about is called “Love You to the Moon and Back”.  It is little, can be personalized and sells for $9.95.  I do believe it would make a perfect little valentine gift for someone sp005ecial!  Just a thought. 

Selma has designed a great nickel pattern called “Rosebud”.  this quilt is a wonderful table topper size measuring 54′ x 54″.  It is packaged with the binding and pattern for $54.00.  I think you could manag016e to get this sewn in time to use this month too.  Spring is coming and when you see our like real tulips you will really get excited.  They even feel real, we had them last year in white and could not keep them in.  They retail for $2.15 per stem. FYI: The real ones you buy are $2.00 but they don’t last so I think you will agree t007his is a good thing!

Ribbon is another one of our things  in the shop we use it all the time.  I loved putting it into our wire urns.  I  think you will agree it looks so right.  Just another idea for you. 

You will also notice another great mirror in the background.013  I love how they reflect treasures in the decor.  The new Jeanne d’ Arc Living is in the shop and this issue is full of great homes and dining room ideas 

Eggs are beginning to arrive but these are not ordinary eggs they are egg shaped soaps packaged in the neatest old egg carton boxes for $35.00.  ( you get six soaps)  They are lightly scented and look perfect in our reproduction  porcelain and tin soap dishes.  Looks like Martha’s eggs for sure! 

The last picture I am about to put up for you today is of our “Country Sampler Celebrating the heart of Quilting Journals”.  Each of the shops were required to create a pattern for our quilters participating in the shop ho007p to.  Journaling is a big part of my life, I always have several going to help me remember special things, I put in pictures, draw ideas and just keep track of myself. I love them and I am quite sure you will love these. 

Our kits are available on line.  The small kits are $20.00 and the large kit is $35.00. 001

XO!  XO!  Happy February!

New Year, New View!

006What a great thought for a New Year!  

In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”.  I think we could all say that and know it to be true.  Let’s all try to dream a little bigger this year and have no regrets! 

Selma and I had a great market in Atlanta, but we froze it was009 like we never left home, what a surprise!  If we had given ourselves that extra day like we had planned it would have even been better but that didn’t stop us really after you see so much you are ready to give up anyway so the year is all mapped out for us and now is is up to us to make it all happen.  

It was time for me to put away Christmas in the shop and at home and so that was my focus all week.   Suzanne took on the fabric and it was in need of getting cleaned up so many new lines had arrived and we did not get a chance to even get them out.  First we needed to cull out the old sku’s.  She even found M&Ms squirreled away from last year.  We might have a big mouse or squirrel in here anyway now we are on the look out!.   Krista was in the basement g034etting us organized, that is almost impossible but she is getting us there.   Would you believe new items are already coming in from orders we placed in Atlanta?

February 1-28 is going to be a wonderful busy month as we Celebrate Quilting and Heart Healthy Living with the American Heart Association and the group of 11 South Central Quilt Shops.    You can read all about this on l018ine under Coming Events.  Please take a minute to go there.  I hope you will join us.  We will have so many wonderful New Quilts the girls have made , free journal patterns will be given out, Sue Ersig is coming to do Make it Take its, recipes, treats, who knew February could be so awesome!  On the left you can get a sneak peek of one of our new quilts.

Now I am just going to give you a little tour around the shop showing you that new view I promised.  It is time to think about our great “Lincoln Quilt” Selma designed last year, his birthday is coming.  It is a true classic and traditional q015uilt and what better way to spend those cabin bound days than sewing.  On the bed I have to point out this sign which is a quote by Abe Lincoln:  “I like to see a man PROUD of the place in which he lives, I like to see a man Live so that his PLACE will be proud of him”.  The cost of this sign is $32.00.  Here is a new view of the “Winter Tannenbaum Quilt” we had for the holida011ys.  It is a quilt for the season and you know our quilts very seldom scream Christmas because I love a quilt that can be used and is timeless.  I have to say I really love this fine antique reproduction. 

Gwen’s Quilt “The Northwind”was created using Paula Barnes Windmills pattern.  We changed the name because we thought it worked better for us in the winter collection.  t is 56″ x 56″ and a wonderful scrappy quilt.  More ideas for those cabin bound days ahead.  You are going to see me using lots of new mirrors this year and I could not resist shooting this p036icture as I passed by.  It is so fun to see the bolts of fabric and quilts reflected.  

Paula Barnes “Bordeaux”pattern is a favorite and when Suzanne made her version up the second time it was Christmas but look how nicely it bridges into the winter months.  That’s French General  fabric for you!  I can hardly wait for the new Sku’s 030to arrive for the next two seasons.  

I have been loving these great tin shelving units it’s a great way to display your stitchery.   the shelving comes with 3 brackets and hardware for $120.00 per unit.

Still loving the “Sleigh Rides and Snowflakes”, I am sure there will be more of that going on before winter gives in to 029springtime. 

The Candelabra is one of our new lamps , it retails for $407.50 and will be fun to put into the decor this year as will be the new 033Crimped Pan lamp which is $187.50.  I have this on the mantel and another on one of our counter tops it looks great where ever I put it.   I am back at today today and we are beginning to think Valentine decor and ideas for some Valentine handwork therapy. 

Very little snow so it is hard to get into that cabin bound mood.  I like snow for winter an002d think we are all a lot more unhealthy with it so bare and the temps so up and down.  Who knows but I miss a good snowed in day.  I hope it does not come on Easter, it’s early this year.  We just got in fresh bulk bags of Lavender.  It is beautiful to look at and smell but it is wonderful to use for sachets.  Suzanne did a great pattern last year and we made up pretty swell kits using our linens.  The Lavende003r is selling for $21.50 and the kits are $25.00. 

Don’t forget about our great Moda toweling and linen runner fabric.  It is a perfect accent for a winter into spring decor for any table top and actually it works year round but I thought particularly now that February is drawing near. The linen 024is $18.50 per yard and the toweling runs $7.00 a yard.  

You have been seeing many new and different signs around the shop.  Our newest is called “Romeo and Juliet”.   It is of course about remembering the great loves from the past.  It could be a really great shower gift for  someone getting married and there special great love.  Here is an idea to ponder we can even have them 020personalized for you.  

Something to remember we carry lots of beautiful ribbons in linen, rayon, velvet, solids and stripes for all your wrapping and handwork needs and most  of them excepting the velvet and twines can all be purchased by the007 yard.  I am loving storing them in the wire urns, you can see them but more important everyone can see and enjoy them.  We have two styles for your consideration the one pictured sells for $47.25.  Just a thought it would look great filled with eggs for Easter, you will be seeing that soon enough too.    

Speaking of eggs we have new egg shaped soaps that go in our vintage porcelain and tin soap dishes.   The soap smells  so divine and looks great because they completely nailed the soft colors for spring.  The dishes are $20.00 and the set of six egg soaps are packaged in vintage looking egg shaped car013tons. for $35.00

It’s Almost Christmas!

I can hardly believe it is almost Christmas time again!  We have no  snow on the ground and it is gray and raining!  I do believe November and December have flip flopped on us, 009I was so energized with that beautiful cover of fresh white in November and sure it would last as cold as it was but it warmed up and is all gone.  I am feeling good about this, I got a long and over due  family Christmas letter done this past week, it’s been since 2011.  I am so relieved all I need to do is get it mailed before the end of the year.  I notice fewer greetings every year or maybe people have given up on me.

Remember this is our last retail day until December 26th!

  Tomorrow is scheduled for all of the last minute shopping I need to take care of.  Wednesday I need to start the cooking and the tedious job of wrapping.  My days are spent for sure.  This is why we shop girls need to have a few days to get our Christmas together.  We  all work hard to to inspire you with yours and now it is our turn to create our magic at home.  I talked to Lavonne this morning and she finally got that 16 ft. tree up and lights on it.  Suzanne just arrived at her daughters out East.  Gwen is getting ready for her family to arrive and she said the ornaments were still on the bed and she has another day of work yet tomorrow, Selma is getting her shopping wrapped up today then the cooking begins for her, Krista and family got there tree decked yesterday and so it goes.  It is a wonderful busy time for family.  I took the Grandkids on the Polar Express train last night, my Sara and I had so much fun we both said we would love to work for free it was perfect even Uncle Rob enjoyed it.  The innocence and joy makes us know there is only one way and that is to “Believe” in the magic of it all.

Our New “M010ona B” Bags have arrived just in time for the new year!  This collection is all about fashion that’s Earth friendly, totally one of kind and they look really swell too.  Prices are in line and I know you will want more than one in your collection.  I have so many bags but there is always room for one more!  One of my favorites is the spacious Handmade Canvas bag measuring 19.75″ x 14.5″.  This is for quilters and pack rats like me that always have to have a big old travel bag, I tend to name it my activity bag, because it has all the inspiration I ever need.  I travel with at least two journals, magazines, books, handwork anything that comforts me where ever I go.  This is the bag!  Maggie had one of these at Boxwood and everyone was crazy for one and wanting it right now so it is here if you are still interested.  It is $80.00. 

The Cross Body USA is what I found in Texas, I love, love, love it and never had taken if off since i bought it there is room for anything you need, money, credit cards, and a phone!  It retails at $26.50.  We have a Paris Streeter Wristlet that measures  8.4″ x 4.4″ and sells for $20.00 bucks.  I am partial to the Live Work Create sm. pouch.  It measures 6″ x 4.4″ and can be yours for only $17.00. 

The last bag I have pictured is the Live Work Create Tall Canvas bag.  It measures 16.5″ x 16.5″ and it retails  for $72.00.  These are all really well maid, lined bags that you will grow to love.  Selma and I plan on visiting the showroom in Atlanta in just a few days so I know you will be seeing many more styles this spring that will have your name on them.