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It’s Christmas @133 Jefferson!

It is officially Christmas Open House!   But not a shop girl is stirring , not even a mouse!   I am alone to finall003y take it all in.   My team has worked002 extra hard this year!   I think we all aching from top to bottom but very excited to share it all with you.  I have tried to get a few pictures ready so Gwen can put up a New holiday gallery for you because I simply can not do it, no big blogs tonight.    I have not had one minute to recover from market or communicate with you there is just too much to do.  I miss our weekly visits, I promise I will get back to it soon.

   The most delicious and my favorite treats are awaiting you in the SchoolRoom and speaking of treats I have several Quilt Models on Sale for you this year as well as our Debbie Thibault Collectibles.  The basement is also full of goodies you won’t want to miss if you are excited about Christmas shopping and looking for some good bargains, we have them.

I hope you will be able to come for a visit, I know several out of town guests have already arrived, they have been peering in the windows.   Our 2nd has some VIP’s visiting, I hope to get a picture we are always honored by there visits and you will be too.  It 038is late and I need to get home so I hope I see in the morning or over the weekend, it is005 worth the trip! 

I will begin to give you a tour of what is trending at our house this year.  I have had several antique quilts I cut pictures out of and have wanted to reproduce and so my team set to making it all happen.  Selma and I fell in love with this one and our Jeanne commenced to making it.  Everyone has loved how it all turned out and red and white for some reason is Christmas for everyone!  This particular snowball pattern  we are calling “Snowbound”.  It is festive for the season  and oh so traditional.   Something even more traditional is our new sign “Twas the Night Before Christmas”!  It’s a crowd pleaser and I can still recite the story as I used to do for my kiddos so many years ago.  It was that little magic the kid in all of us need.   Priced right @ $40.00 and made out of reclaimed barn wood.  We have several other signs you may want to consider too. “Christmas Time” is smaller and tucks easily on a shelf or nestled in greens like I did with my Christmas @ 133.  If you look closely you can see our favorite pillows on the bed in the back ground.  “Old St Nick” was a favorite, we have “It’s the Most Wonderful 040Time of the Year”, “Reindeer Feed”, and new this year are the bags for wine, gift cards and small holiday treasures.  Prices are so affordable $6.75 – $13.50  and make perfect gifts for a hostess and some ma044gic for special people at Christmas. 

You know how much I love greens and berries well our wall basket just happened to be the right option for this idea and the addition of the ticking stripe bow was helped complete it all.  I happen to think this basket would be the perfect choice for an entry or outside your front door greeting those holiday guests.  The basket sells for $120.00.  You can also see my favorite German Twig tree in the background.  These are classic favorites every year.  We still have  4 1/2 foot, 7 ft. and 8ft. available.   I love them decked out and just simple with white lights. 

I need to give you a preview of the New 2014 Holiday Quilt Collection the shop girls have been busy creating.  I wanted to reproduce several antiques I have had in my journal this season as well as giving you some wonderful classic options.  The first quilt was designed by Gwen, it is called “Claire’s Noel”!  Gwen named this quilt after her granddaughter.  I love the fabric, the colors and her block design.  It really is an heirloom and it can be yours.  Our new Vintage doll wa015s a perfec014t addition.  You could tuck her anywhere, she retails for $55.00 and we also have her as an ornament for the tree and the cost for the ornament is $18.95. 

Stacy’s Nash’s new pattern “Pinkeep Puzzel Ball” was the perfect pattern to make up because we have the homespun and velvet that make them look just right.  The kit is available for $20.50 and it will make up 6 different balls just  the right number to fill an old wooden 001bowl.  I know I have a place for these and they will be out for more than one season.  Next I had cut out a picture of this wonderful primitive tree quilt which Lavonne set out to recreate for us.  Since it was primitive and made up of only one block we thought we would call it Olde Tannebaum but as I am writing this today I think it should have been called Christmas Tree Farm.  That is just what happens when the stress goes and the mind is able to free itself.  It really does not matter it is a great quilt.  We have it all wrapped up like a present and r005eady to go under your tree if you so desire please give us a call.  It measures 65″ x 79″ and the k019it is priced at  $90.50 and the pattern is $9.00. 

  The next quilt is what I would call Vintage.  It is scrappy but the glue on this quilt is the setting homespun we chose.   It does not shout Christmas but it more than works for me.  We are calling this quilt  “Long Winter’s Nap”, it measure 72″ x 90″ and the kit is $164.00.   This is a pattern I have wanted to make up for over a year  but we did not quite have the perfe030ct fabric for the setting block until this new homespun came in and then OMG the lights started twinkling!  Jeanne made this model for me and I can tell you this will be my family treasure.  You might have the pattern, it came from Quilt Mania, we did have a bit of tweaking to do and an insert was added to make your quilt making easier. 

Bordeaux is  Paula Barnes pattern.  You loved it this fall in our colors but wait until you see how Suzanne put together “Christmas Bordeaux” we used our favorite French General  Rue Indienne. 

It is 70″ x 70″ and the kit sells for $105.00.  The 016pattern is separate @$10.00. 

“Wintergreen” is another new quilt this year. 005 Selma made up this quilt and I think the simplicity of the star pattern and the old drab olive greens and soft background colors are pretty perfect.  Again this is a great lasting quilt for winter and beyond.    It just happens to go really well with Olde 006Tannebaum and all the other quilts the girls created.  The quilt measures 68″ x 76″and the kit is priced at $114.00.  

“Kris Kringle’s Sleigh Blanket”  is another antique I loved but again it needed just the right homespun stripe to make it all happen.  Low and behold the right new red homespun stripe ju007st happened to be  one I had just ordered.   When it arrived on my door step the rest of the story is history.  Suzanne put it all together and wrote the pattern for me.  It turns out it has been quite popular, it is scrappy and uses a great many fabrics which drives up the price but the end result is what you will love.  It measures 60″ x 69″.  The kit is priced at $150.00 and the pattern is sold separately for $9.00. 

Since we056 have the perfect Sleigh Blanket you need a couple of other great things we just happen to have.  This year Selma and I found the most wonderful old sleds, and signs and deer.  so here they are.  The sleds are made from reclaimed wood and sell for $138.00500.  The signs are tin and are perfect and the Tin deer is $118.00 and a favorite of mine.  He just happens to be flying through the my front window.  You can see Selma’s Winter Blues behind the sled we were able to get more fabric so we do have a few more of this great quilt if you missed out on it this fall.  

Our next quilt is another Paula Barnes pattern called Windmills but we are calling ours “Northwind” because those North winds are blowing.    Gwen made this 56″ x 56″ quilt, it’s scrappy and old looking just the way we love our quilts.  This size gives you great options, it could be a topper for a holiday table, I’m visualizing it with a basket of greens or those adorable P003inkeep Puzzel Balls I showed you, it could also be hung by the tree or chimney with care. The cost of this kit is $150.00 and the pattern is sold separately for $10.00.  

Lastly we are always needing a wee quilt for an angel to hold or just to use as a topper on an antique doll bed or some where.  We chose Carol Hopkins pattern called “Hard Crackers“.  Crackers make me think of Christmas and I thought it would be a great choice so our Lavo020nne stepped up to get this one made for our holiday collection.  It uses lots of color but it was planned and the border pulls it all together.  It is a precious little piece of handwork and will go nicely everywhere.  It measures 17″ x 19″, the pattern is $8.00 and the kits are $26.00.  

I think you might enjoy this great tin vintage Merry Christmas sign, it comes with the holder for $108.00.


This is Us!

I need to share a picture of our wonderful group of amazing women attending this years Boxwo003od & Berries Gathering!   Some are returning and others are new-bees to us!  My heart is full!  I always hope for this kind of group and this fall we have been blest with such passionate, professional, confident ladies that love what they are and do and what we are all about.

This is a photo taken at our dinner at Arthur’s last evening of almost everyone, we are only missing three.  The projects and designers, the great meals we have provided, and the knowledge shared with each other are such a part of our events. 

We will be going forward with the gathering next year and these are the dates October 12th – 17th!

Tis The Season for a Boxwwod & Berries Gathering!

It has decided to rain on our parade for the past two days, I hope it doesn’t wash all the beauty away.  The trees and hillsides are breath taking010.  The weatherman says it will clear out by Thursday so our out of t008own guests can take it all in.  The good thing about this whole thing is it is a great time to be inside working on  holiday projects. The students are definitely nesting and settling in for the week.  Our guests are from all over the country and that is a great thrill for us all.

Last evening was our “Meet & Greet”.  It was a wonderful start to an eventful week of creativity!  We had entertainment by Chi Chi Armstrong who is a great standard and jazz singer that has migrated to Spring Green from Chicago. 

“Convivio” the little wine and table top shop had the most incredible spirits for us and we had a spread of special appetizers, we always eat well at our girl gatherings especially when we put the head chef “Selma” in the kitchen. 

My good friend Ruth set up an antique tag sale and I put out lots of our retired quilt models. Many happy buyers found a great treasure to take home and love.  

So many times our stitchers are not quilters so I knew this would be a treat for them. 007


We will have the models out in the SchoolRoom again for my “American Country Christmas Open House” November 7-9th so if you need Christmas presents for special people you will want to keep this idea in mind.  One of these days I may get enough time to get at our retired cross stitch models.  No promises right now because it all takes time I don’t have.

The “Merry Christmas “ mat by Maggie is undoubtedly her very best effort ever!!!   I can hardly stand it!   The mat measures  15″ wide and 60″ long just the perfect size for my holiday table!   The Merry Christmas letters are  on Weeks Dye Works linen, there is nothing ordinary about this whole project it is not just a wool mat, you are working  with the two different textiles, the colors are perfect and the design,what else can I say.  We had only a few extra kits and those are being processed today.  The Kit retails for $255.00 and remember t007hat this is 008an exclusive.  

Maggie has another new pattern for this time of the year that you might be interested in seeing.  It is called “Jack Be Quick”  and includes three different designs perfect for the season.  They are quick and easy and the pattern is available and up on line for $9.00.

 The pictures I am randomly showing  you today were taken before and after our guests arrived for this festive event. 

It’s Wednesday already and Linda from The PinKeep is instructing today.  We are so lucky to have found her, she is the perfect fit for our shop.  Her designs are fitting in so many ways and we009 have new designs she brought with already up on line.  I know one of the valuable things our students are buzzing about is the tips and how to’s for finishing and antiquing projects.  Linda’s “Simple Times Bag006 is  one of the most unique bags and the sampler and frame finishing are the things that make students jump out of there comfort zone as they learn our designers techniques.

I have finally got a moment to put out a few new models in the shop.   Wait until you see “A Ghoultide Welcome”framed its such a great effort by Plum Street Samplers I would have a hard time every putting this one away!  The kit is available for $64.50.

Stacy Nash has created one of the neatest “Pumpkin Harvest Pinkeeps” this fall.  We have the kit available with the linen, cotton velvet, over-dyed threads and homespun backing for 004$39.50.  We also have two new patterns one is a Pinkeep Ball.that finished about 4 3/4 ” round.  The patterns are $12.00. 

I expect you will see these at open house.  Guess what?  “Turkey Hollow Farm” another new design and the second i021n the Houses of Berry’s Chapel Road series has arrive.  We will have kits this week. 

Our last project was learning how to construct a great primitive batting tree.  Our students have all made them there own with Maggies directions and 007encouragement.

You are also able to see the penny stool Maggie has in her new book.  I am wanting to get that done too.  Just need the right stool!


The Season Has Arrived!

It has arrived and I must say I can hardly believe it will be October this week!  I guess the only explanation I have  for myself is that we have been busy.  I guess I thrive on it, I must because that is the way my life goes.  Today my carpenter is here, the store is askew but013 hopefully by the end of today I will be seeing a facelift I have been contemplating for some time and will love living with, one never knows if what you see in your head will turn out.   It is that New 18th Century I tend to harp on.  It is taking the best from a century we love in001 the shop and and making it relevant for today’s decor.  That is taking a traditional, contemporary, primitive and classic farmhouse country style and being able to live with a blend of the old and new and not compromising the look you love.    For me the wait to get at it so to speak is the hardest thing.  My mind is running wild and the thrill of putting it all back together is what I love the most!  Fingers Crossed!

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the yard this morning as it is supposed to rain several days this next week and I know that is going to ruin the beauty that is unfolding daily.  We have painters coming to paint the houset probably will and we will end up waiting another year.  Oh Well! 

What do you think of this  “Penny Pumpkin Pinkeep”?   It came back from my stitcher yesterday it is a Scarlet House Design.  I would call this a really great fall project that is not too overwhelming!  We have it all kitted with linen, threads and my old gold velvet for $38.80.    I love to tuck seasonal 007Needfuls around my decor. 

  Our biggest selling quilt kit at the Expo this year was “Arlington A020KA: Winter Blues”  which is a Paula Barnes pattern.  Selma made this up and we all just love how it turned out because we did jump out of box mixing batiks from Laundry basket in with our comfort zone fabrics.  We ended up with only two kits left.  I hesitated to put it up but if you missed seeing this you would be sad.  We are contemplating a Holiday version.  The quilt measures 73″ x 73″.  The kit is $95.00 and the pattern which is needed is $12.00.  You can also see our old tin punched lantern in this picture which retails for $210.00 and have to say I love how in the evening the light dances through the room and 019quilt. 

Our new antique bird is also in sight and although we bought it to use in our holiday decor I couldn’t resit showing it off with this quilt.  There are two sizes the large size which you see is $100.00.  It is made out of reclaimed wood and tin. 

Part of the next face lift is done.  We love it!!!   I became quite i018nfatuated with the look of old ship lap when watching “Fixer Upper” on HGTV and was determined to try it in the shop.  Reed thought I had lost my mind he was even a little crabby but my carpenters could see that it could be right for me so we went for it!  Loving it so much!  I think it is simple but makes such a nice change so I have a few pictures you can be the judge.  The next faze involves painting and hopefully gets done before B&B it will be complete too.  

I have to say when I saw this sign I thought if we all thought about our home and family this way life would be better.  It is a wonderful reminder and I see it for 002Christmas presents for my grown children.   The cost is $100.00.

  There are a couple more “Lemon Wreaths” that have come in and they sell for $89.00.  This is a all year round wreath you just dress it for the season or love it plain.

  We also got in NEW Fall Soy candles.  These really are the best c011andles full of great scent and they burn clean.  Cost $22.50.  Cider Mill, Acorns and Apples, Spice Box, Yummy Pumpkin Seeds.  

Last year we had the one of the greatest pumpkin faces that sold out I want to say on the first day I put them out.  We just got them in again so if you are still thinking about them they’re back!!!!   Cost $22.50 

Here is another picture of the moon face only tucked in a nautical themed vignette.  You can see “Good Fortune” and Stacy’s 005“Let Virtue Be a Guide”. 

006Just an FYI: The Hearty Good Wishes fabric designer is doing a Part II to be shown at market this month.  I really thought this was a great line of fabric and lots of fun to make quilts with.  We still have  some of the “Tall Ships” Quilt kits left that Vickie designed and a few of the little Moda Candy Sailboats.  Great gift ideas for anyone that loves ships.

I pu007lled out our reproduction vintage metal and wood “Grain Scoops” again just because they look so good when you used them with candles.  they retail for $42.50.   I am thinking about using them with new battery candles that are coming in , and I can see Santa and greens or a real candle placed carefully that you can015 watch.  It’s a good thing! 

The new October issue number 10 Jeanne d’ Arc Living  arrived today.  Don’t miss this wonderful book of Fall inspiration.  The cost is $17.00.  You will want to watch for the next two issues. these are all great issues leading up to Christmas.  We also got back a really sweet little cross stitch by The Scarlet House.  It is kitted and limited as it was a market exclusive.  It is called Hannah’s Brownstone.  The kits are $50.00. 

Not only have we spruced up the upstairs the Final Chapter in the basement sale room area has been filled for fall.  We have put most of our frames on sale and I’m telling you for half off you are getting some really great bar020gains finds.   If you have samplers or photos piling up at home just waiting for frames you will need to come and see us.  There are all sizes and they range from traditional to folk-art.   We also have several new kits you may021 need such as “Aunt March”, “Prints Charmin”, “Front Porch”, “Star Dust”, Sunnyside, and Blue and Gray Trail. 

We will probably not get them up on the sale page this week but they are all on line so you should be able to see them and know if it is something you need, they are discounted by 30%.  we find we have to continue making new so when the kits are down in numbers it becomes time to make this decision.  I am going to leave you this week with this and hope you see something you can’t resist. 

The  Ghoulish Lumina “Halloween” pumpkin sets are marked down to $56.88.   Surely we can find them a good home!

Away We Ride My Pretties!

Can you believe we are just about to land on Autumns doorstep?  I love the shops transition into its seasonal splendor.  I am finally having time to get our new fall quilt collection that we previewed at the Expo on the floor.  It’s kinda yummy ladies!  We have all been oohing and awing over it since I got the new vignettes set this afternoon. 014

The very  first thing I have for you today is something I discovered quite by accident yesterday when I was trying to find the best way to display “Hallow Day Inn”.  I have the most wonderful old basket that is made to hang on your door, it has canvas straps so pinning our stitchery to it worked out just great and keep that in mind because I have a great idea to ponder on for Christmas!  The baskets are $57.00, please note the Putty shown has sold out today but we have Old Mustard coming in that would be a great option. The kits for this new stitchery run $50.00.  I think this could be a wonderful idea for your fall door and of course we have great Chinese lanterns and other fall looking foliage that are just perfect.  Now here is the next big idea to001 continue using this basket this way I think Brenda’s new “In Santa Clause Land”  with Santa and his deer would work out great for your Christma016s door and of course filling the basket with greens and berries is only the next step.  It works and I love the way it looks!  

This is a new view of the front of the shop, I finally had some time and was ready to change out the front window and show you something new. This is what you are able to see:   Suzanne’s “Aubrey Corners” on our small bed and our oh so beautiful “Bordeau001x” is  the center of attention in the front window.  You can also see “Midnight Flight” which is a scarey little quilt made for all our primitive Halloween lovers.  I layered it with our new luminaries which by the way are pre002tty spectacular and Stacy’s “Tombstone Angel Pinkeep Drum”.  FYI:  you get two each of three styles of luminaries and loads of enjoyment for $22.50!  You also see our Goode Witch has her slippers parked in the window as she catches her breath.  When Selma and I saw these we pictured them at the door or on your hearth, by a broom, and greeting your fall guests. 

I know you are familiar with our “Wedding Log Cabin Quilt” it has been one of my favorites since it went up on the wall in the shop, but it seems all of sudden people are taking the time to really appreciate022 its beauty and consider it for their seasonal decor.   This particular quilt is all about the fabric placement and that is what drew us in when we saw it in the Scarp Quilts Mania book so that is what Lavonne was able to do when she put our model together.This quilt makes a great statement wherever it is put, the colors are relevant today and fit nicely into most decors. 

Carol Hopkins is a favorite designer in our shop.  My Jeanne E. made this small topper called “Myron’s Campfire” which you have probably noticed I’ve shown on an old shutter but  it  just happens to 004be the right size to tuck into a small space too.  The really neat thing about this whole thing is that we found a way to make another one of Carol’s patterns, “Grandmother’s Porch”, so you end up being able to make two really neat toppers with only one kit.  The kit is $68.50 and patterns are needed but if you have not gotten Carol’s late019st book Civil War Legacies II, they are both in it and the book sells for $24.95.  It really looks kind of perfect tucked into our fall attire. 

I have to say when new fabric arrives at 133 it just gets everyone in a good mood and when it is beautiful new homespun for seasonal quilting we really get stirred up in a good way.  Enjoy a look at some new sku’s for your seasonal project006s. These homespun’s run $10.40 per yard.  This is just a small sampling you see pictured. 

“Friendship House” is a very traditional and classic quilt designed by Suzanne.  It is very pleasing to look at and even though you have seen it before I could not resist giving you another look. 

My next photo is of “Good Fortune”which is another great quilt you may have overlooked over the summer months.  It is pieced 012with wonderful nautical prints, but what sets off this particular antique coin design is the linen chambray.  If you have been searching for the right quilt for a  deserving male this could be it and the smal024l sailboat could be a perfect one for that special little boy.    We just got “Hilltop Farm” stitched and I have to say I love this idea.  You are able to personalize this for your own family by adding the old photo print.  PrimitiThistle-Down-Rugve Hare is the designer.  The last thing I have today is something you have all been waiting for.  Maggie’s New Book is here!  It is called “Thistle Down Moon”!  It is another winning book you are all going to enjoy!  The book retails for $27.95 and Gwen has several pictures up on line for you to get a preview of what makes this so special.  FYI:  The inspiration for this book came from a wool mat Maggie did for her girl club, so club members you should feel special.

Expo Eve!

Are You ready?  I know I am and so are the shop girls.  It is always exciting to see everything come together, it takes team effort and everyone has been involved in the creativity of our “New Seasonal Quilt Collection“.  We have new quilts designed by t022he staff and we have redone new patterns from our favorite designers.  This is something we enjoy because we get to work our magic and put our twist on a great pattern design.  Selma was first to jump on board to make Paula Barnes “Arlington” pattern.  You will stop in your tracks and love the fabric we used in this quilt.  We all fell in love with Moda’s Snowbird Batiks and Winter Blues by Laundry Basket.  Yes this is an unusual marriage for us because batiks are no018t really in my wheelhouse but this became the exception.  The soft icy colors were perfect and when you see this quilt you will know why.  It is 73″ x 73″ and this kit can be purchased for $95.00.  The pattern is sold separate

Suzanne has a couple of new Patterns for the new seasonal collection.  “Aubry Corners” is 60″ x 66″.  It just so happens that it is a wonderful companion to ArlingtonThis kit is $99.00 and the pattern is $9.00.   It is traditional and has the aged and loved feeling so many of you enjoy. 

“Aunt Agnes” will be a one of those quick projects you get instant gratification from. You may decide to use it as a topper or just as one of those little quilts you like to fit in that small odd wall space you like to fill with eye candy.  It is 36″ x 44″, the 003kit is $72.00 and the pattern is $9.00.

Selma also did one of Carol Hopkins patterns we have wanted to do for over a year.  It is called “Homefront” and our is made for anytime but I totally can see it used for Christmas.  It turned out to be one of our favorites.  You can see it displayed in an old suitcase as I thi004nk this is one you will definitely want to take home for your holidays.  It is 45″ x 45″. the kit is $76.50 and Carols pattern is $8.00. 

If you look in the background you can see “Claire’s” Noel”.  Our Gwen designed this beautiful Christmas quilt for her grandaughter.  The block is one Gwen has had on her mind for some time and the time was right to bring it to life.  Claire’s Noel is 61″ x 76″,  Gwen’s quilt kit sells for $162.00 and you need to purchase the pattern separately.

In the next picture  taken at the Expo you can see our Bee’s in Flight , Jefferson Register, Papa’s Patch023es and Carol Hopkin’s GOF Civil War table runner and more of Claire’s Noel.  It is a very festive quilt you will love making the beautiful block.

“Bordeaux” is another  New Paula Barne’s pattern we all loved and we had the perfect fabric to make it ours.  We have been hoarding this great border print for longer than I care to remember because we just couldn’t quite land the right pattern.  I love this quilt.  It has a great palette that is easy to li013ve with but is oh so stunning and works well for a new seasonal quilt.  We were also able to use a small floral chambray linen as our setting block.   It measures 70″ x 70″, the kit is $105.00 and pattern sells for $10.00.

“Sophie” is yet another Paula Barnes favorite, we were lucky enough to get to see all of these great quilts when she had here trunk showing at our GOF Gathering this springThe colors were everything we love and are into so Selma recreated this little m026asterpiece and I think you will enjoy using it as a topper this season.  I am sorry I did not get a better close up but I will before the weekend is over.  Actually there is a better one pictured on my previous post when I showed you a sneak peek.  This quilt topper measures 39″ x 45″, the kit price is $64.00 and pattern is $10.00. 

Next you will see another favorite little quilt offering.  I had this great old shutter and it just so happens Carol Hopkins has this great little quilt called “Myron’s campfire”.  When we put the kit together we needed so many fabrics we were able to to make another quilt designed by Carol called “Grandma’s Porch”  T007his kit makes two quilts!  How great is that? Our kit is available for $68.50. 

“Midnight Ride” is a great quilt for Halloween.  It is kind of scarey for sure but you might remember I gave you a preview of it on a table in the shop a few weeks ago and  now here it is at Expo.  The colors and fabric choices make this quilt a perfect choice for the sca019rey season ahead!   It will surely make your gourds, pumpkins, and bittersweet stand out. It measures at 52″ x 64″, the kit is $85.00 and pattern $9.00. 

The last quilt I am going to show you this evening Lavonne made.  We are calling it “Indian Corn”.  It is quite appropriate for the season because of the vibrant colors.    The quilt measures at 53″ x 60″ and kitted sells for $108.00, the pattern is included.  You will  be seeing this quilt in a panoramic photo Selma took of the booth just before we left today.  I hope we see see you at the show sometime this weekend and since you are so close don’t miss the opportunity to visit the shop at 133 in Spring Green as it full of so many great new seasonal offerings too.


Our booth number is 211 and 212!

I hope you enjoy our new Seasonal Quilt Collection Gwen has all the new offerings on line and loaded in the shopping cart!

Quilt Expo Nears!

So little time, so much to do!   Quilt Expo is knocking on our door, I pick up the the truck and newly framed stitchery in the morning and then the loading begins!  Thankfully our boys will be able to help Reed load the display cases, I have not been able to get to it and pack anything up yet that we are taking to the show but that is what I plan on doing all day tomo001rrow, its Labor Day and I will labor.  It brings back many sad memories for me from last year when my dear mother fell on Labor Day and never was able to come back to me.  I set up the show and then watched her leave me a little more everyday for over a month I guess that is something I will never forget and learn to live with.  

Today I was able to get some things moved and quilts that were on the floor that  are going to the Expo are down and  now new eye candy is up.  I love how we look and I think you will be surprised to see how wonderful the new quilts bridge us into the new season.    I have always l003oved Vickie’s Moda  “ABC” Alphabet Quilt.  She read into the pattern her vision and used my Jefferson County  fabric.  It is a quilt that could be for your grandchildren but honestly if you look at it on the wall it can go anywhere.  Ihas a great antique look, even a little primitive.  I know its the colors that make this so unique.  It is approximately 60″ x 70″ and the kits are $107.00.  You need the Moda Spell it with Fabric book that sells for $8.00.  You can also see “Little Lucy” on my serving station underneath the alphabet quilt and it is definitely a great coordinate and compliment, this is also one of Vickie’s designs.   It measures 36″ x 46″, the kits are $55.00 and the pattern is $8.50.

I was feeling the need to get into our new season going so setting the table with Vickie’s “Heirloom Harvest” seemed fitting.  We all have loved this kit and are close to selling out.  It is a perfect topper measuring 38″ x 50″.  The kit sells for $60.00 and needs h014er pattern that is $8.50.  You will also see “Prints Charming” on the back of the farm chair which happens to be just another great little 33″ x 37″ topper that welcomes the season.  This kit is $35.00, the pattern is also Vickie’s and it is $8.50.  I know you will love it because you have pre-cut charm packs that speed up the process in this kit and also Little Lucy.

The mantel was just screaming out to me for a change so I had to put up my friend Paula Barnes pattern “River Road Baskets”.  The colors are so perfect and the quilt pattern itself compliments the season so well.   You can be the judge.  This quilt is 74″ x 74″ and we have it kitted for you for $101625.00. The pattern is separate and sells for $10.00.  You  simply gotta love those incredible serving trays I am showing off on the mantel and table.   Priced at only $45.00 they look great filled or plain.  FYI: They are hard to ship so best idea is to pick them up in your travels.

“Lady of the Lake” was on our little table but now is quite happy to be lasing in our hearth chair.  This is a pattern from the book “Scarp Quilts Mania”.   The kits is available for $132.00 and you will find the size 64″ x 73″ a size you will find many ways to enjoy.   We have made several of the quilts with the idea looming of making more.  Best book ever and what a buy for what you get at only $49.95.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and we hope to005 see you at the Quilt Expo this week ( September 4 – 6!) 

Here is a little sneak peek of some of the quilts going to the Expo.   You are seeing “Bordeaux”  behind the mantel, “Sophie” is on the table and “Antique Crossroads” is to the side hanging on the quilt rack.  Its a seasonal booth this year done our way we can’t wait to share 001everything with you! 

The next few photos are of the shop in seasonal transition.  You can see the beautiful log cabin in the background that we made out of the Little Black Dress line.  I added some new foliage and our angel and it looks pretty swell.

Next:   The next quilt you see is Suzanne’s “Good Fortune” this is one of her new patterns.  We waited all summer to get the chambray linen fabric in from the UK so we could make up our kits and it finally arrived. The kit and pattern is on 002line and available in the shop. 

“Gettysburg” is a Paula Barnes pattern we made this up last fall for the Expo and it was a show pleaser but since we brought it back to the shop it has just gone unnoticed in the shop.   Sometimes we have too much eye candy for you to savor.  I have it in the front window now and I think you will agree the rich indigo blues and tans that are so relevant in design today will make you stop and contemplate this quilt project.  It is masculine but not too, a good size, and Paula’s patterns are very easy to read and follow.  I hope this will be003 an idea you will want to reconsider as you plan your seasonal projects.   

The next couple of pictures  taken in the shop are showing some good fall ideas you might want to think about using in your  seasonal decor.  Love the paper “Halloween Trees” that sell for $68.00 and our “New Vintage Silhouette Luminaries” are even more fun and go anywhere.   You get a package of 6 for $22.50.  We just use a battery candle to illuminate them and you are good to go. 008  

The buffet shows off the paper trees and you can also see that my Stacy Nash “Let V006irtue Be a Guide” is back from the framer. I can see to stitch again, what a blessing that is.  I really love it and enjoyed the stitching project so much i gotten a little caught up in the nautical things for some reason.

I will be posting pictures of the New Seasonal Quilt collection before the Expo opens.  I will leave you with one last photo that is a perfect addition to your fall tables.  You can purchase these great Chinese Lanterns007 for $11.00. 

Visions Of Stitchery Running Through My Head!

That”s Right Peeps, this is what a market does to me!    I’ve come home a little over stimulated with visions of stitching running through my head.  I can hardly wait to show you everything and I need models right now and the really funny thing about that is I would love to have the time to stitch them all.  We know that will never happen!  Gwen is setting up a new “Market Gallery” toPSS-Ghoultide-Welcomeday and getting everything up in the shopping cart and I am showing off some of my very favorite finds on this blog, I hope you are as excited as I am over all the new seasonal handwork.

“Plum Street” had one of my very all time favorite designs this market I loved every part of it, the house, the horse, the witch this was my homerun.  So many of you loved there Yuletide Sampler well now be  prepared to be blown away by “A Ghoultide Welcome”!  OMG I can’t stop thinking about this, it is stitched on 36 ct. Lakeside Sand Dune linen which is on order.  We are stitching ours with DMC floss opposed to the silks.  We did the DMC on the Yuletide mainly because silks really drive up the cost a whole lot more.  If I kitted this with silk the cost for the silks would TSH-Hannah's-Brownstonebe over $70.00 and that is just the silk cost no linen and no chart, so $15.00 worth of DMC works for me.  The chart is $18.00 and the linen will run around $31.50 with a good 3 inch allowance.  You can pre-order a kHS-His-Eye-Is-on-the-Sparroit or just get the chart.  It is always fun when the designers offer an exclusive market kit to us shop owners.  

Scarlet House offered several new designs but the kit I am sure you will love is called“Hannah’s Brownstone”.  The kit is packaged in a swell zippered canvas bag with everything you need to make it.  The cost of this kit is $50.00.  We have a limited amount so be sure to get your order placed right away.   There is another new fall design coming but it is not in yet but it is expected yet this week so stay tuned. PL-Be-Ye-Thankful

You are going to be blown away by the next sampler it is by Heartstrings Samplery.  The model was breath taking to say the least!  “His Eye is on the Sparrow” is large but one of the most stunning samplers I have laid eyes on for a long while.  We will do our model on a 35 or 36 count.  Our Lavonne has already purchased the chart because this is right in her wheel house for sure.   The chart is $15.00. 

Pineberry Lane has a new fall sampler called “Be Ye Thankful”.  I can’t resist a good turkey and there are three on this sampler.  I can only imagine you will love this one too it looks like a fun stitch to me.  The chart is PL-Blanche-Wagstaff$12.00.  

The next new chart I want to tell you about is for Christmas, it is an English Redwork Antique Reproducion by origin called“Blanche Wagstaff-Xmas 1877″.  I love, love, love this design so much and know I have to stitch this for my Christmas.  I’m waiting for linen and its happy stitching for me.   It isBD-Eleanor-Rigby stitched on Weeks 30 ct “Linen” but I think I will do our model on 32 count making it  8 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ because that size tucks in so many special places I will have fun finding its new home. 

Blackbird Designs came up with a Beatles Magical Mystery Tour theme this market so I had to show you my favorite.  It’s “Eleanor Rigby”!  I love the color palette with the grey tones but it is also charted and colored and can be used as a Sweet Baby sampler.   The charts are $9.00.   They also did “The Long and Winding Road” on one of the Lone Elm shaker boxes.  MORE , Great ideas for Handwork inspiration!

Strawberry Fields Forever is another choice you may want to think about. Strawberries BD-Strawberry-Fields-Foreveare always fun to stitch and there is a house and makes it complete for me!

There are also some great Halloween designs  to ponder such as  “Cats on ParadeBD-Cats-on-Parade which is a New Pinkeep Drum you won’t want to miss.   Cat lovers this is the one design made for you, that sassy prancing cat has your name all over it.   The shop girls all like this one, it really is unlike any other drum designs we have.   Espresso Bean is the only floss needed and it is stitched on a new R&R linen called Carved Pumpkin.  The linen will be out to us soon so I think you can easily manage to have this made for your fall decor. 

“Spell of the Moon” and “Without A Mouse” are two new RBD-Without-A-Mouseeward of Merit designs.  They are quick little stitches and that is your reward for loving the handwBD-Spell-of-the-Moonork the girls design.  These charts sell for $8.00.   

Chessie & Me never disappoints us when it comes to fall and holiday designs.  I know you will love her market kit it is called “Ghost Inn”.  The kit CM-Ghost-Innis priced complete at $28.00.  

“Harvest Time” is another new chart and that Chessie cat is on the staCM-Harvest-Timer barn roof.  There are acorns and pumpkins which make this chart the right choice for the seasons of Chessie Series.  The charts are $12.00.  Linda has mounted it on a very neat new acorn paddle which can also be CM-Tombstone-Mansionordered. 

Next we have “Tombstone Mansion”its stitched on Lakeside Clay linen which is just the perfect choice. The 2013 GOF projects were also released.  That would be the “Gettysburg 1862 Sampler” and the “Patriotic Stitch Book”.  Remember we have the stitch books if you need any.  This is probably Linda’s most requested project when she travels anywhere to teacLDD-Garden-Maiden-Kith.  Her last new chart is called “Winter Wonderland” this is another chart in the seasons of Chessie Series.  It is also mounted on one of her new paddles.  I am not picturing everything because you will end up finding everything  in the Market Gallery by the end of tomorrow.

Another new Market exclusive kit I know you will not want to miss out on is from La D Da.  It is called “Garden Maiden”.  This is a very sweet and functional needle book.   The kit is packed with absolutely everything you need to assemble it.  Lori used 30ct. confederate grey linen and includes finishing fabric, velvet, thread, ribbon, a bead and a special gift for $50.00.  There are limited numbers so please let us know if you are interested. 

 “North Wind Blows PiSN-North-Wind-Blowsnkeep” is our  last market kit, it is from Stacy Nash.  The verse is “Gather flax and gather thistle Quick before the North Winds blow”.  I have to say it is great as always.  Understated colors she does so well and only 7 1/2″ by 10 1/2″.    The kit sells for $40.00 and again we only have a limited number but I’m confident you will be pleased with this design choice. 

I also found sme very swell new scissors.  The price is right at $22.00.  I really love them all.  They are sharp and easy to handle. NWP-2015-Book-of-Days

Needlework Press has just released there 2015 Book of Days.  Always a great way to keep track of yourself and only $12.00.  It is 002a wonderful gift choice for a kindred friend that shares the passion of handwork.  I will add more pictures tomorrow but in the mean time please take time to enjoy a few of my favorite market finds.

Seasonal Quilt Collection

Can you hear and feel it?  The season is changing!  There is something in the sound of the wind when it blows through the leaves.  I love the sunny days and cool nights and then what about that Super Moon this week?  It was pretty swell and the biggest moon we will see all year thus the title Super is fitting. I guess I have never heard that particular term used before.

For us this means we are about ready to debut our “New Seasonal Quilt Collection”.  You will get a preview after I have our Quilt Expo booth set.  The girls have been really busy making this event so worth the wait.

Quilt Expo starts on Thursday September 4th – Saturday September 6002th

You  will find us in our usual spot across from JJStitches, our booth number is 211 & 212.  Hope you are planning on seeing us and if you can manage a trip out to the shop we are always ready for you there too. 

This week we are getting in lots of new product.  I have to tell you I have been waiting for these particular items and ready for them to arrive since the day I bought them.  Do you by chance remember the great linens from French General that Moda manufactured?  So many of us would have killed to get our hands on some or rather any of them over the past few years and then out of the blue, they’re back!  This time not only can you buy the Paris Flea Market Toweling which is 60% linen and 40% cotton in three different styles you can also buy yardage from the bolt.  The bolts are 44″ wide and the linen by the yard sells for $34.50.   The toweling is 22″ wide and sells for $18.50 a yard.  I see this being used in so many ways.  This linen is just a perfect weight and color and will blend with your holiday decor easily.  Pillows can be made in all sizes and styles for the sofa, chairs, around the fireplace, for the bed etc. but then think runner or runners dependin004g on the way you like to set your holiday table or maybe even place mats.  It really is a special good idea to ponder on as our seasons change and thoughts go to the holidays.

  I know how much you have enjoyed our Folk Art Angels over the years but 006sadly the company is not selling them anymore so I have had to look for alternative ideas.   I think you will be as delighted over these, the base is made up with metal slats and the top of the dress is made out of old canvas.  We have a small angel which sells for $30.50 and a larger big sister that is $65.25.  I have to say they both look pretty swell with the Noel Sampler and my favorite brush trees.  Here is a peek you can decide for yourself.   We also have some really neat Halloween that will debut at the Expo I think you will find quite entertaining but I’m going to make you wait.

My next little item is a pretty nifty gadget that I know I need and I’m hoping you will decide you do too..  It’s a Led light that folds up, is battery operated, has a USB cable and helps you see your handwork.  No plugs needed, it’s small and easy to pack and the best part of this item is it is priced WTNT-Hallow-Day-Innso right at $15.95. 

This great Halloween stitchery couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time.  we love Brenda Gervais samplers and holiday projects.  “Hallow -day Inn” is a quick stitch and does not even have to be framed.  Just hem and hang on your favorite cupboard.  If you love making Pinkeeps you might want to take a look at “Gardener Goode Witch”.  I think you will enjoy the handwork but more than that enjoy displaying your projects.  Let’s get to stitching.  I will give you lots more eye candy next week when I show you all of the new mWTNT-Gardener-Goode-Witcharket finds. 

Here are the names of Stacy’s New pieces, Thistles & Spells, Potions Sewing Bag, Pumpkin Harvest Pinkeep, Mourning Tree Sewing Pouch, Whaling Ship Sewing tray & Pinkeep and there will be an Exclusive market kit. 

Now this hMourning-Treeas to make you all giddy with anticipation I know I am.  I can now give you a picture  to go with the names.  This is the “Mourning Tree Sewing Bag”.  So clever, and so fun for Halloween but I do not know what they are stitched on but I will know when I pick them up on Saturday and try and have what you need in hand or ordered by the time I return homePumpkin-Harvest-Pinkeep

The next picture on the right is called “Pumpkin Harvest Pinkeep” love the old aged up velvet Stacy does so well, it has a house, a chicken and those  ghost pumpkins all say sold for me.

What woman doesn’t need a “Spells, Potions Sewing Pouch”?  We are all always trying to pull something wonderful out of a bag when we are shopping this might be what we Potions-Sewing-Pouchall need to make that happen!  

The last pattern is called “Thistles & Spells”. The Thistles are what I like about this piece I am always wanting to plant them as I love the color and Thistle-&-Spells-Pinkeephow they look I imagine cooked up the dye they make is really swell.  If you are interested in any of these patterns please call the shop and get your order placed.  I will bring home lots but one never knows if it is enough and by pre-ordering you are insured of getting what you want. 

  I can’t wait any longer I have to show you our New “Witches Shoes” and no good witch leaves with out her broom so we have one of those too.  It kind of looks like she decided to hang it up for the night.  The shoes are sold for $42.50.

  On our table you can see “Midnight Ride” it can either be used as a topper or wall hanging f014or 029the season.

  It measures 47 1/4″ x  59″.

You will find this quilt kitted at the Quilt Expo

It has a spooky good look with the random stars but its the colors we chose and the fabrics that really give it life.

Happy Haunting!

If you happen to call in on the 14th wish your favorite shop girl Selma a Happy Birthday!

Summer Magic!

“Summer Magic” is the name of Selma’s new Nickel Club project.  It is very festive and I can just imagine your outdoor summer table all set on a balmy summers eve with the crickets humming and the fireflies lanterns blinking adding to the magic.    This is a really a great value too becaus045e if you decide to take the backin047g fabric you have another completely different stunning French General Le  Bouquet Francais all cloth topper.  Its winning idea when you can just reverse your favorite topper and have everything fresh and new for more summer entertaining.  It takes four yards so that would be $46.00. and Selma chose my very favorite sku which was the the blue and cream and soft yellow floral basket print.  So if you need the backing added be sure to ask when you call in.  This quilt  top measures 62″ x 62″.  Our kit includes the binding for $89.00.   Remember you will need to purchase the pattern for $9.00.   It went in the window today and has gotten lots of interest from excited customers that were shopping in the shop and Gwen also put it in the shopping cart for your convenience.