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Quilters Shop Hop: July 16,2014

Here we are again getting ready for our regional shop hop.  This is a special year for us all as we are celebrating 16 years of getting quilters excited.  We are calling this year Sweet Sixteen!  That means all of the patterns have something to do with sixteen.  Our quilt is called “Sixteen Patches”  it is 56″ x 70″.  The pattern is sold in a special bo002oklet with all of the 13 participating shops patterns for $9.95.  A great bargain for sure.  Our kits are $88.00.  This particular kit is made out of my Jefferson County fabrics, it uses 2 nickel packs and the setting fabric and  binding are included.  I hope you will join us. 

The hop starts on Friday and goes a week ending on the follphotoowing Saturday July 26th.  We have motor coach services on Friday and Saturday the 18th and 19th.  This is a fine way to get acquainted with what is really so close and sometimes no one is actually aware of what is in their backyards. 

A few of you have asked about my Sara’s girls and frankly I have not had any pictures to share but today Sara sent one I thought you might enjoy.  They were at the Union in Madison and this great over sized chair was a super good idea for a photo.    Carley is 4 1/2 and Jenna is 19 months.   I  can’t wait to spend a week with them up north.

It’s Stitch Camp Time!

OMG we had a magnificent July 4th!!!   It has been crazy busy ever since I got back as we needed to get all the final touches together for our firs032t annual Primitives Stitch Camp @133 Jefferson 031with guest designer Stacy Nash!    Our campers began arriving on Tuesday, I don’t think we have ever had such an excited enthusiastic group of stitchers!  These girls are coming in from all across the country.  We have 23 campers.  This is what we love and it’s our passion! 

The SchoolRoom was ready and our campers found there way to our scheduled Meet and Greet Wednesday evening.   We had some of our very favorite foods like our local Prem’s Market Prime Beef Sandwiches, our most favorite in the world Over the Rainbow Mac’n Cheese, Fresh Watermelon, and Smore’s and believe it or not we had 2 campers that had never had this sweet treat! 

A few of the girls were stuck in Texas but managed to arrive in time for our camp pancake breakfast on Thursday morning and the roar and excitement has been going on all day for Stacy’s projects.   I do believe this group will be stitching away all evening as we enjoy our Hometown night music in the garden next door. 

Our campers were really crazy about there camp bags and name tags and then Stacy had all of her projects packaged in the coolest burlap bags.  We are spoiling them and that’s our job!  We have all of the tables 026named after Stitches frequently027 used in sampler patterns so the contest is on to see who’s  table has the over achievers.  On the left you can see the most beautiful “Stitching Tray” with her signature “Velvet Berry Pinkeeps” she has tied onto her scissors.  

Stacy’s second project is a “Memory Book/ Journal”.  I can not tell you how much I love journals.  I keep my thoughts and dream always close at hand.  If you are interested in the projects they come completely packaged with the cardboard, batting, linens, velvets, threads and everything you need to complete both and they are packaged in the great burlap envelope bag for $270.00.  We have only 7 available if anyone is interested please call us right away so you can have this Stitch Camp exclusive.   

We also got our new Club auto which we will plan to begin shipping out next week and there is still a little more we need to talk about and that is the New “Sisters Three Pinkeep”.  T029his is a pretty sweet project and even sweeter in personI was happy that I had the linen so we cou001ld  kit it.  If you are interested the kits are $23.00 just an FYI we did not add the homespun or backing fabric to the kits.

Next I thought I would catch you up on my summer decor at home.  I truly have been in a nautical state of mind.  Being in Door county last week made me even more aware of how much I really love this look.  My touches are subtle.  It really all started last fall with the purchase of the Hearty Good Wishes fabric Vickie and I fell in love with.  She started thinking about quilts and I knew I had to stitch Stacy’s “Let Virtue Be a Guide” with the most wonderful tall ship focal.  I am getting closer to framing it, I just need a couple of solid stitching hours.  I will give you a look and you will also see a really special model of an old Windjammer in the background made by a Vietnam vet.  I loved the story and the rest is history, even Reed was on board so it has found002 a home in Spring 001Green.  I also found prints of old ships and the fascination I have with the Gaines Fixer Uppers on HGTV made w008e aware this would be a perfect fit on our mantel.  I can also see them in other places so I am pleasantly excited over these.  I have my old flags out and I think I’m ready for summer.  We have had the most beautiful days for the past week.  I love summer when the weather is like this.  I hope it holds for the Horton F014amily vacation we leave soon.

  I also have a passion for collecting stars, old boxes and  tins.  They do not all speak to me but its fun when one does.  I liked the simplicity of how this looked so thought I would share a look with you.  Its great therapy for me to get into my house, I hope you can find the same enjoyment when you get to play in yours.

Grand Olde Flag Week! June 22, 2014

It has been A Grand Olde flag waving week at 133 Jefferson St.!  We have had another great gathering with folks from all across the country.  California, Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, Indiana, Tennessee, North Carol005ina, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Wyoming were represented. New friendships were made and old renewed.   The girls quilted and quilted somemore with Carol Hopkins and Paula 003Barnes.   We made Civil War fabric covered sewing boxes, stitched the greatest necessaries with Linda from Chessie and Me.  Our Students were taught English paper piecing, used some wonderful new tools our teachers like to use and then we  stitched Linda’s Tallman House Sampler.   We toured my friend Ruth’s house, enjoyed an antique Tag Sale, shopped the area for everything this great area has to offer and then some.   Its been said that we pampered them with the greatest culinary treats they could have imagined.  I know that to be true as the shop girls shared in making this event one to remember in every way.  That was and is always our goal, so the kitchen has closed allowing us to gather our thoughts for  Stitch Camp coming in July with guest designer Stacy Nash.  015

 Everyone went home on a high and projects to last them until next year when we gather again.   You might enjoy seeing some 005photos.   On the top left you can see the tables set up to welcome our guests and you can also see Selma’s grand “Lincoln Quilt” she designed last year, but if you look you will see project number 1 Carol’s “Patriotic Logs” centered.  This project was inspired by an antique Carol fell in love with, we are lucky girls.

Linda’s “Tallman House”is  so fabulous I can’t stop thinking about it so one is going home with me in hopes I will find the time to get it stitched.  The Civil War Sewing Boxes were also great and fun to cover in old fabric but the necessaries that were designed to go inside were real025ly swell.

Paula’s “Civil War Crossing” was another hit.  I mounted it on an old shutter in the SchoolRoom.  I have been possessed watching Fixer Uppers with Joanna and Chip Gaines from WACO Texas, I’m telling you I can hardly sleep peeps I love her style, her color sense and in general how she sees things.  It is on HGTV on Thursday evenings if you have a moment be sure to watch yo003u’ll be hooked too.

Carol designed a second piece for our gathering.   It was a table runner for all seasons and everyone loved making this project.  Carol bravely left the shop girls in charge of picking the fabric so we really did this model our way and love the results and s006o did she.  Our house tour was over the moon as usual.  Ruth has the most wonderful eye for decorating 022002in the Prim Style this shop girl loves.  

We introduced two new kits this week that I need to show you.

Vickie finished her “Tall Ships”quilt just in time for summer quilting.  If you love the tall ships and rig003ht now “Nautical”  anything is very popular you are going to love putting this quilt together.  It is 71′ x 72″. the kit sells for $115.00 and the patterns are $9.50.  

Suzanne also finished a sweet summer project this week she calls “Hometown USA”. Her small project measures out at 27″ x 30″, the kits are complete with backing and binding and sell for $44.00.  You will need the pattern and it is $9.00.  The fabrics used are from Jefferson County, the WI Quilt fabric.  

I am going to touch on our Wisconsin Shop Hop kits again as there is still another week to get in on the fun.  “Wish You Were Here” with the old Wisconsin postcard fabric is such a great cottage quilt and since it is officially summer you might want to think about this kit.  Suzanne designed this particular kit and she kept it very mellow so it would fit in your decor easily.  It is 66″ x  78″.  The pattern is $9.00 and the kits are $114.00.  We also have kits availa007ble for the Wisconsin pillows. 

I think they are perfect for the cabin or porch swing.  We love our state and these are great 008reminders for us all.  They would also make a great memento for folks that have to move away. 

Just a reminder our 45th Spring Green Art Fair is coming June 28 and 29.  Over 200 artists display their art and wares on Jefferson St.  It is a festive event with entertainment in the Gardens next to the shop and great food offerings everywhere.  Hope to see you! 

We just got in the model from Isabella for her “Needle Woman Busy As A Busy Bee” stitch organizer.  We will be posting finishing directions on our tab where we post corrections to patterns and information that is helpful for situations that come up.  We do know you will need 2 fat eighths of different fabrics. I sent her the WI Quilt Shop Bee fabric and a Jefferson County fabric for consideration and I have to say they both look really swel008l.  Get out your vintage  buttons and make this your own. 

I just got in another new pattern from The Primitive Hare called “Hill Top Farm 1905″.  It will be in the shopping car009t today.

June 14, 2014

Happy Flag day!  I love our flag and the shop is reflecting that love with many wonderful new flag accents!  There is a new vignette in the center of the shop as we are on the verge of our annual Grand Olde Flag Gathering and you know nothing can stay the same whe003n company is coming.  Students started arriving last night from all across the country.  Our teachers will be arriving tomorrow.  My house is not ready but with a little luck it will be.  My surgery this week kind of took the tuck out of me and kept me from doing what I needed to do but yesterday I had to just go for it thus I am behind.  We have been extra busy with our WI Quilt Hop which has been wonderful.  I am pleased so many are finding us and like the fabric and the shop.

I just love this pledge of  allegiance and feel it would it could have a great place in most of our homes.  It is a new stitch from “The Pinkeep” simply called Pledge Alligiance-1892.  We stitched our ou008r model 30 count Weeks Confederate gray linen.  It is available kitted for $25.30.    I think we should remind ourselves how important this is by saying it once in awhile.  Back in the day when I was attending the one room school we started off everyday reciting this.  Somewhere along the line we have forgotten, shame on us.  

You can see some fine old buckwheat stuffed flag pillows we are selling on the bed for $18.95.  Kind of perfect for your summer porch. 

We just got some great016 messenger mail bags in to keep us organized  you can see them laying on the bed. I think they are a perfect size for an IPAD or a small travel computer.  Just another great multifunctional and durable bag from our new bag company that everyone has loved. Priced @ $66.00.

We also got in several great new tin serving trays.  I am in love with the cake plate set.  It sells for $100.00 but its such a wonderful serving piece.  I had to put out our cupcake holders because it seemed like a perfect fit for th009is serving set.  We also got in large platters in tin for only $45.00.  These are a find too! 

You can also see in these pictures yet another new vintage wall cupboard where attention was paid to keeping the vintage look we all love. I really love the paned windows in the door. 

It could be at home in almost any ro004om in your house.  Over the next few weeks you will be noticing many great home decor items perfect for your summer entertaining needs.  I can’t help but marvel at the beautiful quilts and colors that fit our style so well.  This summer you will begin to see many nautical items surfacing. 

Vickie has just finished her Tall Ships” quiltwhich we will hopefully be able to get kitted after our GOF event this week, our cutting room will be filled with busy students and lots of wonderful Civil War and patriotic projects and we also have a bus coming in for the shop hop so time is not on our side this coming week! 

We got to see Vickie’s quilt when it came back from the quilter this week and now Vickie will photo it and write the pattern.  I know you are going to love this quilt.  She was inspir011ed when she visited the tall ships in Sturgeon Bay last summer.   You will love how she used the HeartyGood Wishes nautical fabrics mixed with others.  They look so great stacked in our cupboard and again notice the quilts all around.   It is fun and functional to layer suitcases, they definitely enhance your decor.   Take note of our four drawer chests, they are pretty swell for storage.  So many people have used this great nautical fabric line for so many things.  One was making a continuous scarf from them and a gent today was making place mats.  Dream Big!  This week we also got in some wonderful old vintage looking nautical themed papers. They are so special and only $5.00.  I have two at our framers already. I hope to be showing them off as 012soon as they get back to the shop this coming week 

You are sure to love this new cross stitch “Weeping Willow Welcome”.   I chose  to do this particular piece on  28 count Ale linen from Picture this Plus.  It fits into a prim decor quite nicely and the colors are going to fit right in to your summer home decor.  This is it for this week.  Flag Day is almost over but summer is just beginning be sure to got back through our blogs to see all of wonder flag waving decorating ideas. 

June 2, 2014

It is almost time to ignite the passion quilters as the days tick away until you can Shop and travel to the Quilt WI Shops!  Everything starts this Friday June 6th and you have through the 28th to visit as many of the WI shops as possible and it is possibleWe 013are ready to kick off this summer vacation in a big way and I hope you love what you see.  I’m so excited to share our new  “Summer Collection” of Wisconsin Quilts and Quilts we feel reflect the summer color and style trends.  The girls have been working so hard to get you excited and I have had the pleasure of getting

them in place in the shop to show them off.015

The first quilt from our WI Collection is called Wisconsin “1848″  this is a bit of a Wisconsin history lesson with our state bird, flower and other important facts that make us unique and special.   Selma put this quilt together.  It is stunning and a wonderful way to display our proud heritage.  The quilt measures 62″ x 72″ and kitted sells for $76.00.  You will need the pattern which is available for $9.00.  This would be a great memento if for some reason you have to leave the state you have grown to love or for guests that are visiting us.

For some reason bees seem to be a natural and that is why Julie and I thought they belonged in the Wisconsin collection.   Naturally we have a great quilt we are calling “The Bee Garden”.  The bees make up the blocks and seem to be buzzing all around.  I really love this quilt as it is a traditional block but so  antique looking side the fabric we chose to use to008 put it all together. This quilt measures 68″ x 70″ and the kit is $148.00.  We used a pattern from our favorite Quilt Scraps Mania book.  We did alter the size and that info is in the kits. If you have not purchased this book I continue to harp about almost weekly, you should.   It continues to be a source of great inspiration for all of us in the shop and we have made several quilts out of it making the price even more desirable at $49.95. 006

  It just so happened when Selma and I were at market in January we found the most wonder garden watering tank.  It has a great place for your favorite honey and oats or lemongrass soap we carry which is $7.50 and it even has a Bee on it!   Fate!   We love the color I think it was made to go in your Bee Garden, don’t you?

The tank can even be mounted on the side of a potting shed, I think I need it out to the farm, it seems I’m always needing my hands rinsed off.  It really is pretty swell and the price is $70.00.

The next picture shows  Selma’s  new “Song Bird” quilt.  This is a traditional ocean wave pattern but the song bird fabric becomes a perfect choice  for the border as the pops of reds and red stripe guide your eye out to it.  I did age the border because for me it was too light so my trusty Rit tan dye was the perfect go to to get the effect we need and love.  Song Bird measures 72″ x 81″ so it is a good choice for a twin sized bed cover.  The kits are $109.00 and Selma’s pattern is priced at $9.00.  This is a scrappy quilt that uses most of the Wisconsin fabric line.  You are also probably noticing 010the great WI Flag and State pillows on the Song Bird Quilt.   Kits are available.  We did have our state pillow fabric pre-quilted so the pillows would have nice body to them.


Suzanne has even used the state design as a way to personalize the back of her “Wish You Were Here” quilt top which makes it even more personal.  I hope you will all jump on this idea for any quilt you decide to make. 

 “Wish You were Here“!  The name was chosen for a good reason.  The fabric line has the greatest old antique postcards from all over Wisconsin, thus Wish you Were Here seemed like the perfect name.  The cards were used on the the border.  It is a really fun quilt.  It is good sized at  66″ x 78″.  The kits are $115.00 and include the WI logo to personalize it.  The pattern is sold separate for $9.00.  I think you will enjoy seeing a close up of this quilt. 


“Lady of the Lake” is another new quilt we thought would make a great summer quilt project.  You got a glimpse last week, it is patriotic in a subtle way.    Here is another view.  

Again this is a traditional pattern but we used an array of different fabric to bring it to life. The pattern can be found in my favorite book. 005

If you like to keep track of your quilts and or samplers you complete  a journal is a great choice to do just that.  I keep all my ideas in journals, I cut out ideas, quotes, good recipes anything I  might need to keep track of.  I have just the most perfect journal for you, its not ordinary in any way.  It looks neat , its a book you can keep close at hand and out.  The cost for this journal is $40.00. 

The next quilt I am going to talk about could be considered a more contemporary pattern and unusual for us but when Vickie and I saw it last fall we both thought we could make it are way.  The pattern is by Fig Tree and it is called “Summer Canned Pears”Pears are a summer thing you know! 

Lavonne put th011is quilt together for us.  The pears are all pieced and it went together so slick.  We added our twist by making the color choices darker and in our wheel house.  It really looks good used as a table cover . Don’t forget our wool pears they look pretty swell in a bowl sitting on this topper too.  It measures out to be 63″ x 75″.  The kits are $101.25 and patterns need to be pur014chased separately for $9.50.

Suzanne was excited to find an antique pattern she wanted to tackle and when we were looking at the Moda Hearty Good Wishes fabrics she immediately thought about the pattern she wanted to recreate.  It’s called Chinese Coins but we are calling this quilt “Good Fortune”. 

I love our chambray linen Vickie and I found at market last fall so I’ve wanted to use it in a quilt and as we were searching for the right background this came into mind.  Oh yes, this was a perfect choice.  Now this could be a contemporary  quilt but I would like to think it is more the new 18th century country style.  It is a great summer quilt to layer with other quilts and you will see it layered in the shop with Suzanne’s “Friendship House” and looking like they were made to go together.  I can see this at the cottage or lake house too because this fabric line is all about  ships, sea gulls, coral reefs, dolphins, fish etc.  The Good Fortune quilt measures 57″ x 72″ and013 kitted sells for $84.00.  You will need the pattern which is $9.00.

Last week I also had a picture of our Vintage  Bethany Lowe Patriotic Pillows.  I thought you might want to take another look now that it is June and summer time.015

Guess what else came in today? The Primitive Hare’s “Prim Atmospheres” and “Christmas Atmospheres” books.  These books are so well done and you get a great array of patterns in each for $20.00.  They will be on line on the 3rd so check them out.  We also got  in the “Isabella Donald Sampler” I can guarantee you we will be getting it stitched for the shop.  This chart is $18.00.  I can hardly wait for the new Prim Sister to get here.   Girl club members your will be in love.

May 30,2014

I’m using 642my new computer to write this post this afternoon and folks I’m smiling!  What a treat to have something that works!  I added more pictures to the events page showing our projects for Grand Olde Flag.  I am getting just a little bit excited can you tell?  The days are trying to get away from us with everything starting with the Wisconsin Shop Hop just a few days prior to our guests for the gathering arriving.  We will be ready despite all of the set-bac639ks we have had.

I have a few ideas for your summer travel projects, I know I always need my stuff just in case I find myself with a few minutes. 

Last fall we kitted up Carol Hopkins “Blue and Gray Trail” pattern just not in blues and greys, we used browns and neutrals, so old looking and fitting for Carols Civil War Legacies pattern designs and since she is coming it was time to bring it out and to your attention again.   We have kitted this (26″ x 26″) quilt  complete with the pattern and backing for $56.50.  I love how it looks with our old bottlebrush trees and keep in mind just how stunning this color of tree looks with our great primitive fare.   

Threadwork Primitives “Down Virginia Way” pinkeep colors and design looks perfect in 638the vignette too.  The pinkeep kitted sells for $24.75. 

We can’t forget Linda’s “1776 Harbor” pinkeep kits that came out in February.  It’s time to think about those patriotic stitch projects so this is your little reminder.  The kits are $28.00. 648

We just got our “In Full Glory” back from the framer. This is a Blackbird Design , we have kitted it for $33.00.

May 28th, 2014

We are about to get busy crazy in the shop, at least I hope we are!  Our “Wisconsin Shop Hop” and “Grand Olde Flag Gathering” events are just a few days away and we can hardly wait to show you what we have been up to.  The Wisconsin fabrics have been so much fun to play with and most of our quilts and ideas can be so easily used in the lake house, a contemporary setting or a home filled with antiques and primitives.  The shop hop starts on June 6th so the website will have them up on line at that time.  Our shop hours are extended and you will find us open during the week from 9AM to 6PM.  We will have022 regular shop hours on Sundays which are noon to 4pm.

Today I can finally show you a few pictures of one of our new quilts from our 133 Jefferson Summer Collection.  “Lady of the Lake” is the name of our quilt block and quilt.   It would make a great summer sew.  The model measures 64″ x 74″.   We  were able to use many fabrics, even homespun plaids from the shop but several were the perfect fit from the Moda “Hearty Good Wishes”fabrics we so love.  The pattern is featured in the “Scarp Quilts Mania” book which is $49.95.  We have made several of the patterns and they don’t disappoint.  This by far is the best value for a book we have ever found.  Our kit is priced at $132.00.

You are probably also noticing the great patriotic pillow we have pictured by our Lady quilt.  This is from Bethany Lowe and sells for $36.00.  We a011ll think it is a perfect accent pillow for the summer and it definitely fits nicely with this quilt.

Just a quick reminder we still have a few packages of the great Flag placemats.  They are sold in a package of twelve for only $8.75, I laminated our spring hares and will be able to continue using them again and again.

The girls made up some great patriotic fat quarter samplers this week.  You get 10 great coordinating fabrics for $30.00.  I am sure you can easily find a good use for t019hese. 

We also have Judy Rothermel’s Dressing Gown prints in sampler packs.  We were close to being out and so this is what we decided to do with what was left on the bolts.  If you remember we made our Local shop hop the “Martha Washington Star” quilt out of these last summer.   You get 6 in a sampler for $18.00 and if you loved these sweet little prints you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to get what we have left. 

May 20, 2014

Memorial Day!  How can this be possible?   I’m not quite sure how this happened but were days away!   Summer is on your doorstep peeps, are you ready?   I kind of felt like I had the urge Sunday to begin taking  Spring away and freshening the decor at home.  That meant it was time to do the same at the shop which was a good thing because I was ready and you know how I love our 005patriotic quilts the shop girls make. 

We are going to revisit two of my favorites:

“Old Glory” by Vickie has to be on my favorite list, its the colors, the size everything about this quilt is right.  I think the girls said we only have 12 left.  OMG!!! I hope there is one left for me.  This kit measures 63″ x 63″ it is a perfect size for a purposeful quilt and worth the $105.00 kit fee.  Vickie’s pattern is needed and sells for $9.00.  Let’s not forget that great “USA Pillow” Selma made.   You can order it kitted complete fo016r $33.00.  If you haven’t picked up Moda’s ABC book you will need to, it sells for $10.00.

The next quilt I am picking was designed by Selma late last summer.  In fact we took it to the Quilt Expo but knew we would be saving it for  summer 2014.  Selma calls this quilt “Freedom Rings”.  It is 72″ x 72″ and sells for $137.00.  The pattern is needed and sells for $8.50.   You won’t regret this beauty, the colors are traditional and can’008t help but make you well up with pride.  I got out our old gauzy looking bun006ting to deck the fireplace and gave out angel flags and we are beginning to make the transition real. 

I’m giving you another view of our “Antique Crossroads”, “Prints Charming” topper and “I dream of Paris” quilts. All three of these are great summer quil017ts and compatible but can fit into a more primitive style decor to  contemporary.  I want you to see how easy they can all bridge into today’s new country living.  Keeping your backdrop neutral makes decorating with quilts easy. 

We just got in a couple of great new summer finds.  One you will wear and my guess is you will wear it 036all summer long .  It is a continuous antique Patriotic Scarf Collar reasonable priced at  $17.50.

The next item is one we were expecting a whole lot earlier but thankfully it works for summer.  Rabbit anything is a favorite but these little 10″ x 10″ pillows are so special and priced right at $16.90.  I can’t help but thinking everyone has a place for one of these.

May 14, 2014

Isn’t it Fun?  Well we think so as we look around the shop at all the new things and even some of the oldies that are only a few months old.  Sometimes its just moving them around and giving you a new 001purpose and better view.

 Last year Gwen designed “Lexington Logs” which is a tablerunner pattern that measures 23″ x 52″ and there is also a journal cover pattern included you will love.  If you are anything like me I can’t live with out a journal.  That is where I keep track of my id002eas that I don’t want to misplace.  The kit for the runner sells for $62.00 and includes everything even the backing fabric.

The next little quilt is “Faded Charm”  which was designed by Vickie.  It is 38″ square.  The kit is $46.00 and the pattern is $9.00.  I put it our reproduction youth chair and thought how happy it would make some ones little girl.

We also h019ave a great tablerunner kit on special this week. It is called a “Simpler Runner”.   It measures 21″x 64″, and was $25.00 now only $12.00160.  I couldn’t resist showing it off on our buffet.   It is  a soft neutral Marcus flannel and easy to use because special things look good on neutrals. Love the way it looks next to the Log Cabin quilt on the wall.  You can also see our favorite  heart jewelry on display.  

Summer is typical015ly a time to use blues and lights in your decorSo take another look at Suzanne’s “Friendship House” quilt on our bed. 

We also put together “Civil War” fat quarter fabric samplers 006that sell for $30.00. You can find them on line and you get

2 1/2 yards .

May 6, 2014

We are just a few days away from Happy Mother’s Day!!!!  Remember we are closed on Sunday to enjoy the day with our families.  Where has the spring gone?

I have just a few new sneak peeks from our new “Summer Quilt Collection” to put out there for you.005  The kits are made for the 64″ x 73″ quilt Lady of the Lake  and it is ready to ship, the cost is $132.00. Our quilt models are at the quilter and won’t be in for at least a week but the peek I’m giving you will give you a great idea of what you can expect.  “Lady of the Lake” is our newest big quilt.  We used fabric from several collections but the Hearty Good Wishes fabric line was the inspiration.  This is a great quilt and I have loved it since I saw the pattern in my favorite Scrap Quilts (Mania) book quilt book, again this is a book for everyone to love and retails for $49.95.

The second snippet peek is a smaller quilt pattern calle006d “Recess” which is a Miss Rosie Schnibble.  It is packaged complete with the pattern, 2 Little Black Dress Charm packs, the border, binding, and backing.  This is a very classic looking neutral quilt you will find easy to use.  The c007ost complete is $59.95.

Our new Jeanne d’Arc magazine is in.  It is the wedding issue and it is full of great Vintage decorating ideas for anyone planning a summer wedding or El Fresco entertaining.  These are very inspirational magazines to collect and love.

  Don’t forget your 009Mama!  We have gift certificates, great kits, fabric samplers, and beautiful candles and soaps to keep her smiling.  She could even book a stay at our 2nd Story retreat or maybe be encouraged to take a getaway workshop with our many guest designers!

Have a wonderful Week!