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April 9,2014

The snow has finally disappeared, the birds are singing, it was over 60 degrees today I really think its Springtime in Wisconsin and definitely @133 Jefferson Street. 

I have a wonderful new quilt to share with you this week.  This is a quilt I have wanted to make since I saw it pictured in the Scrap Quilts (Mania) book we got at market last fall.  The pattern was not included in the book but the photo of the antique that inspired me was and the colors were just what had come out in my Jefferson Country fabric line.  The pattern name was researched by the shop girls but if you know me the name butterfly crossroads was not in my wheel house.  So we are calling this quilt “ Antique CrossRoads “ since it is an old pattern and uses cica 1860 fabrics that are in Jefferson County.  The greys, old tan and yellow greens are what makes it so interesting.  I know yellow green is  a color family not everyone is comfortable using but it works and this is a great example of how effective it can be.   It is a great effortlessly stylish spring quilt but really it is a great addition made to refresh a home decor that lives with antique and Prim.  It is 67 1/2″ x  85 1/2″ and kitted sells for $110.00The Country sampler pattern will be $9.00.  The pattern was written , sewn and block tested by the shop girls.

I know I have mentioned our glass bulb starters but really have not gotten you a really good photo of them and I know if you are anything like me a visual is always a good thing.  The glass bulb starters are $13.75 and I have the perfect silk paperwhite bulb that everyone would think is the real deal and it sells for $14.50.  You don’t even have to water it but you could put water in just to make it  more authentic.    It‘s a great way to get a little spring inside in time for Easter and there is time to get it shipped and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty.

A few weeks ago we packaged Blackbird Designs new Plum Street fabrcs.  I have finally gotten a moment to lay out our fat quarter sampler so you can see just what we have in the sampler roll.  You get nine fat quarters, 2 1/4 yards in this beautiful “Plum Street Sampler” for $27.00.  The colors in this line are definitely a breath of springtime and you might want us to even include the new Moda Candy book for more inspiration and get those creative juices flowing, its only $10.00.

Are you ready for Easter?  It’s coming the bunny is on the way who knows if he will be in snow or rain we have had both these past few days.  I have not gotten a picture up of the wonderful placemats we have in for Easter  or really Spring in general so I thought you might like to see the greatest running rabbit yet.  I am using these for our family Easter but having them laminated so they can be used again and again.

You get 12 in a pack for $8.75.   We also have a really swell Old Flag for summer you will love too.   I have heard from you this morning and you need to see our flag mat so I am adding a picture for you to see it clearly I guess some folks were getting really confused about this so i hope this helps.

The Country Sampler shop girls and I wish you an Easter filled with quality family time that you can savor.

FYI: Remember we are closed on Easter Sunday to be with our families.

Happy Easter!

April 2, 2014

The Season has changed at 133 Jefferson:   You are invited to get inspired as we welcome you to our first annual:

“Vintage Spring”

 Open House  April 4-5. 

I love an inviting entry so from the moment you come through our door you know you are being welcomed.

 Boxwood wreaths , fresh silk flowers, lavender bundles, baskets and lots of new ribbons to deck your entries.  Since Easter is late this month there is still plenty of time to get your nests freshened and ready for your holiday guests.  

Selma has just fininshed her New Nickel Club project.  It is named “Ava Rose” after her  grand daughter.  This project could be a wonderful baby quilt.  It is 40″ x 40″ and looks vintage but it would also look great used as a table topper topped with a pail of great flowers.  I am in to using pails.   I used them for my trees over Christmas and now for my flowers, got the inspiration from our Jeanne d’Arc magazines.   If you haven’t looked at any of these gems they are more than worth the $17.00.

I mentioned to you we had gotten New French General in last week.  This line is called “Le Bouquet Francias”.  I thought you might enjoy a look.  The colors are typical, very soft and so perfect for this time of the year.  I especially like the old shamie yellows and how nicely they mix with the old blue and red prints.  

Barbara Brackman’s new “Ladies’ Album” is made up of prints dating 1860 to 1890 when women created permanent links of friendship in autograph quilts.  It is a very classic and traditional line with the fabrics we love to work with best.  I know you will enjoy building your quilts with some or all of the skus we have to offer.

Now that we have decked the door lets think about the table.  Linen napkins, classic white serving dishes, vintage silverware, centerpieces could be nests or baskets filled with eggs, candles with fresh scents or rabbits.  It is hard to choose but it is nice to have so many options and choices to dream about.  It’s time to say goodnight Gracie!

Happy Spring!

The shop is ready!   I just couldn’t wait peeps to give you a little sneak peek!  This is “Friendship House” one of the new quilts from our 133 Jefferson  Spring Collection.  It is a new design from Suzanne and needless to say we are all loving it.  This quilt  is a the perfect summer quilt.  The colors are so right and its a big one for our customers hat want a quilt that fits a big bed.  It is 81″ x 99″, the kits are all packaged and sell for $187.00.

I ordered fresh cherry blossoms, pussy willows and French tulips to sweeten the Spring decor.   


We cut the new Andover “Cologne & Cotton” fabric that just came in.  It is so soft and pretty and just makes you feel like Springtime is here.  We have  1 3/4 yard sampler packaged for $22.00.  I like them tucked in our Easter Baskets surely Mr. Bunny wouldn’t object. 

Speaking of  Mr. Bunny I have to say I really love the new La D Da “Spring Hare”.  He is a good rabbit with attitude and a quick stitch you could definitely get stitched before Easter .  The chart is $9.00.

Another new special  little item we found this year was this great clear glass oval dome.  We pictured it used year round with little brush trees or Santas, rabbits but we didn’t even connect with the idea of putting our great eggs under the dome.  They are perfect!  The domes are $23.25 and money well spent for a great multifunctional piece you will find a use for all year. 

I have several new cross-stitch models you are really going to enjoy but one in particular that I was smitten with was StacyNash’s Eliza Poole “Samper”.   We have it stitched and framed and you are going to fall in love too.  The kit is available for $48.05.    You are also seeing the Blackbird Designs “Scarlet Letters” sampler and another Stacy Nash called “Old White Farmhouse “Sampler“.  We have the Stacy’s kitted for $42.35.  Anyone of these could be your next new project or should I say your summer vacation pick.  One more picture and that is it for me tonight, I still have work to do and the clock is ticking.  I have to show you the fresh Cherry Blossoms on our mini buffet.   They are so pretty I wish they would stay this way until Easter.  Yes indeed we are ready to inspire you and can’t wait to see you this weekend when you join us at 133 Jefferson for our “Vintage Spring “Open House.

We finally got “The Rabbit” we have been waiting for.  He is called the large European Bunny, he stands  nine inches tall and comes packaged in old grasses which made it so appropriate for us to stand him in the new oval trays we just got in.  The Bunny sells for $66.00 and the trays are $11.25.

“Hearty Good Wishes”  is the name of the fabric line we used for this adorable little quilt our angel wants to cuddle.  The pattern is from the new Moda Candy Book and is called Oh So Sweet .  The books are only $10.00 and if you free your imagination, pick a favorite line of fabric you will be quite amazed by the results.  The great thing about these projects is that they are quick and easy you get instant results and we all love that idea in these busy times.  The kit includes the binding and sells for $24.00.  Remember we are happy to include the backing if you would like us too.

March 26,2014

This week I am simply showing your a few good ideas that are meant to inspire your creativity as we journey into a new season and get our homes ready for Easter.  It’s a good thing Easter is late considering the weather I think the only blooms you will be seeing are going to be forced in the warmth of our houses and thank God for flower shops and California where many of the flowers are grown and shipped from this time of the year.  I know how I love seeing the green buds blooming when we go to market in January and usually they are beginning to appear here just not this year so we have to get creative. 

I love using nests and ours come in all sizes and shapes.  The simplicity of a nest in a jar or cloche with withered grasses, placed in a wreath on your door or amongst fresh blossoms are all good ideas that work.  Add our great no frills eggs we have bagged for $10.60 and a bag of grass for $5.00 and you are good to go.

New Soaps arrived this week, the names alone make you think you need them but when you see them and smell them, you are sold we all ove them all.  The soaps are $7.50 and you can order Lavender & Lemongrass, Oats & Honey, Brownsugar & Lemongrass or Simply Clean and what a perfect idea for a little something in that Easter Basket. 

We also just got in our favorite 1903 Soy Candles.  They are $22.50 and the scents really do permiate your room there is Spice Box, Leaves & Vines, Lemongrass & Lavender, Crab Apple Farm and who can forget the Perfect Morning.  Everyone loves these candles and the fresh scents can help you forget about winter and get you concentrating on Spring.

Another thing I think you might want to try is hanging our little jars filled with fresh or artificial blooms.  I just used used 3 tulips as an example,and I tied our new colored jute around ours just for an added touch.  You can group several, be creative.

I have to show you a new model that came in today.  I love this pattern, it is from La D Da and called “My Country“.  We have it kitted complete with linen, threads, finishing fabric and the new Pom Pom Grunge trim for $28.50.  It’s more than pretty swell.  Can you ever get enough good scents this time of the year?   I know I can’t, if you are like me you are longing to open the doors and windows and let  in the fresh scents of Spring. This is another favorite candle from our new company, it is hand poured, soy, and the old wooden container which swings open makes it even more unique.  It has a primitive feel and the scents we have are Orange Grove and Tobacco Bark.  The historic looking boxes sell for $52.50 and they will give you hours of wonderful fresh Spring scents through out your house.

Lastly this week we just got another new Pineberry Lane pattern in that I know we must do,  It is called “This is My Work Pinkeep“, dated 1835.  It’s Primitive the way Wendy does so well.   The pattern sells for $11.00 and is made up on R&R 30 count Rook.  Just another really good idea coming from 133 Jefferson.  FYI: The newest Jeanne d’ Arc Living has just arrived and it is full of Spring ideas and inspiration not to mention Macaroon recipes that make your mouth water.  The cost is $17.00 and so worth it, these are magazines you want to keep on your coffee table and refer to all year.

Keep those Open House dates in your mind! 

 “Vintage Spring @133 Jefferson”  

April 4-5

March 19, 2014

Praise Be!!! Spring officially arrives after midnight tonight!  For some reason the cold wind is still blowing outside but hope floats in the shop because Spring has officially arrived here.  Our popular Folkart Angels are in again and being playful with our new Spring gear.  One is obsessed with the pear blossoms and Maggie’s “Bird Nest Pillow” the other found our new Easter Baskets and eggs and is busy filling her basket.  There is kind of a realm of them and we are all thinking that just might be a really good thing.

     We are just finishing kits for the Bird Nest Pillow.  This is one of my favorite kits, I never tire of it and love pulling it out every Spring.

A basic black dress is what everyone should own or so we are told.  I do know why because it is classic and never goes out of style.  That is exactly what “The Little Black Dress 2″ from Basic Grey is all about.  This line is built around classic prints in classic colors that never go out of style.  You can use these great colors anywhere, with anything and never go wrong.  We have a wonderful selection of the prints in this line and we also have Jellyrolls and Charm packs.  The JellyRolls are $40.00 and the Charms are $10.00.   These precuts make quilting so easy. 

We  used this line to build two wonderful quilts this Spring I have already shown you the Wedding Quilt which we have hanging on our wall.  Both of these quilts are neutral with a classic look that will only compliment your decor.  Gwen just finished the “Stamp” quilt pattern which we are referring to as the New 18th Century Stamp, it is 62″ x 74″ and kitted sells for $97.25.  This pattern is one of those patterns that is like the energizer bunny it just keeps on going and whatever we make it up in it looks fabulous.  Black, grey, cream and biege are staples you can embrace.  If you love this idea let us know.  I think it is a perfect choice for a wedding quilt.  It gives your bride and groom so many options. 

I love classic looks rather it be quilts, my decor or the linens I choose to stitch on.  The colors are really in the same classic palette as the fabric I was just talking about.   As I was sprucing up our linens I could not help thinking you probably don’t even know we have yards and yards of some of the most beautiful linen available for your sampler projects.  I carry Weeks, Lakeside, R&R, and Picture this Plus and we have 28-40 count on hand.  I thought you might enjoy looking through my camera lens and possibly you would see just that something you have been searching for or dreaming about.

Vickie”s “Alphabet Quilt” is done.  The quilt kit we have could be made up for a boy or a girl as Vickie chose the old faded blues and pinks from Jefferson County when she planned it out.  The kit is available on line for $107.00 and remember you will need the Moda Spell it with Fabric quilt pattern book.   I love the idea of this quilt and I have to say it is classic and relevant to the decorating you see for your new baby’s room today.  It is quiet but a perfect quilt to grow up with.  Now if I had to make this for my Sara we would need to add a satin binding for her to rub under her nose and as I was visiting with a customer a few weeks ago she said she always backs her quilts in flannel because it is soft and comforting for her family and friends.  Just something I thought I would pass along if you are going to be a Nana anytime soon.   I know I need all the help there is and its good to know what works that maybe you had not thought about, thats networking and it’s a good thing.  Vickie added a border to her quilt and made it her way so that change is tucked into your kit.  The quilt ended up being 60″ x 70″.    I love the sailboat block and in your book it gives several options you can add into your quilt to personalize it for that special someone.

Another new line is really on the radar for us.  It is by a new designer Janet Clare from the UK.  She is on the Moda design team and the fabric line is called “Hearty Good Wishes”.  It is made up of original ocean sketches inspired by Janet’s seaside childhood.   You can’t help but love the coast, the tall ships, the spray of the wild salty air and when  you see what we are doing with the prints I think you will be more than a little giddy.  Did I mention the colors?  They are the best, navy, grey, tan and cream.  Just more good classic colors to build with.  We have JellyRolls for $40.00 and Candies are available for $4.00.  That reminds me we have the new Moda Candy book which is a real value at $10.00.   You all loved the first one so much I thought I would mention it  because it came in late and you might of missed it.  It is  full of the Moda design team ideas for Moda’s Candy cuts.  You are seeing the Little Black Dress Jellyrolls and some of the classic prints in this beautiful line to your right.  Everything fits and nothing has to be made out of one line and thats what you will see  from us as more new quilts surface over the next few months.  It is nice to know our fabrics play together and that is because we continue to be true to our roots.  Classic traditions never go out of style. 

The shop girls and I are getting ready for our first annual “Vintage Spring Open House”April 4-5.   I hope you are starving for some inspiration, tired of the cold winds that have kept you house bound and will make us your destination that weekend.  It comes just in time to feather your Spring nests for your Easter celebrations.  This is one of our new Easter baskets, it sells for $23.75.  I bet the bunny would fill your basket with JellyRolls and Candies if you asked him too.  

  You probably remember our popular “Citrus Wreaths” we had for the holidays.  I have had mine for over 10 years and they age beautifully and guess what never go out of style, that’s what I have been talking about.  It’s Spring and look at them now, your house would love to be decked out in a few.  If you have some already call for our seam binding ribbons they are available in many wonderful colors either by the yard or prepackaged for $3.75.  What an easy way to repurpose your exisiting wreaths.  The wreaths sell for $26.00.


Enjoy my visions of Spring! 


March 12, 2014

Spring is in the air?  I’m not sure that is because it was snowing this morning when I awoke, but a flock of robins were in the yard on Sunday so they must know something we don’t.  We sprang ahead on the clock this weekend and Spring officially arrives March 20th.  We are giving it a week to get everything winter out of its system.  Meanwhile the shop is getting ready for the change.  As I finished one of the front windows today I felt the need to share Vickie’s “Touch of Spring” table topper.  It is kitted in soft subtle greens and creams, so fresh and reads netural so you will find it compliments our tulips and accessories perfectly.  The pattern is $8.50 and the kit sells for $52.00.  We only have 14 left.  This is a quick smaller project so you definitely have time to get this made up right away before the gardening and entertaining begins. 

I thought I needed to share another great spring quilt idea with you since I am positive it is coming and most of us need a little cheering up after the lingering winter weather.  Vickie has another new quilt  she was able to finish with Suzannes help before her surgery.  It is called  “Front Porch”.  This was made out of Jan Patecks Front Porch fabric line from Moda, we used  2 of the charm square packs for the variation needed in the blocks.  What a wonderful Vintage look and feel we were able to achieve.  You will love the size, it is 64″ x 78 1/2″, the pattern is $9.00 and the kit is priced at $90.00.  The grey and cream colors make those little pops of color sing spring.  Time to think about geraniums.  Bliss that is what that is.

I have Maggies wool applique pillow finished.  Love , love, love it! and her “Un Souvenir de la Tour Eiffel” Paris Pillow pattern came in today, the pattern is $9.00 and the kits will be around $30.00 now this will be a great compliment to our “I Dream of Paris Quilt” if you have been dreaming about it.  Both of these handwork projects are perfect for Spring. I do love wool!

Be sure to take time to look at the new Spring Gallery.  Keep your fingers crossed winter is about to give in to a beautiful new season it has for sure @133 Jefferson.

March 5,2014

  Check it out, we awoke to this morning.  Yet another snowy day!  It really was quite beautiful so I thought I would share the wintery morning with you.  Somehow the white spring tulips seem to make this winter wonderland more tolerable.

“Spring Chic” @133 Jefferson.  Even though March has come in like a lion we welcome a refreshing new season filled with magic “Vintage” Home Decor.  After three days of painting the front of the shop I can finally start to put things in place.   I’ve drawn so many different vignettes and as I nervously pace and wait to get this show on the road I know the drawings are just ideas that will change and evove as I  finally get moving tonight.   I am started but in no way finished, for the most part we are still in a mess.  It is like Christmas all over again just a different season, I have to admit the weather ended up keeping customers home and has given us a small window to get this done.  It must be finished tomorrow I hope coming in fresh in the morning will be just what I need.  I just am always amazed at the mess I can make, its wicked for sure but the end result will be worth it.  It’s funny when you start painting you keep seeing more that needs to done, it’s hard to stop but the mess of it all makes me insane or should I say more insane.  You will begin seeing our new Spring Decor in these pictures.  We are all loving the “I Dream of Paris” Quilt  and how it makes such a dreamy vintage vignette.  I do believe it shouts out time to entertain.  We are ready and eager to help you.  The glass holder great for the buffet or counter, you can use it for cups or glasses, the drink holder displayed on a milking stool, the carrier filled with vintage serving bottles, beautiful linen napkins wraped around our vintage flatware, and the dishes simple style complete this classic spring chic look. 

 We have new upholstered dinning chairs that are so comfortable and look amazing they retail for $699.00.  I like the idea of having at least your head of table chairs special.  Our vintage mantel loves its new home and you can see “Snow Valley” nestled in by the hearth and the gathering basket is full of sweet smelling lavender. 

I think you will enjoy seeing Vickie’s “Old Glory “quilt and the “USA Pillow” on a bed.  It shows off how great it really is. 

 I‘m sure you can’t help noticing the Tulips and Chessie’s Make-Do Sampler on the mantel.  This was our Chessie’s Girl Club Sampler two years ago, its stunning.  This was unique because Linda gave us 3 linens all different to work with and then  very artfully put  them all together.The linens are all 32 count.  It is a challenge but look at the outcome. 

Speaking of tulips, we just got in the most fabulous 10 inch mini real touch white tulips, you can not tell they aren’t real, Selma and I touched them several times and could not believe they were artificial.  They are $2.45 a piece and  rather you display a few or a bunch this classic fresh look is a great way to welcome spring.  We have wonderful clear display jars and we also have bulb starting glasses, we need to get to town to buy bulbs so we can start fresh flowers for our “Vintage Spring @133 Jefferson Open House”We did set the date today Friday April 4 and Saturday April 5.  Mark your calendars, call your girlfriends it’s time to roadtrip.

This is our newest quilt it is called “The Wedding Log Cabin” the quilt pattern is found in the great Scarp Quilts (Mania) book.  This is a generous sized quilt measuring 90″ x 169″. The kit is priced at $192.00.   You can also see “Monticello” and “Jefferson Square in this photo.  Here is another view showing off “FadedMemories” and we finally goth “Halloween at Hollyberry Farm” stitched and framed.  Does it look great with quilt?  For sure!  If you love to entertain don’t forget the flea market set of five platters.  Such a great value at $105.00, there is a perfect size for everything you might want to serve. 

Don’t forget about our ribbons with Easter coming I am sure you’ll find many ways to use the cottons and velvets we have been showing you.  Easter would not be Easter with out chocolate and “The Hare”.  We happen to have a wonderful wood running hare that will look so swell over the mantel, buffet or on the wall welcoming Spring.  Here he is. I have a few more pictures I want to show you but I need to wrap it up it’s about 2 AM, I am tired and need to still write the newsletter.  I will never get caught up.

  You can see Suzanne’s “Hattie O’Connel”   on the bed, I layered Vickie’s Fabric Alphabet quilt with Hattie the colors are perfect together.  The kit for the alphabet quilt is being cut but not ready to ship yet I will let you know when it is completed and ready to go.  More new Chessie that you can find on line.  Don’t forget to ask us about the book boxes Linda uses in her patterns, we have them for $10.00.

February 10,2014

The Olympics have arrived and that’s my excuse to sit a spell and get out the handwork, I actually finished a Paris wool pillow project Maggie designed for her club when she came back from her trip to Paris.  Love, love, love it !   I have persuaded her to release the pattern to the public so you can expect to see the pattern and a kit available in the near future.

I don’t always watch all of the Olympics but I do listen and watch when I need to rest my eyes or know there is something exciting happening.   I love to feel proud of my country and that is why we always have some great patriotic projects to offer for just the right occasion. Here is a picture of our New “USA” Pillow it will fit a queen pillow and I know the grandkids are going to fight over it when they come over to Nana’s house.   The kits are ready to ship and the cost is $33.00.  Remember you need the “Spell it with Fabric” book that is available for $8.00.   This project can be easily sewn in a couple of hours and just think of how much enjoyment everyone will get out of it.  The book includes a pattern for a pretty swell quilt that you are seeing before it goes off to the quilter. (FYI:  Mema’s Pillow sham really looks kind of perfect with this quilt too.) We still have kits available and it is a really enjoyable handwork project that will help fill your winter evenings.

Vickie made this quilt and also a version of the same quilt up in old reds and of course she has added her own magic touch to both models by using my aged and faded looking Jefferson Country fabric and adding a border that really finishes both of the quilts.  Selma also made a wonderful quilt and added her grandsons name to it to make it more personal, its in his school colors and will be an heirloom treasure.  Are you picking up on the fact we are pretty excited about this little inexpensive pattern book?  We know you will be too when you actually see what you can design.   This special little book sells for only $8.00.  You can even make some pretty swell looking baby quilts.   One thing I have just heard is beginning February 17th you will be able to see all the different Moda designers Spell it with Fabric projects on a blog on line from each designers website.  I urge you to check this out and we are happy to present out projects to you to begin the inspiration.

OK back to USA and Old Glory, we are lucky people and must never forget  that this great country was left to us to preserve and  as a little reminder to you Presidents Day is coming next Monday February17th!   We have a perfect NEW project you will find very hard to resist.   Can you guess what Vickie has made for you?  The whole staff is really crazy for one of the most incredible “Old Glory” quilts we have ever had to sell.  I am going to give you a little tease, the kits will be ready to ship out on Wednesday.   The cost of this 63″ x 63″ quilt kit  is $105.00.  Don’t forget  the pattern must be ordered separately and it sells for $9.00.  I know one of these kits will be coming home with me and my prediction is this will be one of our top selling quilts this year.  If you want to have us include backing please be sure to tell us when you place your order.   Don’t wait if this could be your favorite new project we know the kits are going to disappear fast.   It has the perfect blend of my Jefferson County fabrics in the old pinks, reds, blues and tan that so respectively bring it all together and give it life and make you think it could be an antique.  Are you ready for this, it really does take your breath away.  By the way do you recognize Stacy Nash’s  great sampler sitting in the background?  It is  “Summer at Hollyberry Farm” one of my favorite samplers, the pattern is $14.00. Could there be a more perfect compliment to the Old Glory quilt?   If there is we all think it will be the USA pillow.   Just saying this little corner of the USA has raised some proud Americans!

I went to Madison Business Day last week and one of the speakers Rob O’Niell absolutely captivated my husband Reed and I, I really did not want him to stop talking.  He was a 17 year veteran Navy Seal, the best of the best.  He lead the rescue for the Lone Survivor and Captain Phillips.   Success and never giving up and the love of his country were always on his mind.  Something to think about for sure.

I have to tell you Maggie is our hero today as her first 2014 auto arrived.  It is so grand her club members are very lucky and will enjoy this project so much.  It is called “Sunshine in an old 1861 Zinc Pot”!  The project uses wool and a great colored zinc Matka is used for the pot.  Loving it a lot!

We also have our first Prim Sister project from Appleseed Primitives.  The first project is an old sampler called “Belinda Coffin” and a great example of a  schoolgirl sampler.  Belinda was only seven when she started this but as happens in many cases she never finished it.  I am still waiting for linen but have been assured it won’t be too much longer.   You will want to age it with our antiquing methods and I know you will find a great place to enjoy your first Prim Sister project.

Happy Valentines Day and Stay Warm!

February 5,2014

XOXOXO! That is incase I don’t get a new blog up next week.  Right now I think it just might not happen so Happy Valentine’s Day early.   It is Nashville Needlework Market  next week so I will be out of the shop.   The Valentine quilt “Abigail Rose”  and the “I Dream of Paris” quilt have been very popular and don’t forget those adorable “Valentine Pillows”. The use of the different embellishments and fabrics have made this kit very appealing.  Kits and patterns for all of these are up on line.    You might want to take notice  of the new grey velvet ribbon spools.   These are so beautiful and only $22.50.

We just got in one of two Eiffel Towers we ordered.  It is really quite special and only $53.00.  I hope you like it, it is made of wire and really looks great wherever it finds a home..  Since I’m on the Paris subject I wanted to mention Stacy’s “1902 Paris Sampler Bag” again.  This is a wonderful project and if you have not made it yet you may want to consider it.

“Little Lucy” is Vickie’s new pattern, we love this because it uses one of my Jefferson County Charm packs.  It is not an overwhelming size 36″ x 46″  but it’s really a nice size table topper or a throw to use on your favorite cupboard door.  The kit is complete with backing and binding can be purchaed for $55.00 and the pattern sells separately for $8.50.   We are pretty sure you will love the colors because they are easy to blend into your décor.

If you are planning to do a little entertaining during the Olympics you might find our new drink dispenser a must.  It is a butte for sure and we just happen to have these great new milking stools that just happen to fit them perfectly.  The milking stools are $35.00 and the drink dispensers sell for $120.00. They are made well and I know how much we love serving out of them at our functions at the shop and I think it might just be something you would enjoy using as well.  It really looks quite swell with Vickie’s “Prints Charming” topper.

Last week I mentioned we had some very special little Valentine Love Notes and Paper Heart Stickies. Here they are!   There is a special note to make everyone’s day complete I know you will have fun sending these thoughts and greetings.

I told you last week I had turned the dining room at home upside down and that I would share a picture with you.  It feels so right and it took me years to configure it this way, who knows sometimes it is just working for me so never give up eventually things do work there is always a plan A, B and C and D until you get it, and when the grandkids say something I really know it’s working.  It was all about the position of the rug.  So if you are having that dilemma it may just be as simple as the position of your rug.  Mine needed to be parallel with the fireplace.

The last picture I’ve been meaning to share with you was taken at the Atlanta Gift Market.  Selma and I attended a meet and greet with Donny Osmond and his wife that were launching a new line of home furnishings.  We did not get to see the showroom with the new line as they were doing a photo shoot that day and there was never time to go back.  Next year!   They were both very gracious folk and made everyone feel comfortable.

Just one more thing!  We got a neat little Redwork sampler in this week from Pineberry Lane that I’m thinking would make a  really cute little Valentine Pillow, it is only 6 x 6 stitched on 30 count linen.  You could frame it too.  This is an antique reproduction sampler  called “Florry Hollands – 1888″.  The chart is $12.00, you only use Weeks Cayenne and a 30 count natural linen.

I have yet one more new item to sing praises about today.  My friend Vickie Jennett and her daughter-n-law Megan have designed a wonderful new book for the Kansas City Star.  It is called “A Schoolroom Alphabet”. This book has twelve lessons to stitch from the one room school and that includes a fabulous old sampler, journal covers, I-phone cases, necessaries and the graphics Vickie is known for will take your breath away.  It’s a beautiful book and can be reserved.  The cost is $27.95.  The inspiration came from an antique handkerchief.

FYI: There will be three more new samplers introduced next week at market so don’t miss them when I get back.   all of this just gets me more excited.

Have a special Valentine’s Day from the Sampler Shop Girl Staff!

January 29,2014

Burrrrrrr! Its cold outside!   Just another reason to keep up with us on line as lots of the new Spring gear continues to arrive and our holiday quilts are getting finished just in time for you to work in some handwork and winter therapy.

“I Dream of Paris” is one of our new quilts, a pleasant thought for many reasons.  I don’t think they are quite as cold and the city is romantic, and historic,  has great textiles, antiques and has some yummy pastries.  But here’s the deal, we think our quilt could be better than Paris, for sure not as expensive and the pleasure and use you will get from it is what really matters.  This is such a super quilt, it is a neutral quilt with small pops of an old red, it has aging in the fabric and it is a great size that will get lots of use.  It measures 62″ x 72″ and the kit sells for $88.00.  The pattern is sold separately for $9.00 and remember we can always add backing if you like the idea of having everything you need when your order arrives at your door.

I am sure you have already noticed the new “Postes France Buckle Bag” pictured next to the Paris quilt it sells for $55.00 and the girls and I are in love with the scarves, the colors are spot on and can be worn with almost anything, they feel like butter and are so reasonable priced at $11.25 and most important look amazing coupled with our new bags.

The next bag I am showing you is called the “Goods Strap Bag” and it is priced at $66.00.  You will find these bags are durable and made to be used and last.

Another new item I fell in love with was the box sign “Life is not a race”, it really says it all and is so practical and wise and you seem to see more and more of these in homes, I think we all need reminders now and then and this is a good one.  I hope you will love it as much as we did  and it is so reasonably priced at $67.50.

Let’s talk  about Valentines Day. We just got in these great tin Heart Tags, you would  put them on a present, or a bottle of wine or just slip one in a card to a friend.  The price is so right @$2.50 I think you will need a few.  I also had to show you our great bottles and carrier with a heart on a bottle so you get the idea when I mention putting them on a wine or champagne bottle.  You will want to get your order in because time is quickly ticking away from us as it always does.

We have new paper goods in from Sugarboo Designs. It is our favorite company for unique paper products.  This year you can get a pad of 150 Love Notes that will make your nearest and dearest SO DOG-GONE HAPPY.  They are only $19.95 and if you love using Stickies for all occasions you will love this pack of three different sized hearts.  They say they are ideal for honey-do lists, reminders, grocery lists, daydreams, love notes, dear john letters and shenanigans to name a few.  The cost for this pack of three pads all different sizes but all heart shaped is $21.20.  I think they would be a pretty swell valentine idea for someone near and dear.

Suzanne has finished her “Abigail Rose” quilt.  The pattern and kits will be on the floor tomorrow just not on line yet.  I do not have an exact size or kit cost for you but what I do have is a picture.  It is sweet and romantic and just about perfect for this special holiday.  Suzanne also has put together a pattern with many adorable heart shaped pillows for you to give away, fill a bowl or basket up with or hang and tuck in just the perfect spots.  We will have kits available  and a pattern but right now all I have is a picture that will make you want to make and enjoy them all.   Suzanne used linen, ribbon, prints, wool and old buttons.   You can pre-order a kit and we will ship them quickly as we can cut and package them just for you.  I think we know how to make your Valentines Day full of handmade fun.

Candles are the other thing we found at market.  I love a good soy candle, they burn slow and clean and scent your nest just the way you like it.  The packaging is the other thing I am particular about and the old tin couldn’t fit our style any better.  The burn time on these candles is 50 hours and they are priced at $25.00. The scents we have are Anise and Black Pepper, Cinnamon Tree, Bourbon Vanilla, Orange Grove, and Tobacco Bark.

All these sweet ideas should help take your mind off the cold and wintery days.

January 22,2014

This is the time of the year when everything changes daily in the shop.  New market décor is arriving and all of a sudden winter doesn’t seem quite so bad.  The countryside is beautiful with the fresh snow blowing about and it makes us all want to nest and dream of Springtime.  So the transition slowly begins.  We are not forgetting Valentine’s Day and you will see by the pictures there is just enough, but we have more treats coming in so keep us in mind if you need a little something special and if you don’t see it we will have new gift cards we hope you will love to give and use.  It was time and will be a great new marketing tool for us to offer you.

Did you happen to notice the Mr. Melty mugs?  They are just screaming to be filled with a good rich hot cocoa and only $11.95.   Can’t think of a better snowy day idea.   Snow Valley is Suzanne’s quilt you are seeing in the background, another good idea for the season. Love Notes a Stacy Nash book has several great handwork projects for $20.00 and the projects are really perfect for someone special even if it’s just for you.

The sweet little Black Chest of drawers would be a fine jewelry chest or could just be used for your needfuls.  The cost of this little chest is $145.00.   You are also seeing “133 Jefferson” and “Colin’s Grove” quilts in this picture and a huge basket of lavender another sure sign of spring.

Imagine this, I got quite excited over the most wonderful new spools of cotton ribbon when I was at market.  A simple pleasure but those  colors really spoke to me and the fact is was cotton.  They were all in my palette too.  Concrete, slate, vanilla and oyster! You get 10 yards for $13.75.  They are so beautiful you may find yourself not even wanting to use them you may decide to just enjoy them.  I also found hemp, this is the greatest way to prim wrap needfuls or anything.  I have a large wooden spool for $20.00 and a small spool for $17.50.

We seemed to have a French theme going here.  We found  quite adorable little flags that could be placed on a wreath but I think tied on a special package they would really be that added touch we are all about.  There are two designs to choose from “I Love You to  the Moon and Back” and a “French Script” with room to write a tender greeting, they sell for only $1.20 a piece.

I am sure  over the next few months you are going to get acquainted with the many new bags we will be carrying and want one of each.  I am addicted to bags and seem to never tire of a good tote.  The Eiffel Tower bag is a wonderful market bag, library tote or just a great bag that will hold your handwork, it is $30.00 and in grey our color of choice.  The Republica de Espanola bag is $32.50 and again is a wonderful tote for shopping, travel or holding needlework you may end up  using it to transport necessaries back and forth to work.  It is khaki and trimmed in leather.  I also found I could not resist some amazing scarves. They are softest flowing scarf’s and the colors are very on trend.   Brown, taupe and charcoal you can’t miss.  They are washable and will be so easy to dress up your outfits with and best part about them is they are only $11.25.

Remember “Hattie O’Connel”? I know this quilt has been overlooked.  It was so busy last year when it debuted at the fall Quilt Expo.  Suzanne designed and made this quilt block and the grey, blue and brown colors she chose are just perfect.  This quilt measures 65″ x 88″ and kitted sells for $165.50.  The pattern is $12.00.

“Lucy Adams” by Vickie is another swell quilt idea, it is even a good choice for Valentine’s Day, the Jefferson County old pinks, cocoas, slate and reds are perfect.  This quilt measures 54″ x 64″ and kitted sells for $122.00 and remember the pattern is sold separately for $9.00.

Suzanne made up “Monticello” from the Jefferson County fabrics.  This is another great quilt, the colors are aged and loved slate blues and browns.  It is a size you can enjoy, 45″ x 55″, and the kits sell for $80.00, patterns are priced at $9.00.  We have also been playing with our beautiful cotton linen fabrics.  The antique youth crib has a new look we are really enjoying as everything looks quite swell beings it is rather neutral.  Linen fabrics are trending with us and will be used in our new collections through out the year.  I love the textures in quilts as they add interest that will be noticed.

Another find at market was these great old bottles sold with a metal carrier you could place on your table or buffet with drinks for any occasion.   My Sara made up bottles just like these this year with cranberry vodka she made by adding fresh cranberries to her favorite Vodka.  She added a recipe for a favorite drink, tied a ribbon and added a glittery star and what a wonderful looking gift this made.   I was thinking this would be a great idea to implement for a special brunch you could have your orange juice and the makings for  mimosa’s and of course other juices and other ingredients for more drinks.  There are lots of ideas for this  carrier and 6 bottles that can be purchased for $48.75.  I know I will have one just because.  We bought some other great serving ideas for drinks too.  I will slowly be adding more eye candy as everything is un-packed and finds a new home in the shop.

I love to use our antique looking reproduction black bust for many things.  It is great for displaying jewelry but Selma’s “Heart Pinkeep”is really made for it.  The pinkeep kits are only $15.00.  The Bust is $237.50 and is on a sturdy metal base you can trust to not tip easily and these busts were very popular in all of the showrooms we visited.

I just have to show you our old gathering basket filled with lavender bundles, so cool, the bundles sell for $15.00.  You may also notice the prim fabric covered Heart Box by Jeanette McVay in this picture it is has a pocket for a little bling, hint, hint.  The price is $70.00 for this Collectible Folkart Treasure.    You can see Maggie’s book pictured here as well.  There are many great little handwork ideas  you will love in this book even hearts.  Best book for $27.95

I am going to show you a few more new views in the shop.  I love this one in particular as it shows off several quilts we are enjoying.  Jefferson Square, Prints Charming, Gentle Annie, and Catherine’s Cross.

Our bed is topped with another great natural quilt but I need to point out the new Euro pillows that accent it so perfectly.  They are made out of very pleasing grey colored linen and sell for $85.00 per pillow.   I hope you are enjoying a little taste of what we will be trending this year.  Visit us soon.  We plan to be show off our three newest quilts as they are quilted and just waiting to get bound and on the floor, the kits are ready too so watch the blog for pictures.