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Fall is official today!

Fall has arrived, its official!   All the signs were becoming evident but I’m wondering what happened to summer.  Getting old sure makes time fly!   It’s already getting dark sooner, the maples in front of the house are starting to turn, the apples and pumpkins are027 plentiful at the orchard and farm market, the geese are in the fields yup its official fall has arrived!  I love fall but it isalso our busiest time of the year in the shop, we all knew it was on our heels but lucky for us we are ready. 

We just got in a great canvas Turkey this week.  He is simply called “Thankful”, he has great old color, and is a classic turkey for sure. I love his size because it gives you many029 options for displaying him.   He measures 18″ x 23″ and can be purchased for only $29.95.  Turkeys this year have been so awesome, we have had so many good ones already and can’t get more which is  a dilemma we hate but that’s retail, either you order too many or to few.  

I finally got to get “Jack-A-Boo” in place.  This is a wonderful primitive folk art quilt.  It was a quick sew so you have time, and if you like to do a bit of handwork the wool gets whip stitched in place.  I always love to add a texture to a quilt.  He measures 48″ x  48″.  The pattern is in the the fall issue of Primitive Quilts magazine.  This kit is available for $72.00 a024nd includes the wool.  You can also “Halloween at Hollyberry Farm” one of our favorite Stacy Nash Primitive sampler designs.  Fall is an exciting time of year everywhere in the shop, the fabric colors are so pleasing mirroring the fall foliage.  You can see  Stacy West’s fabric displayed in this picture and Carol Hopkins “Dominoes” 018pattern. 

Gwen’s “Southern Wisconsin Rails” is really an autumn beauty and wonderful quilt with movement and fabric interest that will be sure to get lots of compliments when displayed in your decor.  The feed sack Turkey pillows continue to be very popular too. I will continue to add more photos in the next few days.  I hope you enjoy. 

I know you are not thinking about Christmas and winter but I just have to share a new design with you frWinter Woodsom Chessie and Me.  It is kitted and we kitted it complete with the winter night wool so you can literally get it  all finished and  then you are ready to stuff it.  It is so sweet I know you will love it.  It is called “Winter Woods”.  The complete kit is $33.00.  It is never to early for us to begin thinking about Christmas stitchery.  I have my stitchers working on several new holiday projects we will have ready for you at open house, I have chaged up colors and linen in several and I think you will be happy with the results.

It’s that Time: Please enjoy a preview of our Expo Open House!

It is hard to believe we are about to open the doors at 133 for our 1st Annual “Expo Open House”.  This has been a big gamble for me this year but with my aging staff including myself we all knew last year it was time for a change. Loading and unloading that U-Haul, putting things back and the long h001ours just was not working anymore. But here is the good thing about this,  many of you make a point to visit the shop every year either coming or going or while you are at the show anyway.  So with that in mind and knowing I had the capability of being able to simulate the booth  in our spacious SchoolRoom I decided to make it happen.  The SchoolRoom is 1400 square feet verses a 10′ x 20′ booth space.  This showroom atmosphere makes shopping easy, we are set up to do all your transactions right here.  We are offering some amazing005 extra perks.  You will be able to purchase my selected, retired Quilt and Cross -stitch models and I have a SHOW SPECIAL that I think you will be interested in as well.   You will be able to purchase my New Settlement Collection Fat quarter and Nickel fabric cuts at a greatly reduced price.   I hope you will take advantage of seeing us at 100133, the shop is full of great fall Home Goods and quilt inspiration.  

Now it’s time to get acquainted with our new Fall Quilt Collection.  The first new quilt was inspired by a photo I cut out of a magazine.  It was a classic primitive and knowing the fabric we have in stock I was sure we could make this quilt come to life.  It is presented on the bed in the shop and it is stunning, we used my cotton velvet in the quilt and as a border and binding so guess what?   It not only looks awesome it f015eels awesome to.  It is 90″ x 108″ and the “Vintage & Velvet” kit retails at $182.25.  Suzanne made this one for us and you can get her pattern  for $9.00.  You can also see several other great quilts from the Settlement Collection in the pictures shown.  “Jamestown” is on the bed and the colors are so right with our new Vintage and Velvet.  You can also see “Mississippi Flyway” hanging on the cupboard door.  The next quilt I am going to show you begins my virtual tour of our Expo Showroom. 028

“Pioneer Trails” is a wonderful quilt project you could incorporate into your fall/winter decor and it was designed by Gwen.   Again we used texture to add interest and our new Vintage wood and iron buckboard arrived in time for display.   We just happen to be using using this piece in our Christmas decor this year.  The quilt measures at 66 1/2″ x 76″.  Kits are $77.50 and the pattern is $9.00.  

The next quilt was designed by Carol Hopkin’s we all fell in love with it when she was here for Gran021d Olde Flag so Selma got to make it up.  FYI: Carol’s model will be featured in a future Quiltmania pub.  You will be happy to know kits are available for this little masterpiece at our open house. 

This quilt is known as “Give and Take” and is 69″ x 90″.  Kits sell for $150.00.  Carol also had another new pattern we were drawn to it is called “Dominoes”.  Jeanne made this mo020del up, it is a great wall size measuring at 30″ x 41″ and the colors are rich and appealing for this time of the year.  I think it even looks like dominoes, the kits sell for $48.00.   

Our Selma is always on the look out for a good Halloween quilt.  She and Jim were married on Halloween so it has a special place in her heart as it does for many of our customers.  It is not always easy to find these great quilts but this year the Fall issue of Primitive Quilts mag019azine had just the perfect quilt for us.  We call it “Jack-A-Boo“,  this quilt is for grandson Jack who also loves Halloween.  There is wool applique used to give it just an added element of texture and it is just a great size to grace an entry at 48″ x 48″.  The kit is $72.00. and magazine with the pattern which is full of great pattern is sold separately.  Suzanne has been wanting to do a remake of our Wate020rman pattern since we had so many wonderful linens and  fabrics I was totally up for this one.  It is a classic neutral quilt one that can be used easily in any decor.  The quilt is 72″ x 90″.  We are all loving it and I had Suzanne make up a linen toile pillow to just show you how it can be dressed up.  She calls her quilt “Cottage French”.  This kit sells for $177.75. 

You can see another Gwen quilt in back of the bed. We call this the “Southern Wisconsin Rail”.  Tha015t is the name of the train that makes its way through the village every day.  Now isn’t that just about perfect?  I love it when we can make it personal.  This particular quilt is 70″ x 80″.  The kit is available for $120.00.  It really is a lovely fall quilt idea. 

We always have to give you a little incentive for Christmas and this year we have some really wonderful offerings.  You know we started a new club this year called Tied t002o the Past.  This was going to be for the club but we ended up having more members that kits so consequently it has been re-purposed for our show.  We call this beauty “Carriage Ride”.  Lavonne made up this model for us, she is so good with color that we knew this one was going to be a winner.   It was quilted and tied just right for a cozy winter carriage ride and as luck would have it a  new sleigh arrived just in time so the quilt is right at home displayed in it.  This quilt is 56″ x 72″.  The kit is sold for $110.00.

Several years 032back we made up a quilt called Boxed Blessings.  That pattern is such a great one and when we began getting our new flannel fabric in we knew this would be one of the quilts we needed to get made up.  My Reed thinks this is our best quilt.  They are all good but he loved the colors.  It is a quilt like Big House, it makes a statement and lights up a wall.  I know you will enjoy putting this one together.  We are calling our quilt “The Gift”, it is 56″ x 70″ and the kit is $99.00. 

Speaking of gifts, Selma has just finished a new Nickel Club quilt.  It is ca022lled “Lizzy’s Gift”.  That would be for her granddaughter, Lizzy!  We made extra because we knew it was one you would want to make so if you are in the club you are getting yours shipped this week and if your not we have several extra available at Open House.  This will make a great topper for a table or wall quilt, it is 54″ x54″.  Your kit is packaged with the pattern for $101.50. You are sure to love Selma’s new pattern.

Our last new 015model is a  great table runner for the season, simply known as “Homespun Table runner”.  It is 16 x 42 made up out of our great homespun fabric in the shop.  It is packaged complete with backing and binding for only $39.75.  The pattern is needed.  I can see this little beauty on the table with a basket of gourds and Indian corn, a great Thanksgiving idea.  It seems to me it must be time for some new handwork from 133.  I hope you will find a way to visit us during this busy Quilt Expo week, the girls have worked so hard to entice and inspire you to come out.  I hope you have enjoyed getting a sneak peek for before the actual Expo opens.  We will open tomorrow if you are traveling our way please stop by.

Home Style @133!

As a retailer this is a   exciting time of the year.  The air is changing, and the Home Style Goods for the season are arriving and our “New Fall Quilt Collection” is all jelling together We have an opportunity to really make our first annual Expo Open House memorable in oh so many ways.  I hope if you are visiting during the Expo you will think of us.  We will have our SchoolRoom Open to the public (Tuesday September 8th-Saturday September 12th).  It is going to be a showroom filled with our inspiration for the new season.  Hours will be extended to 6PM during the week and 5014PM on Saturday.  Remember our quilt numbers are always limited so if you want to be sure that you get a favorite don’t wait too long because they will also go on line to our audience in cyber space001.  I will try and give a blog preview on Monday.  At this time I am still hopeful I will be able to offer you a great opportunity to purchase our quilt and cross-stitch models.  We will have treats too so make us a destination when you come to the Expo in three weeks. 

Just Arrived:  The most wonderful Metal Folk Art Turkeys.  They sell for $145.00 and I know this will be  a treasure like no other.  I bought a big metal Tom similar to to this one last fall and he has never gone away.  He greets all my guests at the front door and has been a source a great conversation through out the year. 020

We have been talking about cutting up the new Stacy West fall prints for a few weeks and to021day was the day that we got to it.  Krista cut 2 yards of  the random fall colored prints from this line and packaged them for your fall piecing. These little bundles are priced at $25.00.  You will get at least two shirtings packaged with your bundles. I have a few pictures of Riverbanks to share with you, so many of you have been asking so this is what I have.  The kitche012n is close to being finished just waiting for the tile behind the cook top and the hood over the cook top. As you can see I love things pretty neutral and calming and feel this is it for me.  I am not a white girl but latte works with my favorite crab apple and Lancaster white.  The dark cabinets are caraway knotty alder.  I have pops of 014grey throughout the house.  We finally have my dining area lit.  I can get this light from my favorite company.  I have had it for so many months.  Reed was not sure but “He likes it”!  Why can’t he trust me on these things?  I bought this great old Antiques sign from my friend Ruth knowing I ha019d a perfect spot.  It is made for the spot.  She would approve.  We have several areas for good conversation and relaxing, it will be wild when the family arrives but I can ha017rdly wait to christen it.   I love this peaceful view, I have a small table by the window where I write and think.  It is swell just have not had more than half hour to sit there.  It will happen I just don’t know when.   This is enough, thank you for the interest in this love story with a house that has lasted for Reed and I for over 30 years.

The Sampler’s Story of August!

Can it be August?  Some how it is and I’m all of a sudden there!   The leaves are falling due to lack of rain and the it just seems that fall is in the air, the growing season is coming to an end, and that means it is time for a new story from us.  I have been playing in 001the shop all day today which is what I love.  It is bittersweet for some as summer nears its end but it also meets a yearning for fall and all its splendor.  We have twenty seven days to savor August so that’s twenty seven days we can give you a glimpse of what is to come.  I s017ay its going to be exciting, inspiring and meet your expectations of us.   The girls are busy finishing many new quilts which will be previewed when we have our Fall Expo Open House. 

Today I’m thinking about how much fun it is to begin the process of transforming your decors into a whole new season.  What a rush!  Our “Fall Expo Open House” is relatively close and I am confident you will enjoy the Schoolroom setting this year, it will be a giant showroom for you to enjoy filled with what we would be bringing to the Expo only there will be much more for you to see and enjoy envisioning in your own home setting.  Let the anticipati033on begin.  I filled our bin large antique scoop with new fall foliage today.  It retails for $170.00 but it makes a great decorating statement filled just right for any time of the year.  We have new fall berries, rose hips and other foliage perfect for the new season.  I have new turkeys, pumpkins, and our reclaimed wooden birds on pedestals with tin wings reall034y are super special. 

Remember the old “Bars and Stripes” antique I found and had the girls reproduce this spring?  We introduced it to you at Grand Olde Flag but I finally got to put it on a bed for you to really appreciate.  I love how old it looks and hope you will love it as much.  It measures 70″ x 80″  the pattern can be purchased for $9.00 and the kit is priced at $132.00.  

So when you think of fall in Wisconsin you surely are thinking football at Camp Randall.   There is still time to get your“Game002 Day”on007 with our stadium coverup it measures 69″ x 88″ and the kit sells for $71.00, we like the idea of adding a soft cozy flannel for the backing to keep those cold winds at bay, so if you do decide to get you blanket pieced and want to have us include the backing please let us know when you order so it can be included.  The pattern is sold separately for $9.00.  Don’t forget about our “Badger Bash” runner and “Tailgate Topper” which will make those parties even more extra special. 

If you have begun to think of fall piecing and handwork we have a super collection of fall prints by Stacy West who is the pattern writer for Buttermilk Basin patterns.  They really are quite perfect for the season just see for your010self.  Selma is using several in a new quilt you will see in our New Fall Quilt Collection.  As you can also see we are still into the Bee’s around here.  The old canvas prints and the framed p014ieces really add to your wall eye candy.

Still love this sign:  “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take“.  Lots of truth in this little sign and sometimes we just need to throw the caution to the wind and go for it.  

The quilt we called “The Northwind Quilt” Gwen did up for us last winter is another fall idea that might have slipped your mind.  The colors Gwen chose make this  a perfect choice for your fall table topper. Measuring at 56″ x 56″ you could also put it into y006our wall decor.  The kit is $150.00 and the pattern, a Paula Barnes, is $10.00.   You will  also notice one of the new turkeys on our table display.  He is quit020e handsome and sells for $31.50.  la D Da’s Krissy Nelson is also in the picture.  Another sampler with good colors.  You can see Stacy Nash’s Turkey Hill in the first pictures posted.  We have lots of good fall ideas.

FYI:  The new Prairie Schooler Santa will be here this week along with some other new patterns.  Stacy Girl Club is shipping, so the shop girls are keeping busy.  If you are member of this club and think of some other needs please call us and we will be happy to add to your auto ship to save on shipping costs.  I hope you enjoy the August story @133.

Time for Summer Magic!

Can you believe its already mid July?  It is literally when you can see and feel the summer magic in the air.  The meadows are full of fireflies at dusk and if that isn’t magic I don’t know what is.  I love our balmy nights and sunny days, so many of us are thinking about vacation and I am guilty of that too.  I can hardly wait to leave on Saturday for the annual trek to Al013der Lake. Fingers crossed that we will have beautiful weather.

I was prompted by Suzanne today to think about our “Summer Magic” Quilt kit.  Selma designed this quilt late in the season last year.  It is magic because it uses our favorite French General fabric.  Seems I am hardly ever disappointed with these fabrics. The quilt is square measuring out at 62″ x 62″ and our kit retails for $89.00. The pattern is sold separately for $9.00.

“Lemons to Lemonade” could be another magical choice for your summer piecing.  This was a design our Jeanne E. made up from a mistake on kit cutting and boy with her magic we got  some magic lemonade.  This quilt measures 56″ x 64″, it is $81.00 and the pattern is sold separately @ 017$9.00.

We are sitting on two new lines of French General we will be working with and all I can say is you will be so in love when we introduce them.  I am excited over the prospect of visiting the store in California next April.  I will make the trip with Stacy out to a guild that is celebrating there 25th year, many members attended our Summer Stitch Camp last week.  Quite exciting to dream about.  Its on my bucket list for sure.  If I’m good I will have my new fabric line to share with them and hopefully some other great surprises for their boutique.  I am really excited over the prospect of actually taking a class, its been years coming.  Just A quick FYI for you , we have only one “Come Fly with Me” kit left.  What a hit this little gem was, again its all about the unique fabric choices, if you have been thinking 015about it let us know. 

I was so excited to get the new Wooden Bandbox sets in this past week.  Oh My G, so great!  The nest of three you are seeing are made of wood and covered in old wallpaper.  The first set I am showing on the right is called “Patrick” and the second photo is called “Addison” and it is shown on the left.  Such great soft and easy colors  that will accent  your decor.   I love things like this that are easy to live with.   The nesting sets are priced at $152.00 and so worth it.  We are only an email or phone call away if you are looking for some summer magic in your life.

We016 have all been screaming about the new “Fall Primitive Quilts” magazine.  It is filled with great projects but guess who one of the featured designers is?  Our own Maggie has a great project in it called Live, Laugh, Love.  I ordered lots of copies because I know Maggie’s peeps will be wanting it.  I plan to do just the center u008rn and the bird, Selma will be doing the Halloween quilt and I will do one more project too.  These will be ready for our fall open house.  I have to get all of the wools lined up  but we will have it kitted with the magazine or without if you already own it.  The magazine is $10.00.

Summer Camp @ 133!

Proud to be an American!   What a great 4th of July, the weather was perfect!  Reed and I watched the most won004derful fireworks display at the Port Washington Harbor this past weekend!  We copped a squat on some big boulders an016d the firework made us awe struck for 30 minutes.  Here’s to being forever big kids.

  The shop is in event mode all of this week as we get ready to entertain our campers.  The SchoolRoom is ready for our 2nd annual Summer Stitch Camp.  The doors will swing open on ThursdayAM as we greet our guests with an amazing Coffee Pastry Bar then we put it in  Stacy Nash’s hands for the rest of the week.  We have the most amazing projects which I have posted on the website if you are interested in seeing what we are up to this week.  Students are visiting from  each coast, twelve states are represented this year!  I am more than pleased with this response!! I will post more pictures either here or on face book as our week unfolds.

Art Fair and The Fourth of July!

This is almost serial only nine more days until the fourth of July.  I got a grip on all of this we are only 13 days out until Summer Stitch Camp!  It’s wild and crazy to think fall will be here before we know it.  Where in the world have I been?023  Certainly not snoozing.   I’m behind and have lost track of the time.  It must of been our short spring seems like that makes sense! 

It is our 46th Annual Art Fair Weekend in Spring Green this weekend and our 4th Annual Wisconsin  State Shop Hop comes to an end for another year.  The good thing about visiting this weekend is you get to see an amazing art fair and still have a chance to win the great prize we are offering to the person who finishes and has seen the most shops over the past three 027weeks. 

we are trying to get back to some kind of normal after Grand Old Flag this past week.  We had such a wonderful group of guests sewing with us and a good time was had by all.  We all get teary eyed when it is over and we have to say our goodbyes.  However it’s not going to last long, we are 13 days away from “Summer Stitch Camp” so we better rest up quick.   We have another great event planned s005o here’s to summer @133! 

“Bars And Stripes” is one of our newest quilts.  I found this great antique and knew it was going to be the one.  Suzanne put it together and is writing the pattern and now you get to enjoy it too.  The kits are ready to go for this 70″ x 80″ beauty, they retail for $132.00.  I hope you like it as much as we do our guests last week were all in love so I think that is a good indicator. It really is an incredible old looking summer quilt.    The032 fact that it is a quick sew is even more appealing and I think it could be your next summer vacation project. 

We have  some NEW cross stitch models  to show off that came in today.  I think you will like them, there is the “Strawberry House Pin Keep” by Scarlet House and La D Da’s “Let There Be Peace On Earth” .  We also got in Blackbird Designs antique Sampler.  I think it looks so sweet and old looking like the real sampler.  We did have to change the bird and leaf color because the Coffee Bean called for was too dark was to dark, we used Tin Bucket that was already in the sampler.  It is unusual and has a great antique look.  Be sure to take another look at last week’s photo in the blog of Sail Away.  Hope to see many familiar faces this weekend.

Grand Old Flag Event!

We are all about getting things ready for  our Grand Old Flag event this week.  FYI: we have decided this will be the last year for this grand event as we have had too hard of a sell on the event itself to make it worth the stress of all the organizing that goes into an event and our de002signers have to make projects that are exclusive so it has to be worth while for them as well.  We have had a great run and will miss it but things change with the times and so do our customers expectations so we will try and grow in other ways that complimen006t our style.  

We  have several “New Quilts” trending this week that we will be previewing so the girls little fingers are busy binding and putting the finishing touches on all of the new offerings. “Sail Away”, “Come Fly With Me”, “Because  of the Brave”.  We have not named the last one but it is a reproduction of an antique I have, it will come to us when its ready to go on the floor.  It is fun to have so many new things to excite our event guests and we will not be putting any of the new pieces on line until after the event, there has to be 001perks to guests that love what we do. 

Gathering students will begin arriving Friday haling from ten states from coast to coast:  The shop girls and I are pleased to welcome guests from Washington, Indiana, Oregon, Iowa, Connecticut, Wyoming, Minnesota, North Carolina, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

The Girls have landed!!!  Our loyal Peeps are here! They are busier than  one arm paper hangers getting there projects put together.   The goal we have set for everyone is to fill their new tin handwork boxes.  AKA antique cash boxes!  This is how we greeted everyone in the SchoolRoom at our meet and greet luncheon.  The head cook and bottle washer, Selma, has had everyone happy and content when it comes to our food service.  We are heading out late this afternoon on a 006little field trip to one of my favorite antique haunts, the Woodshed.  I imagine UPS will be liking us by the end of the week.  The ladies have also been treated by Spring Green merchants to some great savings as a way to acquaint our guests to our unique and wonderful shops throughout the town.  I was so touched and happy that they recognized us in this way.  Winning idea for us all.

So I fe007el we can put a few new photos up of quilts that are trending with us this week, we have shown them off and now can see what you think.  Since our guests have traveled to see us we are thinking that we could be part of a bucket list.  Thus we are happy to show off a new quilt called “Come Fly With Me”.  You might think that this is a tad contemporary for us but its done our way.  The colors, the old map, old script, cancelled stamps and postcards, and newspapers so all relevant and popular today.  This is going to be a fun quilt to get creative with, the  pattern we used is by Sweetwater. 027  I like the idea of a bucket list quilt so this is what we have come up with.  I do believe we all need one of these and even better we have the best metal wire wings  The quilt is 64″ x 64″ and sells for $82.50. The pattern sells for $8.50 and is 030called Barn-raising.

Our next quilt could be on your bucket list too it is called “Sail Away” and hopefully you will sail with us!  We are all in love with this quilt and the color palette.  It is a twin size measuring 66″ x 86″.  The kits are $139.75 and  the pattern is one of Suzanne’s it sells for $9.00.  The fabrics are part of Janet Clares Hearty Good Wishes I and II.   What an amazing line of fabric to work with and the way Suzanne placed the fabric is part of the charm.  If you decide to sail away I hope it will be with us!  What a great way to start your summer. 

We are getting ready for our field trip so I will be adding more new quilts as the week progresses.  This year we are flying an amazing flag of Selma’s on the front of thIMG_7219e shop

WIMG_7221hat do think of this?  It is a Grand Old Flag isn’t it?

Quilt Wisconsin Shop Hop June 5 – June 27!

It’s a great time to be from Wisconsin!  As the final hours tick away before our Wisconsin Shop Hop begins we are busy little shop girls getting all the loose ends tied and honestly we are all getting anxious to see how you like the state fabric and our projects.  We have enjoyed seeing what the other shops are doing and think you might enj031oy them too so go to and enjoy a piece of your Wisconsin Quilt Shops best Quilt Wisconsin projects!  I can see a lot of badger fans getting some amazing gifts this coming holiday season.  We will have a Quilt Wisconsin button on line for you to view our projects and the fabric but there can be no sales until Friday June 5th.  You can pick up your passports at any of the participating shops an033d you are on your way to the Houston Quilt Festival if you get through the majority of the shops.  That  is good incentive to visit us all.  We will have blocks you can purchase from our section (2) so that is also a fun thing to do with your quilt buddies and then get together again and put them together.  Now that sounds like therapy to me.  I am hopeful you will find this event full of great imagination, innovative, and most of all fun.  I will give you an overview of the four projects we have made up and a look at each. 

The first quilt project is called “Game Day”, this is your cozy stadium blanket you take out on game day or if you have a badger room it will be perfect there too.  Suzanne designed this project and she backed it in one of our coziest flannels which can be added to your orders when you call them in or are in the shop.  Th004e  Game Day blanket is 69″ x 88″, the kit sells for $71.00, you will need a pattern for $9.00 and if you decide on backing you will want to order 5 1/4 yards. 

 The next003 quilt project was designed by Selma . “Wisconsin All-Stars” seems fitting after the past year of enjoying some exciting badger football and basketball games. The quilt measures 54″ x 69″ and kitted sells for $95.00.  You will need the pattern which is $9.00.  If you have anyone in the band the sheet music is totally fun and gets used throughout this quilt.

Gwen designed the “Badger Bash”, it measures 28″ x 54″ and we could totall010y see this topper used for lots of great get to gathers.  What a fun way to use this fabric line, each kit has the pre-cut 10″ squares included 009with the kits,  the cost for the kit is $64.00.  Pattern needed and it is $9.00. 

What would a badger game be with out a tailgate party.  In Wisconsin this is tradition so we made up a great “Tailgate Topper”.  Selma is the queen of tailgates in the shop so if you need some ideas best email her for suggestions.  The topper is really a fast sew and can be ready for game day in a flash.  It measures 52″ x 52″, the kit includes instructions and sells for only $29.99.  Now this is what I see that is a bon027us.   The colors, the Apple Core whole cloth design goes right on your table scape for fall.  This is a winner in every way. If you are visiting us from out of state and love Wisconsin than anyone of the projects will be a wonderful reminder of your visit.  On Wisconsin!  We will be anxious to greet you and assist you when you stop in.  There are core hours:  M-F 9:30 AM Til 5:30PM, SAT 9AM Til 4PM  If you did not know Julie Hendrickson (JJStitches) and I (Country Sampler) are the designers this year.

More Ideas with Timeless Appeal for your home!

One of the my n016ew favorite items we bought this past market is a  great pre-finished runner for your table scape.  There are three new ones but this one spoke to me.  I love this soft neutral020 plaid because it happens to be classic style that never goes out of style and goes with everything. It is soft grey, old muted mustard and tan.  Right now it  fits and has become a wonderful summer addition for my table.  I love the olive branches we sell and using them in old jars seems right for me.  I am slowly getting ready for Carol Hopkins arrival.  It is always fun to freshen you space so this was one of the things I thought would lighten things up in my summer decor.  The runners are all pre-hemned on the sides so you just need to determine your length and allow for hemming the ends and you are ready to enjoy. 

All of the new runners run $8.00 per 024yard.  The all neutral runner is just that but has texture and the red stripe could definitely be used in several ways.  I see it patriotic and used for the 4th of July but in Wisconsin badger country you wouldn’t miss there either.  Everything would work with most dish patterns.  It’s a good thing.

It’s not officially “summer”  but after Memorial Day we all begin feeling it is.  It’s time to day dream big with us!

  I hope your weekend was not dampened too much by the rain.  We had a great Saturday but after tha040t the rains came and Sunday was a soaker.  Finally it has cleared out and the sun is out but they say more is on the way.  Lucky for us it was gentle and we needed it, so we are literally sporting lush spring green in Spring Green just in time for all our June events!  Our hearts go out to customers in Texas and Oklahoma  041that may be facing mother natures worst.

I had a great Memorial Day!  I was able to play in the shop.   When I’m alone and can think with no interruptions it’s a good day!  I moved  furniture and began to get ready for guests arriving for the Wisconsin Shop Hop and Grand Old Flag.  I always feel good when things get changed up.  It will change again as we get to reveal our Wisconsin projects but not drastically.  We can hardly wait for this event the fabric this year has been really fun to work with and the shop girls have have really knocked it out of the park.  

Surely you have been noticing there is alot of blue in our palette this summer.  It’s ba002ck, it was  super hot for years but I really think we all got tired of it.  I personally think when grey came on the scene it revitalized all the blue hues.  Its a classic color that never goes out of style and with grey being used 014as a neutral you have a wining combination. 

Take another look at Selma’s “Mississippi Flyway” quilt hanging on the cupboard door on the left.  This quilt is really neutral , it has an airy feel and has great movement in the blocks.   On the right you see “Rochelle” hanging on top of the bed rails.  This really is a classic summer quilt.  This pattern and quilt is Suzanne’s.

“Jamestown” is another classic.  Suzanne designed this quilt too.    The stripe fabric and the setting fabric are favorites of mine, I loved them in the antique quilt and everytime they are used I always love them more.  All038 of the fabrics in these quilts are from my Settlement Collection.  This has been a fun line to work with, its classic, it can be bold, it can look very patriotic and super soft.  I like it because it works with my previous lines and is relevant enough to work into the fabric we have on the floor 006something I think is important. 

Bee’s are the other hot item this year.  Many folks we know are putting them on there properties and enjoying tending them with hopes of harvesting some healthy sweet honey.  “Bee Garden” is a quilt we have on special this month and the colors work well with the new classic style you are seeing.  It is all about layers, architectural elements and textures.  Our reclaimed aviary canvas prints, old skeps and interesting silks make your  decor standout and have been hot items this spring.  026 

These tin drawers are so great to look at but the fact they are useful makes them even more special.  You can stack several and store lots of great necessaries in them.  What a great idea for organizing your 001handwork and priced right at $45.00. 

“Dream” is a new pillow you might have a special place for and on the serving tray you can see Selma’s “Desoto Stars”  this makes a super topper for your summer table.  She also used the Settlement Collection and this shows you how you show off more color but the borders and background really complete this. 

I am already working hard on my next new line.  It will be shown in Houston this fall.